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You can't top that much fabulous.

Hello to all of you, lost souls.

A Polish, 19-year-old(as of 31st of December), glasses-wearing, male Troper. Is of relatively high height and lanky build. Likes fantasy, anime and manga, weaponry of many kinds, history, roleplaying, writing, sweets. Probably devoid of common sense. Currently should be busy studying. Wishes to be a country-known fantasy writer, a voice actor, a journalist or someone involved in video games' making or the combination of the things mentioned.

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     Things you should know about Fergard Stratoavis.. 
  • Is an agnostic. Or not. It's confusing.
  • Heterosexual.
  • Free.
  • Genuinely believes that girl-boy friendships exist.
  • Wants to learn Spanish and Japanese. Is learning the latter with varying degrees of success.
    • Recently picked up Swahili.
  • Is probably an uke. Or not, as the test says.
  • Has no clear political views.
  • Despises nationalism and racism.
  • Actually doesn't like Terry Pratchett.
  • Has a few English fanfics, but they tend to include him or a variation of his as a character. All of them are hosted on
    • And they are all terrible.
  • Considers Mathematics a thing from a different planet.
  • Shameless yuri fanboy.
  • Can't swim.
  • Tries his hardest to be a cynical jackass.
  • Must see a psychologist or psychiatrist, mostly because of being mentally abused and having a case of possible depression or "just" mood swings.
    • He's getting better however, likely due to positive influence from lots of people.

     Mangas and Anime F.Stratoavis likes... 

     Video Games F.Stratoavis likes... 

     Movies F.Stratoavis likes... 

     Music bands and singers F.Stratoavis likes(various game soundtrack composers notwithstanding)... 

     Other Things F.Stratoavis likes... 

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The first world to be created, the storyline follows a history of alternative Earth. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Characters present, described in short:
  • 1. Casper Stratoavis - the main hero of this setting that goes through hell to atone for earlier sins and become a key piece in foiling the plans of Evil.
  • 2. Nega Casper - the mirrored malice of Casper Stratoavis that cannot die as long as the other exists.
  • 3. Amadeo Nocturne Gunner a.k.a Night Shooter - an easy-going demon with a skull for his head.
  • 4. Porcupine - horribly malformed partner of N.Shooter and Chaos and The Second Knight of Abyss.
  • 5. Chaos - a voice of reason and founder of Team Inferno, pulling double-duty as a field commander of Purgatorio Regiments.
  • 6. Allistair Rasmunsen - Amoral undead sniper.
  • 7. Murphy Greenblade - Disfigured do-it-all bombastic mercenary.
  • 8. Veronica Greenblade - Murphy's niece, a martial artist extraordinaire.
  • 9. Albrecht Kaiser - A long-lasting vampire that had seen all and did all, additionally being a ghoul rather than a vampire.
  • 10. Sonia Heather Richardson-Flayer - the result of Nazi experiments conducted by Ezekiel Goldbaum and Third Knight of Abyss.
  • 11. Himler Heinrich Gunsche - Ex-Wehrmacht officer turned First General of Alastor.
  • 12. Ezekiel Goldbaum - A revenant and a right hand of Himler, formerly a bio-scientist.
  • 13. Melchior Herald a.k.a Midnight - Second General of Alastor of unknown origins and Abyss' Chosen.
  • 14. Forcas - A long-lived Goet advisor of Lucifer and Alastor and a Third General.
  • 15. Jarema Wisniowiecki - a Polish commander of old turned Fourth General under direct control of Himler.
  • 16. Gabriel the Archangel of Miracles - The head of Heavenly Council and the regent of Heavens post-Sammael.
  • 17. Michael the Archangel of War - A giant of an angel in command of Heavenly Legions, a founder of Angels of War and a Fourth Knight of Abyss.
  • 18. Akrasiel the Archangel of Magic - An enigmatic angel of impeccable fashion style.
  • 19. Uriel the Archangel of Flame - A fight-loving ardor-wielding pyromaniac.
  • 20. Raphael the Archangel of Healing - A grumpy, disillusioned scientist.
  • 21. Sammael - A Wanderer in charge of Heavens.
  • 22. Metatron - A Wanderer and All Good Of The World personified.
  • 23. Areus Harbinger - A fallen angel returned into favors, smug and condescending. First Knight of Abyss.
  • 24. Natanael Joseph Talon - An Origin Angel of unusual appearance, a founder of Team Paradiso and a new head of Heavenly Legions in place of Michael.
  • 25. Rudiger Ritter - A set of angelic armor animated by heavenly energies.
  • 26. Sigma - An enforcer of Akrasiel wielding a specialized suit of armor.
  • 27. Logan - A Daemon broken by Second World War, emotionless and cold.
  • 28. Crimson Viper - An ace pilot reanimated as a psychotic undead.
  • 29. Heidi Viha - A young pilot of a mini-mech, despising Angels, Luciferians and Abyssians alike, also a Child of Hatred.
  • 30. Dorian Redwell - A vampire viscount keeping to himself, advertising civilization's libertine decay.
  • 31. William Sherman - An enforcer of Midnight shrouded in mystery... or is he really?
  • 32. Marcus Aftermath - A warrior wielding the power of all four elements.
  • 33. Kimberly Ironfist - Ill-tempered brawler with super strength.
  • 34. Katherine Galeforce - A girl with an ability of healing magic.
  • 35. Michael Rattenberger - A cowardly gunslinger that uses magic-infused cards.
  • 36. Setsuna Shinkishi - A distant girl of Japanese origin, The Catalyst of Fates.
  • 37. Szabla Stratoavis - The very first Stratoavis, a man of blue skin and legendary combat record.
  • 38. Fergard Stratoavis the Fifth - Casper's uncle who gave in to Abyssians' temptations.
  • 39. Lilith - The Babylonian Harlot herself.
  • 40. Alastor - Lucifer's right-hand man and the real presence behind Purgatorio Regiments.
  • 41. Lucifer - God's most beloved seraph, exiled to become the bane of Heavens.
  • 42. YMIR - Series of bio-mechanical infantry troops. Only one remained.
  • 43. NECROMANCER - A bio-machine approaching myth territories, never seen, always feared and without a damn reason.
  • 44. Raguel - 20th Angel of Death and Casper's companion during his quest of foiling the Evil.
  • 45. Daeva - An ancient Daemon linked with Stratoavises, a mischievous and cunning magic-wielder.
  • 46. Xipanticus - An ancient Daemon linked with Stratoavises, a lumbering force of nature.
  • 47. Dark Reaper - A being native to Earth, the one who pulls strings from behind the scenes.
  • 48. Abyss - A being rivaling Dark Reaper in terms of power, willing to cover the entire world into nothingness...

     Sunset Peninsula 

The other world of mine, still being a work in progress. Originally started as high fantasy setting, but slowly turned into full-on dark fantasy, with all the corruption, politics and grim mood. Story in progress.

List of important characters:
  • 1. Eon Schutzmann - The hero of the story, a gnoll policeman sent on a mission to locate and eliminate the threat of an all-out war. Unceremoniously killed at the end of the third book.
  • 2. Ujasiri of Dragonbreath - An actual heroine of the story.Enthusiastic half-orc, half-elf wishing for an adventure. She gets one alright. Seven years later, becomes a centerpiece of Peninsula's recent events. Also an avatar of Kulderak.
  • 3. Inquisitor Luther Hornisse - Eon's partner in the case, a well-disposed religious man. Dies at the end of the third book.
  • 4. Princess Latiana Ofelia Kornugon - Elven princess of Ful'Art that joins the party at a later date. Unceremoniously kiled at the end of the third book.
  • 5. Jautis Kraujo - A psychotic minotaur mercenary that opposes the team. Killed at the end of the second book, returns for round two as a Sy'Barg and is then killed for good.
  • 6. Adeon Falcontet - A veteran mercenary devoid of emotions, opposing Eon's team alongside Jautis. Seven years later, he joins Ujasiri's new team. Also an avatar of Worgolak.
  • 7. Jumalan Marwolaeth - Brutally efficient, cold mechanyte (actually a Sy'Barg) warrior that kickstarts the plot by assassinating the important official. Killer of Latiana. Seven years later, re-kickstarts the plot by, again, assassinating an official and framing Ujasiri for it. Killed at the end of fourth book.
  • 8. Balthazar Truffel - The head of Mechanytes' State and a mild-mannered if a bit creepy gentleman. The man behind the Jumalan's assassinations, planning to throw Peninsula into total all-out war that his mechanytes will join once everybody's beaten each other up and clean up. Supposedly killed at the end of third book, but had back-up plans in that case and returns in a new body. Finally disposed of at the finale.
  • 9. Drakonas Riteris - A minotaur gladiator-turned-mercenary that contracted demons for reasons unknown. Seven years later is a part of Ujasiri's new team.
  • 10. Mordimer Sharrukas - A vampire girl hunting down her own kind. Seven years later is a part of Ujasiri's new team.
  • 11. Genn Black Crest - The current ruler of Holy Wolf Empire. Seven years later a major enemy-turned-ally of Ujasiri and the key figure to counter Truffel's armies.
  • 12. Gausybes Ragas - A knife-toting minotaur forming a part of Melisius' three-man-special team alongside Balor and Eberhard.
  • 13. Balor Bloodlust - Melisius' right-hand-man, a disgruntled cowardly goblin necromancer.
  • 14. Eberhard Burchard Pechvogel - A mercenary of particularly rotund shape fighting with a shield. Has a major beef with Lord Inquisitor Dunkelheit.
  • 15. Aldorius the Ravenslayer - An ancient hero from Age of Gods, one of the first humans on Peninsula. He's still around as a revenant.
  • 16. Lord Inquisitor Hangemall Qual Dunkelheit - A militant, bitter woman in charge of Imperial Inquisition. Originally a vessel made specifically for Phaedra, refuses him to the best of her ability, but is slowly crumbling to pieces.
  • 17. Younger Paladin Claudia Carreau - An exceptionally skilled swordswoman, smug to a fault. Under direct orders of Lord Inquisitor Dunkelheit.
  • 18. Dominus - A being of another world and Hangemall's archenemy, constantly clashing with her. Phaedra's right-hand-man.
  • 19. Phaedra - A king of another world that wishes to bring Peninsula into complete destruction, utilizing Hangemall as an effective soul container.

     Virtual Reality 

A recent idea of mine. A beta idea is that it will be a game overlapping with reality, but it still in alpha phase.

List of important characters, so-called "players":

Vandalism, the zone of chaos:

  • Hello Fergard! ~That Human
    • Why, hello there. :)
  • So many souls! Canidaemon
    • And so little time. Not to worry though, there will be more.
  • A one-handed Jewish Nazi with an overrated handcannon who goes "Wooble wooble wooble". Seriously, dude. - Not-So-Badass Longcoat
    • I'm not sure I get the "wooble" thing, but as for others... Eh, I'm not entirely sane. :)
  • Don't be so negative about your country. I mean, Wajda is kind of mediocre, but Kieslowski is better. And Bierut wasn't that bad. —Belfagor
    • Eh, it is a strange place. Paraphrasing Clarkson, we're in Europe, but outside of it.
  • Poland gave us pierogies. Poland gave us Mariusz Pudzianowski, which some people apparently consider a big deal. Also, hi. —Ysa Slayer Of Sporks
    • How could I forget that? Indeed, this is a reason to be proud of. Also, hi as well. :)
  • Why hello! The stuff on your page, I will definatly introduce to my own page soon(Laughs evilly, then chains up the moon and swings it at Earth.) Xiphos Orochi 666.
  • Hi. Cupcakes? - Hachiko
    • Oh. With pleasure. :3
  • Whoa, can't believe I haven't vandalized you yet. :o Hiya, Ferg. :) -Mobile Leprechaun
    • Hi to you as well. :3
  • Hello Fergard! How did I miss you being a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic? Well, I might consider keeping count of fans whose pages I've vandalized, but favorite pony? NES
    • Probably Fluttershy, although I'm a fan of Twilight as well. :)
  • You seem like one cool dude! It's an honor to be on this page! ^^ -Mokona Zero
    • No need to be honored. ^^; Thanks though.
  • Can't believe I haven't vandalized your page yet. So, hello! Anyway, I really liked the characters and settings you made. Any plans to write them into a book? -Armored Fury
    • Many plans.
  • hi. -Passerby
    • Greetings.
  • Sup? -rockmanx
    • Hey there. :)

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