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YMMV: Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Colress. Was he clearly in league with Ghetsis wanting to destroy Unova for the sake of discovering the power of Pokemon or was his "personal intellectual curiosity" (as Ghetsis said) what he was really out for and wanting Unova to be for the better?
  • Americans Love Black Kyurem: Black Kyurem is more popular in the West for being a Kyurem that is fused with the badass manly and gigantic-armed Zekrom. The reaction is so strong that nobody remembers the other Kyurem fusion.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Champion Iris, as all her Pokemon are either weak to type coverage that's relatively simple to obtain, are very slow and easy to get in hits against, or both. Most of them also lack overly powerful movesets (i.e. her main Pokémon, which almost always opts to use Earthquake instead of its primary STAB move when both have neutral coverage). On Challenge Mode, however, her movesets are drastically redesigned and can hit much harder, but there's still the first two points. At least on Normal Mode, she should be nothing you can't handle if you can get through the hordes of trainers in Victory Road and Route 23 before the Pokémon League and are high leveled enough.
    • The boss battle against Kyurem can be this. Being a Legendary Dragon that absorbed the version mascot would make you think quite a challenge awaits you, especially considering they have the highest base (Special) Attack stat of any non-event Pokémon in this generation...Except this game is loaded with the some of the strongest Fighting-type mons in the game, including the Mienfoo line, the Musketeer trio and the Riolu line. And all of them have high attacking power and, with the exception of Lucario, all of them are faster than Kyurem. The only reason this battle isn't outright Anti-Climax Boss is because it is followed by the battle against Ghetsis.
  • Awesome Music: Where does one even begin?
  • Base Breaker: Whether Iris being the new champion was a good move or not is still being contested.
    • Black Kyurem. When its design was revealed, fans called it Badass and ugly in roughly equal numbers.
      • The fact that it is the only Title Legendary considered legal in standard play by Smogon, apart from Suicune.
    • Both forms of Kyurem got mixed reception. On the one hand, they have the highest base stat totals after Arceus and Mewtwo's Mega Evolutions, and tied with Tyranitar's and Garchomp's Mega Evos. On the other hand, many think their asymmetrical, complicated designs don't do justice to the highly popular Reshiram and Zekrom required to create them.
    • Hugh is hated by a lot of people who think his character arc is cliché, and are annoyed by the fact that he barely fights you during the main game. But he does have his fans, so he’s not a full-on scrappy.
  • Best Boss Ever: The final battle against Champion Iris whilst not especially hard (see Anticlimax Boss above), is insanely awesome, from the amazing background (which is something like fighting on a stream of lights against a starry sky) to the energetic music and the battle itself as she has a whole team of pretty tough Pokémon which can be incredibly fun to battle against, especially on Challenge Mode where those Pokémon get buffed up with items and 100-120 and even 150 power STAB attacks.
  • Bonus Feature Failure: The Nature Preserve, unlocked after seeing all Pokemon in the new Unova Pokedex, is touted as having a bunch of rare Pokemon... but the only Pokemon there that you can't already find elsewhere (and that includes the shiny Haxorus, since you could conceivably find a shiny Axew and evolve it all the way) are Magikarp, Gyarados, and Nuzleaf, which COULD be useful if you hadn't already beaten the game.
  • Breather Boss: Once again, Skyla is a huge pushover, especially considering there are a lot more options for electric-types much earlier in the game this time.
    • Any difficulty Roxie poses early on gets virtually thrown out the window once the player acquires a Magnemite, which are quite easy to find right outside of her local town. On Challenge Mode she gets a Grimer with the moves Mud-Slap (which is 4x super-effective against it and lowers accuracy, and Sonicboom can be iffy with that) and Disable (which can disable the last move you use), but it's still more than doable.
    • Marlon comes in the middle of the end game after several difficult battles against Drayden, Hugh, and Team Plasma, and ends up being much easier than the aforementioned battles due to his much more exploitable team. The only real cause of concern is the bulky nature of his Jellicent and Carracosta, and even then, it's only an issue of being walled rather than being at a genuine disadvantage.
    • Wake-Up Call Boss: Elesa is the first Gym Leader that will give the players serious trouble however, except with Sandslash Support. Burgh can become this too provided that you started with Oshawott or Snivy and don't have a Fire or Flying type on hand, since his Swadloon and Leavanny have plenty of resistances.
  • Broken Base: These games have become serious points of contention since the second they were announced. A pleasantly surprising change in the release formula, or proof that Game Freak is finally out of ideas and has to rely on sequels?
    • Not to mention the people who were hoping the next installment would appear on the Nintendo 3DS.
    • More traditionally, which cover picture looks better.
      • If the cover pictures look good at all.
    • The new protagonists. Nate especially, most likely due to not looking as "cool" as Hilbert. He has also become a full-on Scrappy for some due to a hyperactive, immature-looking manga sketch of him being confused for the official artwork (and the scarcity of details at the moment). For others, Palm Tree is seen as a total bro.
      • However, seeing him in the animated promotional trailer has redeemed him, some even declaring him to be as Badass as Red.
      • And now a longer version of the trailer was released, with a new scene showcasing Rosa. Looks like there's hope for these two protagonists after all.
    • The decision on Colress's name. It was originally Akuroma, which was romanized to Achroma. Achroma would make logical sense and still sounds English enough (derived from achromatic), but it was revealed that his name was actually Corless. It still sounded good enough, and is derived from colourless. Then, it turns out that Corless was a typo, and his name is now known as Colress, as revealed by an English trailer. While it's just a simple switch of two letters, it doesn't roll off the tongue as well.
    • The revelation that the Shadow Triad are not the Striaton Trio. Some fans still insist that they are, despite the flashback that shows them all together. Some fans seem to believe that the Striaton Trio were just lying.
    • The voice acting in the English version of the animated trailer has caused this. While some fans like the English dub just fine, others either found the dub too over dramatic or claim the dub gave characters awful voices and awful dialogue even to characters who got good voices. It's also possibly starting another meme: "I'M ABOUT TO UNLEASH MY RAGE".
      • Of course, whether you think the other complaints are justified, blaming the trailer for "I'm about to unleash my rage" is rather unfair since Hugh says that plenty in-game.
    • Others just wanted the male protagonist's voice actor to stay as Sora.
    • The Rival, Hugh. When artwork of him was first shown, almost everyone fell in love with how badass he looked, with some expecting a return to the classic Jerkass rivals from the old days. When they began revealing his role in the games however, opinions on him started getting very divided among the fandom. Some praised him for being the first rival in the series with a fleshed out backstory and whose motivation wasn't to just beat the player character and be the stronger trainer. Others were disappointed that all he seemed to care about was Team Plasma and wasn't much of a rival, fighting alongside you more times than against you throughout the main story.
    • Iris, the gym leader in the first White game/Drayden's apprentice in Black is now the games' new champion, dressing like a fancy Disney Princess and giving off a roar in her sprite animation before she battles you. There's a legion of fans who love this, while others argue that Iris is too bratty to actually deserve the title, claiming Alder, Marshal or even Drayden himself more fitting for the title. Her theme is either refreshingly upbeat compared to the intense themes of champions past or unfitting Magical Girl anime music that serves as the worst Champion theme ever.
    • Yancy and Curtis. On one side they are liked for being the non-generic NPC love interest to the protagonists while actually benefiting the players who don't have any access to GTS. On another side they are disliked by the players that didn't even know that they exist. Their huge popularity makes matters worse for the latter group, making them hate the aforementioned duo and disregard their existence in their headcanon.
    • Pokestar Studios. It's either a waste of time like the Pokemon Musical that players desperately try to get through in the main storyline as quickly as possible (even if it means completely butchering the mandatory first film and looking like a complete joke) and never return again, or it's an addicting side feature that the player will have a blast making movies with for amusement. And that brings us to...
  • Casual-Competitive Conflict: Along with the pre-existing issues in Black & White, these games also introduced a major Base Breaker in Black Kyurem, who was deemed legal by Smogon due to its relative lack of ability to use its prominent Attack stat. He's singlehandedly caused a massive number of debates on whether or not individual pokémon should be judged by their abilities (as Smogon says) or legendaries should be automatically banned because they're legendaries (as Nintendo says). However 
  • Cliché Storm: The movies in general. Stereotypical villains, strange machines with weird powers, giant monsters and the like, a stereotypically selfless protagonist; you name any old movie cliché, Pokéstar Studios most likely has it.
  • Contested Sequel: Some fans feel that these games may suffer from Sequelitis compared to the first set, primarily due to its weaker storyline and relatively minimal originality. However, other fans (namely those not tired of the Pokémon formula) feel that these are Even Better Sequels for the new features, the storyline continuation and the World Tournament.
    • Generally, those who view the story as a continuation of Black and White's story rather than a brand-new storyline (like the one introduced each generation) tend to view these games more favorably.
  • Ear Worm: In the Japanese version: D - O - G - A - R - S - Dogars!
    • And the English version of the above chant: P - O - K - E - M - ON - Pokemon!
    • The music in the Nimbasa Gym, especially the remixed gym theme.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Roxie, the new Poison-type Gym Leader, has been especially well-received by the fandom.
    • Yancy and Curtis. Despite meeting them being completely optional, they are very well-liked by many players largely for serving as an actual (Implied) Love Interest to Nate/Rosa.
    • The Therian Kami trio were well-liked by fans upon release, for being the first "minor" legendary trio consisting of three different and unique animals, and for being new forms for the Underground Monkey Incarnate Kami Trio.
  • Evil Is Cool: Colress.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Colress. And even the Shadow Triad, now that they appear to be less androgynous and more masculine.
    • Magic Queen Bellelba, played by Kanto Gym Leader Sabrina, of all people, who is just about equally as attractive (and equally evil in some adaptations).
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Ass Trainer for the female Ace Trainer due to her infamous butt-shaking animation.
    • Nate and Rosa gets a lot of nicknames based from their conspicuous hairstyles (especially when compared to other protagonists). Palm Tree and Pineapple Head for Nate, Donutko and Sailor Moon for Rosa among others.
  • Fan-Disliked Explanation:
    • N is confirmed to not be Ghetsis's real son, and wasn't stolen from his real parents either. Some fans find this to be a rather underwhelming reveal after the climax of the last game.
    • The Shadow Triad are not the Striaton Trio, as evidenced by the flashback that shows all of them together in one room. Some fans are not happy with this, and insist that the trio was just lying. It doesn't help that the Triad themselves admit they had no real reason for visiting; they may as well have said they're just showing up to Joss the theories.
  • Filler: Some people, whether fans or detractors of these games, believe that B2W2 were simply created to fill the void between Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon X and Y.
  • Game Breaker: You can easily grind up the levels of the shops in Join Avenue as soon as you get there by rapidly trading Magnemite with other players on the GTS, or by simply visiting other people via the Dream World. With just a few dojos/diners and the giant surplus of money you usually get in Pokemon games (Amulet Coin helps), you can remove any semblance of effort from the rest of the game.
    • They even put some legit infinite money locations for good measure. You can buy a bundle of 12 Castelia Cones daily in any season other than winter for 1200 and sell them to the maid in the caravan west of Nimbasa city for 2000 a pop for a total profit of 22800 pokebucks a day. Still need more? You can get unlimited Moomoo Milks from Driftveil City and sell them to the same maid for a 400 profit per each. That's Supply And Demand 101 for you.
    • Another good money fountain, provided you were playing with it long enough, is Pokestar Studios. Specifically, increasing your star ranking results in more fans. The notable people for this would be the Backpacker, Ace Trainer, Old Lady, and the Tennis Player. On every strange ending that isn't the final movie, you get 5 Lava Cookies from the Backpacker and 5 Old Gateaux from the others. This is where the Cash comes in: They all sell for 4000 each, which is about 20,000 for the cookies and 60,000 for the Gateaux. Furthermore, there is no daily wait and some strange endings on available movies are 1-2 scenes at the shortest. Then there are the free Hyper Potions and Moomoo Milks, which are great healing items.
    • The easy infinite money could be considered a Game Breaker on its own. While it's fairly easy to earn money in Pokémon games, the money fountains in these games makes it considerably easier to buy the more expensive TMs.
  • Goddamned Bats: Surprisingly subverted with Zubat; although it's back in the regional Dex, it's only found in the Castelia Sewers.
    • The Pokémon Breeders now will rematch you with the Pokémon levels same as before, effectively making them play this straight.
  • Good Bad Bugs: As mentioned, Pokémon Breeders will rematch the player if they reenter that route. It also applies to Small Court and Big Stadium. So if a Breeder pops up there, one can beat it, hget a Rare Candy, leave and come back for another fight and another Rare Candy.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Last minute example — the day the game came out, some user at GameFAQs made a thread about how Iris could be the Champion, hinted by Drayden becoming the seventh Gym Leader. It did.
      • The truly hilarious part of all this was that the second post stated that there was "a 0% chance of this happening". Irony of epic proportions ensued and the quote gained a somewhat memetic status.
    • Another example — a user at Game Faqs made a thread about how people in the games should be outright attacked or even killed. Well, it turns out, Ghetsis tries to have a Pokemon outright attack the protagonist and freeze him/her alive - or possibly to death.
    • Yet another related example — many people thought that that very event would be censored in the NA release to apply Never Say "Die". Turns out, it was. And then subverted once the Japanese dialogue was retranslated and revealed to be similar to the English dialogue, essentially making this an enforced example.
    • Remember PETA's publicity stunt with Super Mario 3D Land? Good. Remember how Team Plasma is essentially Poké-verse PETA? Yeah. Mix these two facts, and what you get is PETA's new "masterpiece"!
    • Hacked pokemon "Wondertomb" and "Wondereye" are Ghost/Dark types with no weaknesses and Wonder Guard, effectively making them invulnerable to attacks. Now we have the Majin, the villain of Ghost Eraser which is a Ghost/Dark type with Wonder Guard.
    • Remember Venustoise from the first season of the anime? Many years later, we get actual, similar Pokémon fusions with Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. Adding to this, it's unclear Black and White Kyurem are themselves fusions in the anime's continuity...
  • Ho Yay: If you're playing as a female, the Hiker from the previous game shows up at the ferris wheel. He talks about meeting the person he loved in summer two years ago, then them disappearing without a trace.
    • Both this and Les Yay: When recommending shops in the Join Avenue to guests, some will specifically want to go to one with a male or female clerk. Both preferences are not exclusive to any gender.
    • Also, while a certain Ferris wheel date for Nate was censored, Rosa's equivalent sure wasn't. The winter guitarist talks about how she can only show her real image around you after singing a love song.
  • Internet Backdraft: PETA's "parody" above. Fans were not happy when this appeared the same day of BW2's launch, PETA alleging the game promoted animal abusenote . Fans were about to unleash their rage, pointing out that just as Plasma stole Pokemon from their trainers in order to save them PETA kills 97% of the animals they "rescue". Needless to say, PETA didn't really see or They Just Didn't Care that Plasma is a huge Take That to people like them who want to separate animals and humans, just as the latter wants to separate Pokemon and humans.
    • Others noted, however, that the parody was too silly to take seriously, lacking even basic knowledge of the series.
      • Though, for some people, the fact that said parody misses so much of the series' basic logic is why it's so annoying.
    • Another reason (on top of those before) is that Ghetsis makes his appearance, acting as a full blown villain. This proves at least one guy making the game paid attention to Black & White's story. The mere fact this project was finished in spite of this one guy is enough to make any fan of Pokemon start steaming.
  • It's Easy, so It Sucks: So far, these games have arguably gotten it the worst, mostly claiming that "no opponents in the main game are a challenge", especially the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion. But, once again, those people might be oblivious to the content that the first two generations had that made them easy to get through (Psychic-types and glitches in Gen I, Feraligatr in Gen II, etc) or the sixth generation later on gives more game-breaking options for them.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some fans who prefer the first set of games mostly play the sequels to keep up with the competitive scene, or to get the new Pokémon formes such as Black/White Kyurem and the Therian Genies.
  • Memetic Mutation
    • The over the top hairstyles of the protagonists are starting to reach this.
    • Once people began to realize that the new parts of Unova are based on New Jersey, the Jersey Shore jokes started flooding in. Poké fist pumps!
      • An English video trailer shows the Rival at Floccesy Ranch challenging the player. What does he say when he challenges them? "Come at me!"
    • Both of the newly revealed Gym Leaders; Roxie for her totally bitchin' bass, and Marlon for the tanline around his waist. Marlon's tanline has also resulted in a fair deal of Rule 34.
    • A Corocoro scan features Volkner and Steven next to each other. Due to the unfortunate placement, it looked like Volkner was grinding up against Steven. Thus, Steven/Volker became a popular pairing on /vp/ within minutes. Also, referring to Steven's "steel spoon."
    • D! O! G! A! R! S! DOGARS!
      • P! O! K! E! M! ON! POKEMON!
    • However...I DISAGREE!
    • You dim-witted...dense...dumb...daft...dippy...dorky...doltish DOOFUS!
  • Memetic Sex God: Marlon.
  • Moe: Rosa comes off as this.
    • Bianca has glasses now. If there was ever any doubt before...
    • Yancy, the girl from the lost Xtransceiver sidequest, is just downright adorable.
  • Mis-blamed: Before the English release of the games, many non-Japanese-speaking fans mistranslated Ghetsis's threat to freeze the player alive as a threat to kill him/her by impaling him/her with Kyurem's icicles, which wouldn't be too out-of-character for him, and it became very widely accepted that that's what actually happens in the game. This made the English dialogue look like a Never Say "Die" Bowdlerization at first.note  Despite this, in some ways the implications of what happens are still arguably worse than the misconception...
    • Fan Dumb: Despite this, a few fans are vocal about wanting Ghetsis to have tried to impale the player character in the first place.
    • It becomes Harsher in Hindsight in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, where Kyurem froze Hydreigon and breaks him in pieces. Doing both what the fans thought Ghetsis tried to do and what he really said. Also Hilarious in Hindsight since Hydregion is Ghetsis' signature Pokemon. Must be Kyurem's vengeance...
    • Though technically, neither version of Ghetsis' line specifies freezing the protagonist alive. It's just as likely Ghetsis was planning on doing the very same thing Kyurem did to Hydregion described above.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Ghetsis becomes the first Big Bad in the main series' games to ever try to outright physically harm the protagonist, attempting to freeze them alive using Kyurem's Glaciate, with his only reasoning being that he/she was getting in his way. The original Fanon assumption that Ghetsis tried to kill the player in the Japanese version made him look even worse to some; see Mis-blamed just above.
    • In a way, Ghetsis' attack could have ended up killing the player. He said he'd "freeze you solid", he never said "freeze you alive." Glaciate is a damaging attack, not one meant for giving the Freeze status effect to its opponent. note  If used on a human, it could freeze that human to death, possibly depending on what body points the icicles hit. And then they'd die a slow, painful, gruesome death too (by freezing, starvation, hypothermia, etc.), because that's the sort of death a sadist like Ghetsis enjoys dealing out. N thankfully arrives to stop this attack on time, but the action solidifies just how depraved and pure evil Ghetsis truly is.
    • To add on to that, after you beat him, he calls you and (presumably) the previous Unova protagonist "fools who can't even use Pokémon correctly". Based on how he repeatedly insults N after he tries to convince Ghetsis that Pokémon are not tools, that's pretty much what Ghetsis openly declares - that Pokémon are tools, which is a pretty low statement to make even as a villian in this series.
  • Narm: the music in Roxie's gym. Chanting "P-O-K-É-M-ON" non-stop isn't exactly the first thing that comes to people's minds when they think "underground punk rocker."
    • Thanks to some dodgy writing, your rival's motivation to fight Team Plasma does come off as a bit petty and childish most of the time. Also, "I'm about to unleash my rage!" is hardly the best of catchphrases.
    • The Champion's battle sprite looks somewhat daft (may be Narm Charm for some though).
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • This theme, returning from the first games in remixed form.
    • The Stranger's House, which is basically an even more ominous and oppressing version of the Old Chateau.
    • Castelia Gym for those uncomfortable with clowns and webs; It even provides the best of both worlds by having one of the Harlequins randomly popping out of a cocoon.
    • One particularly unsettling instance occurs in Lostlorn Forest. A backpacker staring at a rock will ask you about the Pokemon Zoroark and then give you the TM 95 Snarl. He'll then talk about Zoroark's visit to the forest two years ago and talk about its devious ability to create illusions. Then just as he's walking out, he suddenly transforms into a Zoroark — much to not only yours, but your character's surprise as well - and runs off immediately.
    • Ghetsis trying to use Kyurem freeze Nate/Rosa alive a la Master Xehanort. The animation in the scene makes it even scarier due to the floating chunks of ice spinning around and hurtling towards the hero at high speed; imagine what that would look like in real life. To some, the scene was even scarier back when the games were untranslated and fans didn't know what the characters were saying; it looked like Kyurem was actually going to brutally impale the player using pointed icicles. To others, what it was actually going to do was even scarier!
    • Some of the Bad and Strange endings to some of the Pokestar movies can be quite creepy.
      • The Bad ending to the first of the Timegate Traveler movies has the time machine exploding, followed by the main character discovering that they have merged with their Solosis.
    • The villain for The Red Mist of Terror is pretty much an Eldritch Abomination. Even its humanoid minions are unsettlingly creepy.
      • Especially when you remember that it had one of its spawn use Selfdestruct/Explosion just to hamper you.
      • In general, the idea of one of those things using Selfdestruct is equal parts Nightmare Fuel and Nausea Fuel / Squick.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Considering how incredibly popular Hilbert and Hilda were, the new, slightly younger-looking protagonists are receiving a lot of hate. Rosa gets it for being girlier than Hilda, and the new guy gets hate for an overuse of Shonen Hair and generally seeming far more immature than Hilbert. However, this later becomes subverted after the arrival of the animated trailers. Thus, making both of them...
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Nate was the subject of much derision when he was first shown. After the animated promo was seen though, some people are now declaring him the manliest protagonist since Red himself. It helps that he has the same seiyuu as Sora.
    • An extended version of the trailer was put up, showing a battle between Rosa and Cheren, so she is probably going to receive the same treatment.
    • Initially criticized for looking exactly the same, lots of people warmed up to the Kami trio after the reveal of their distinct, imaginative, and outright cool Therian Formes; instead of three identical genies, we get a bird, a dragon, and a tiger.
    • Zorua and Zoroark, despite being Base Breakers early on in Gen V, became more popular after becoming no longer event-exclusive — in fact, Rood gives the player N's Zorua for free in Driftveil City.
  • Rule 63: Rosa genderswapped is ridiculously popular on Pixiv due to a typo.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Pokémon Breeder trainer class' new gimmick is to challenge you every time you re-enter the route they're on. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if they didn't retain their normal line of sight, which ends up making transversing old routes a bit of a chore. On the other hand, the battles are typically quick and easy, making them convenient for training lower level Mons.
    • Once again, the EXP system still plays hell on grinding.
    • At last, there's a Hard Mode to make Pokémon difficult without players having to rely on self-imposed challenges! Except only Black 2 gets it. And only after you've already beaten all of the gym leaders and the elite four. And you can't unlock it and then restart the game with it. But wait, you can receive the "Challenge Key" from other players! Except there's a restriction on using Wifi, so you'll have to use the DS's infrared port. Don't know someone else with Black 2, or are unwilling to purchase a second DS and copy of the game? Sucks to be you! What makes it all the more frustrating is that this comes after the games have made it easier to trade Pokémon between versions, making it appear completely arbitrary.
    • The C-Gear also returns, with essentially identical functionality.
  • Sequelitis: Black 2 and White 2 are considered this to Black and White in terms of story, with their storyline widely considered much weaker than their predecessors. It's the games' extra features and mechanics that raise them to Contested Sequel level.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Now manifests in Bianca, who drags you halfway across the starting town in order to push you through one of the series' traditional forced tutorials.
  • That One Sidequest: The Yancy/Curtis Xtransceiver sidequest, mostly for being riddled with Guide Dang It just to be able to contact them and generally resulting in nothing major up until the player has called them back over 50 timesnote , which is many more than he/she would likely bother to do at that point. Your reward for all the trouble? The ability to trade them any Com Mons for extremely rare mons that not only are unavailable anywhere else, but also have their Dream World abilities. Anyone with steady access to the GTS will likely pass this one up, though.
    • Another one that is worth mention is the Pokestar Studios. For one, you have to get a good ending on every movie (except Brycen Man Strikes back harder) for one of the Trainer Stars. Second, the filming ranges from either somewhat annoying to Luck-Based Mission incarnate because if the AI's choices can screw your filming attempt up with just one out-of-place move. Notable examples are the last Ghost Eraser movie or any films involving you surviving 10+ cuts. Yeah, it's a bitch.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Some fans are about to unleash their rage after they changed DOGARS (Koffing's Japanese name) to POKEM-ON in Roxie's Gym.
    • The Daycare Center is still where it was in Black and White. This location, however, is impossible to access before beating the Elite 4. The fanbase threw a collective hissyfit after knowing.
    • Route 10 has been destroyed due to the original Victory Road collapsing, making it inaccessible. This means that the only way to hear its music is to talk to one of the people in the house in Icirrus City where the ex-Team Rocket grunt used to be. Of course, this means that you can only listen to this song during the game's Winter.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • The fact that you never get to battle Hilbert or Hilda, even in the PWT, especially when so many people were expecting it. There was even two text dumps found in the code of the game suggesting that a tournament match against one of the two may have been planned, but got Dummied Out.
    • A special Pokémon was stated to be found in the Nature Preserve. Even before there was word that it was a dragon, fans were excitedly hoping the Pokémon would be the Original Dragon, even if it couldn't be caught. It turned out to be just a Shiny Haxorus.
    • The fact that N never really gets to do anything to fight against Ghetsis, and he wasn't his biological son or an orphan by way of parental kidnapping, really makes fans upset.
    • The animated trailer. After watching it, many fans clamored for a Truer To The Text anime based around the new games to either run alongside or replace the normal anime, but nothing ever came of it, except for Pokémon Origins.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Despite all the new features in the game, it was kinda tough to live up to the praises of the original ''Black'' and ''White''. This may be responsible for the games' positive-but-mixed-by-Pokémon-standards reception.
  • Woolseyism: A variant: In Roxie's gym, she still sings DOGARS, but it's heavily overlaid with POKEBALL and POKEMON.
    • The title cards of the Pokéwood movies are in several languages, giving Pokéwood an "international" flair and also reflecting the real world, where countries might be famous for a certain genre of movie. In text, the movies are reflected either by their translated titles or their subtitle.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Several fans had this reaction after Ghetsis' attempt to directly attack the player character with Kyurem.
    • The game features a surprising amount of human-on-human violence, at least by the standards of the series. Sure, it's all shown in map sprites, so you don't exactly see anything, but the implications aren't pretty.
  • The Woobie: The remains of the new Team Plasma become this in the post-game, based on this quote said by a grunt on the Plasma Frigate while it is docked at the P2 Laboratory:
    I knew... I knew that Ghetsis was using me... But I had friends here...
    • What that quote means is that while the grunts were basically friends, they were for the most part used for a diabolical scheme. Another grunt in the lower area of the frigate comments on how Kyurem must have felt bad after Ghetsis cruelly forced it to work. So, you really do feel bad for them in the end.
    • Hell, another grunt basically yells at you for judging her because some people have nowhere else to go for food and shelter.
    • Kyurem itself. It's trapped and used as a living weapon by Team Plasma, controlled (to whatever extent) by Ghetsis, and forced to absorb N's dragon (which, according to N, could detect Kyurem's suffering), only to be beaten up by your Pokémon and separated from it again.
      • N's dragon could also qualify; just watch the part where Kyurem absorbs it and it's desperately trying to fly away, and then try not to feel bad when you merge them to use Black/White Kyurem yourself.
      • Although one might interpret the dragon believes that you're trying to aid in completing the dragon once more in the latter case, as it knows you are far more benevolent compared to the last person who performed the fusion.

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