Awesome / Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

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  • From the trailer, it's... the trailer! The entire animated trailer meant to advertise the game was pure awesome. The animation is the best the franchise has ever put out, the action is exciting, the music is exhilarating, and the voices are well-made.
  • Every Gym Leader and Champion (including Red, but apparently excluding Koga) returning in some fashion for this game. They even get to keep their battle themes. For most of the Generation 1 & 2 characters this will be their first appearance in a game since then that wasn't a remake. Continuity Porn ahoy!
  • The scene where Kyurem becomes Black/White Kyurem. You thought the scene where Zekrom/Reshiram was summoned in the previous games was awesomely animated? This is even better.
    • And the scene from Black/White where Zekrom/Reshiram is awakened is in this game. Unlike Black/White though, instead of it taking place at N's Castle, it takes place at the Dragonspiral Tower. And it has the same awesome music from Black/White.
  • The battle intro for Champion Iris.
    • Don't forget the planetarium-like door that leads to the Hall of Fame!
  • Ghetsis doing what no other main series Pokemon villain has done before: Actively attempting to have a Pokemon attack the player character.
    • At the same time, N's Big Damn Heroes moment where his Zekrom/Reshiram stops the attack with Fusion Bolt/Flare.
  • After you enter Driftveil City, while an old Team Plasma grunt is arguing with a Neo Team Plasma grunt, Hugh comes out of absolutely nowhere and slaps the Neo grunt. Then furiously gives chase to him. This guy is a beast.
    • A lot of Hugh's quotes to Team Plasma are generally Badass Boasts:
    (to at least ten grunts) Is that all? You're gonna need more backup!
  • Plasma Frigate entering Opelucid City. Becomes a horror when Plasma Frigate freezes the city. Some buildings are so touched with the cold that you can't even enter them.
    • What is more awesome for them is that they enacted a Batman Gambit or two in order to get the DNA Splicers. Specifically, they're betting on Drayden going to them to assure its safety, and eventually N's rushed return. This ends up not only allowing the Triad to snatch the Splicers out of Drayden's hands in plain sight, but engineers N to return and have his dragon taken later on in the game. Even though he's gone somewhat mad, Ghetsis hasn't lost his touch on planning.
  • Battling Drayden in Opelucid Gym. Need we remind you that you're both battling on top of dragons? Mechanical ones, but still, the atmosphere is epic, even the music.
    • The build-up is also awesome, with fighting trainers while the mechanical dragon you're on is slowly climbing up and bashing it's head into the other dragon's hands. Until you reach the top where Drayden is, where both dragons roar at each other before butting heads.
    • He also redesigned the gym solely so he can make it easier to protect the Splicers.
  • Elesa's Gym and everything about it. You start at the end of a dimly lit runway, flanked on both sides by a huge crowd. The runway will partly light up everytime you beat a Trainer until, after the last one, Elesa will make herself known, complete with three spotlights and an enormous screen behind her showing her portrait. Beat her and watch the screen; it will now show your portrait instead! But the best part is saved for last: after you beat Elesa and make your way down the runway, she will suddenly ask you to wait. She catches up with you and walks you to the exit — side by side, her three Gym Trainers right behind you — while the crowd starts to shout your name and cheer for you. A-ma-zing.
  • In general, whenever you and Hugh team up and proceed to kick serious Team Plasma ass. It's also heartwarming considering you are aiding a long time friend to get back his sister's Purrloin.
  • Entering the finals in the World Tournament is always awesome. The stage lights and pyrotechnics that go off every time you enter the arena never gets old. It helps that this moment is shortly accompanied by a Crowning Music of Awesome during your battle. Of course it has an equal chance of being Soundtrack Dissonance if you're on the receiving end of an ass-kicking, which the upbeat and flashy music is playing to.
  • The ending after beating the champion and registering in the hall of fame: In previous titles, it just featured the credits and then suddenly winding up back in your house upon loading the game: Here, first the Champion and Elite Four salute you as they send you off from the League, followed by a montage of your journey back home to Aspertia City, partying it up with all the Gym leaders as you pass through each town.
  • The strange ending for Red Fog Of Terror 3 has you driving off an Eldritch Abomination with sheer force of will and setting out to conquer the world.
  • The third installment of the Brycen-man movies you can make has you and Brycen first fighting in a city, then in the clouds, before finishing it in outer space.