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09:49:48 AM Apr 17th 2013
Do you think someone ought to add Colress as a Magnificent Bastard? Given that he's the only major willing follower of Ghetsis who is not in it for Ghetsis' desires and instead just wishes to further his own research and experiments, he's charismatic and fools the PC by posing as an ally for most of the game, and he has the audacity to deliberately derail Ghetsis' plans just to see how strong you and your Pokemon really are, again to further his research. He seems to fit the bill more than Ghetsis to me.

Also, are we sure Queen Bellelba, played by Sabrina, should be called a Complete Monster? She's the nastiest of the stock villains Poke'Star Studios had, but it is just an in-universe fictional character, and really, the only Complete Monster contender I saw in this game was Ghetsis. I've even seen it become a source of mockery elsewhere that "TV Tropes considers Sabrina's character worse than the guy who tries to kill the PC."
10:25:44 AM Apr 17th 2013
With the 2nd thing which I do not even want to read entirely, I'd agree on.

With Colress being a Magnificent Bastard, yeah no. The guy may be a That One Boss with the appearance of [[Video Game/Portal2 Wheatley]] and Wesker combined, but I wouldn't give reluctance to go with a [strike] Complete Monster [/strike] huge Jerkass's plans grounds for making him a Magnificent Bastard. Also, charisma is one thing, but I'm pretty sure no one was fooled by him making himself out as an ally, and he never calls himself one, either. What the protagonist was thinking is impossible to decipher without one of the developers explicitly stating what you're supposed to believe from Colress.
07:53:38 PM Apr 17th 2013
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Why don't you want to read it entirely?

It wasn't that he was reluctant to go through with Ghetsis' plans. He was willing to go through with them, as means of furthering his research. (He states that even if the whole world were to be destroyed by his actions, he'd still go through with it.) When he sees how strong your character's Pokemon are, he decides, without a second thought, to help you derail Ghetsis' plans again all for the sake of his own scientific agenda. He's cool and intelligent at all times while pursuing his own goal, unlike Ghetsis who breaks down after being thwarted twice.

It's true that he wasn't fooling anyone, though.

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