Tropers / Kadael

Kadael is either:
1) A Lawful Good level 7 cleric of Hoar.
2) A young tropette who created said cleric, and then decided to name her troper handle after her.

This page is about the second one.

Hi, I'm Kadael and I'm (relatively) new to TV Tropes. It started ruining enhancing my life back in 2008, but I joined sometime in 2010.

My hobbies tend to be on the creative and/or nerdy side. Writing stories and playing video games are my two main ones. Writing Interactive Fiction is somewhere up there too. I dabble in improvisational theater. My skill in drawing is limited to doodling on my notes in class.

Generally, I do a lot of tweaking (mostly fixing typos and broken formatting) with the occasional example added here and there.

Feel free to say hi if you see me around.

Stuff I like:

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    Live Action TV 
    Manga and Anime 
    Video Games 
    Western Animation 

General Fun Stuff

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Curiosity Is a Crapshoot, you know it=) Anyway, glad to see another gamer lady here! It's time for the world to recognise that we are legion! - Beholderess