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I am the semi-living incarnation of Fauxtivational Posters, I am the Demotivator. So if you were looking for that page and ended up here, then you FAILED MISERABLY!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Aaaaaaaaanyway, I'm most often surfing throughout tropes rather than actively contributing, although I still do bits on the media pages I like (especially since TV Tropes ended up making my animanga life much, much better). I'm an avid wikian, but on the fun wikis not the fuddy duddy other wiki. So, if you see a Demotivator somewhere on there, it's me XD
In fact, if you see a Demotivator anywhere on the Internet it's probably me... hehehe...

One day I plan to either drastically enhance humanity beyond its physical and physiological limits or end humanity and watch the world burn... whichever one comes first XD

The Many Different Media Series' Demotivator Follows

I know for a fact that I'll have missed some series' out in this lil list, but oh well.
    Anime & Manga 

    Live-Action TV 


    Western Animation 

Now move along or I'll demotivate you to death ^^
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