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Jackie Rose is a adventure webcomic created by Josh Ulrich, author of Newman.

The series is set in an alternate take of the 1940s and focuses on Jackie Rose, a normal teenager who lives with her father and hangs out with her friend Eddie. On the week of their spring break, the duo head off on a airline cruise and everything is going well until it's raided by air pirates, lead by the infamous Captain Elizabeth Read who ends up capturing the two of them. What follows is a crazy adventure filled with danger, intrigue and quite a few revelations involving Jackie herself.

Originally a more straight forward Indiana Jones type of comic, Josh reworked the series into it's current form though the original story can be read on it's webpage.

The comic eventually reached it's end on August 5, 2017 after two "seasons".


Like Newman, it can be read on Webtoon.

Has the following tropes

Main Series

  • Ace Pilot: Eddie, the guy can make his way through narrow spaces and even managed to shoot down three planes on his own before he was downed.
  • Action Girl: Jackie, Dian, Elizabeth. Needless to say, the females in this series kick ass.
  • Action Mom: Elizabeth is definitely one being in piracy and all.
  • The Chosen One: Jackie is revealed to have a connection to Blackburn and is ultimately the one that is destined to destroy her.
  • Delayed Reaction: When the Frenchman tries to teach Jackie how to empower her blade for the next encounter with Blackburn and she manages to tap into it. He removes his blindfold revealing he can see, it takes a second for Jackie to register he isn't blind.
  • Disk-One Final Boss: Don Santo is killed near the end of season one. But his death ends up freeing Blackburn who takes over as the antagonist for season 2.
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  • Fiery Redhead: Jackie, very headstrong and very willing to leap into danger if it calls for it.
  • Flashback: A intermission strip focused on Eddie's past, how he met Jackie, and how he found himself a loving family.
  • Ghost Pirate: Blackburn, a female pirate with magic powers.
  • Good Reason For Parental Abandonment: Elizabeth faked her death when Don Santo tried to kill her while she was riding in a taxi, fearing for the life of her family. She had hoped to pay Don Santo back for her debt to rejoin them.
  • The Mutiny: Elizabeth's crew do this when one of them overhear how she wants to get out of piracy once she clear her debt to Don Santo.
  • Ninja: Dian is revealed to be one, as is her sisters later in the series.
  • The Reveal: Quite a few
    • Elizabeth turns out to be Jackie's mother.
    • We find out why Don Santo has taken such an interest in Jackie. She is the key to opening Blackburn's tomb
    • During the final battle with Don Santo he finds out it's not Jackie's blood needed to open the tomb but his own.
    • Blackburn is not the woman we've seen when she's first revealed It's actually a demon possessing her body.
  • Save the Villain: Jackie eventually finds out that Molly Blackburn is actually a poor girl who made a bad choice when the alternative was death. After having seen the girls past Jackie decides that she doesn't want to destroy her she wants to save Molly from the demon that possesses her.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Blackburn turns out to be one with a civilization of guardians swore to keep her locked away. Unfortunately, Don Santo's blood is enough to break the seal on her tomb, freeing her.
  • Trapped in Villainy: Elizabeth explains that she had initially did get out of piracy and wanted to focus on her family. But Don Santo nearly killing her forced her back into it in order to try and clear her debt to him.
  • Witch Hunt: How the girl Blackburn is possessing died, the village she lived in believed she was a witch simply because her father caught more fish then the others.

Pilot Series

  • Alpha Bitch: Dian in this version, whereas she's more aloof but got along with Jackie in the main series. Here, she's more then willing to annoy Jackie any chance she gets and constantly complains about anything that displeases her.
  • Big Bad: Hans, a former colleague of Jackie's father who became obsessed with finding the Sixth Seal and becoming all powerful.
  • Booby Trap: The temple of the Sixth Seal naturally has a few of them. Hans forces Jackie to make her way through the traps under threat of killing her friends.
  • Death Glare: Jackie actually scares off a panther with one when she trips a booby trap that allows it come out to attack her.
  • Didn't See That Coming: While Hans does deduce that Moses staff is only powered by the Sixth Seal magic from exposure and likely to run out. It never occurred to him two magics of the same type can cancel each other out. It ends up leading to his death.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Hunter, an agent that Hans had seemingly kidnapped for information was really working for him all along. He shows his true colors after the group manage to down enemy fighters coming after their plane.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The artwork is a tad more sketchy and Jackie was actually more active in her adventurous pursuits much to the disapproval of her father whereas in the main series, she was more thrusted into the adventure. Likewise she was more then willing to kill if she had too. Dian and her likewise were more bickering rivals then anything.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Jackie defeats Hans by throwing Moses's staff at him. Since it still contains the power of the Sixth Seal within it, it's able to bypass Hans' invulnerability and run Hans through, killing him.
  • Overprotective Dad: Jackie's father in this version though he has good reason. His wife was killed during their adventuring days and he left the organization they belong to to go raise her.