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Jailbird follows the story of a child-like escaped prisoner.

When Jailbird first escapes, they study the only item they have on them: a postcard showing a temple and saying "wish you were here". Though Jailbird can't read, they want to go to this place and end up meeting a bird who knows where it is. They end up traveling together.

The following morning when they wake up, they're frightened by a loud screech. As they run, they're separated and Jailbird stumbles upon a magical cape that they put on.

Later Jailbird is found by several talking birds who seek to help Jailbird out — the cape they'd put on has magical properties that will turn them into a bird and they must stop the spell, for when the spell completes, Jailbird will no longer remember who they once were.

So Jailbird is sent on an adventure with Duck to find a temple that rumor holds can save Jailbird from their fate.



  • A Dog Named "Dog": Duck is a duck, Canary is a canary, Osprey is an osprey, Owl is an owl, Frogmouth is a frogmouth owl. You can even argue that Jailbird is this, since Jailbird's an escaped convict who's turning into a bird.
  • Fingerless Hands: Most of the characters have these- you see Duck holding things, Hahna, who has circle hands, holding things, and other characters doing similar.
  • Funny Animal: Duck and the other bird characters all look like their namesake animals, but they talk and are very human-like in personality.
  • Mysterious Past: As of yet, there's no explanation for why Jailbird was locked away, or who put them there.
  • Painting the Medium: Different fonts are sometimes used for different characters, and Jailbird's original speech is explained through the use of icons (for example, when they're talking about a flower, their speech bubble will show a flower).