Tempting Fate / Advertising

  • "I'm pleased to say I've been error free for over a week."
  • Never say no to Panda.
  • A series of banned commercial in Indonesia: "If there's some telephone card that goes cheap to all operators, I'm marrying a monkey!
  • This Hyundai car commercial. It starts with a young kid playing with a football when it was taken by some older bullies who tell him if he wants it back to get his own team. Cue montage of the kid rounding up the most badass prepubescent kids around, doing things like wrestling bears or carrying adults out of burning buildings.
  • A 2014 commercial for the New York Lottery features a pair of construction workers. One is going to get lunch.
    Worker 1: Hey, I'm going to get a lotto ticket. Want in?
    Worker 2: Yeah, right. If you win, I'll be your pool boy.
    Worker 1: Alright.
    We see Worker 1 lounging by the pool while Worker 2 cleans it.
    Worker 2: You're real literal, you know that?
  • In the late 1980s, there was a memorable Ad Council public service announcement on teen alcohol abuse and drunk driving. After a night of cruising the boulevard, a group of teenagers is ready to call it an evening and go home ... except the driver complains that the night is young and still wants to party. His passengers — about four or five of them — realize he's been drinking and is in no condition to drive ... but the driver insists that he is fine, especially after barely avoiding a collision with an oncoming car. After the others beg him to pull over, the driver plays the trope and says, "I AM INVINCIBLE!!!!" Immediately thereafter, he slams on the brakes ... but cannot avoid a deadly head-on collision. The commercial is best known for its use of Michael Jackson's "Beat It," playing on the teens' car stereo.
  • In a Real Life example, Singapore made use of the upcoming 2014 World Cup in an ad to publicize gambling addiction, featuring a young boy sadly telling his friends his father had bet everything they owned on Germany. A heart-breaking scene - made less heart-breaking when Germany won.