Shout Out / Disgaea

There's a reason it's Reference Overdosed.

Disgaea: Hour/Afternoon of Darkness

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories/Dark Hero Days

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice/Detention

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten/Revisited

Disgaea Infinite

Disgaea: Dimension 2 (A Brighter Darkness)

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

  • Once again, Unlimited Blade Works is used as an attack. Even better, it's an Archery skill.
  • The On the Next segments begin with the words "Preview Next Time" rendered in a similar fashion to the 20th Century Fox logo.
  • Usalia and her prinnies make multiple references to Naruto, ranging from exploding kunai carrots to shadow clones to summoning enlargement scrolls. Usalia's Berserk Stream special even references the bijuu-dama.
  • Rena's billhook makes its third appearance in the series as the rank 5 sword "Versatile Billhook".
  • One of the 4 character combo attacks is a common Monster Hunter assault complete with distracting the enemy, laying a trap, hiding behind the trap, and laying barrel bombs as the finisher.
  • At one point, Void Dark destroys what appears to be a Netherworld. The protagonists aren't aware of this, but react to the shockwaves caused by this event. The reference pops up when Usalia says "...I have a bad feeling about this, plip."
  • The main plot has strong Persona references about facing yourself right down to Killia gaining his true power by confronting the weakness in his heart directly and saying "You're me, and I'm you."
  • There's a high-ranking gun called the "Gjallarhorn", which could either be a reference to Norse Mythology or a particularly popular rocket launcher from Destiny.
  • Proto Darkdeath has a unique Evility that makes him immune to status effects and Deathblows. It's name? "Like a Boss".
  • It's possible that Red Magnus was inspired by the Warhammer40000 character Magnus the Red, seeing that they're both size-shifting red-skinned people of mass destruction that nobody really likes. That being said, they have completely different personalities; Magnus the Red is a Genius Bruiser and a Warrior Poet, while Red Magnus is a musclehead through and through.
    • Like Gold Knuckle before him, Red Magnus' speech patterns in English is reminiscent of The Rock.
  • Almaz's and Sapphire's combo attack has targeted enemy kidnapping Sapphire and Almaz then confronting the kidnapper on a bridge over lava, with an axe standing behind the opponent. Almaz even jumps on the enemy to make the reference clear.
  • Desco and Fuka's combination attack is named "Full Desco Burst" and clearly references Gundam SEED.