Heartwarming / Disgaea


Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

  • Chapter 4 starts with a yellow Prinny escaping Seraphina's pocket Netherworld with Sera's Prinny Squad in hot pursuit over stolen sardine curry. The prinny manages to outmaneuver the party at every turn, but gets surrounded by Lost Oozes and loses the curry. It turns out said Prinny only resorted to theft because her master (Usalia) started going without curry for too long, which due to her curse causes her to transform into a berserk beast. By the time the party catches up, said master has transformed and is shooping everything in sight. It's at that point Killia reveals he prepped an extra batch... and feeds it to the beast, even as it tries to club the curry out of his hands. This is a startlingly warm moment from someone previously depicted as an ice-cold drifter.
  • Chapter 10 goes all out on heartwarming moments, as the party ventures into Toto Bunny and Usalia almost drowns in nostalgia-induced torment.
    • The penultimate battle of the chapter has the party erasing another of Majorita's zombie hordes, with only one Rabbit Knight surviving destruction. Said Rabbit Knight lurches towards the party and gives Usalia a letter before finally falling apart. Said letter is a recipe for a special sweet curry, derived by Usalia's parents herself, and it is this recipe that helped her acquire a taste for curry in the first place. Killia reads the recipe and puts two and two together: the recipe is naught but a labor of love committed by Usalia's parents to help her deal with her curse, and they archived it in this letter to pass it on so she can make it herself after their untimely demise. It sinks in after this just how much Usalia's parents loved her, even in her worst moments, and how the inhabitants of Toto Bunny still see her as their princess.
    • Then the ultimate battle comes, and everything comes together. Majorita greets the party at the entrance and immediately summons Usalia's zombified parents to torture and/or kill her, knowing she would be too soft to strike them down. When the party disarms and stands down, Majorita gives the order to kill them... an order that they reject. After loudly urging they kill Usalia, only to hear them beg their daughter to fight, Majorita decides she's had enough and charges a death ball to kill Usalia herself... only for the two to jump in front of their daughter and take the blast in her place. Usalia realizes after this, in full, that they loved her to the very end. The only person who does not find this scene heartwarming in any way is Majorita, who loudly screams that love is a foolish sentiment, before summoning an assload of zombies in her anger to overwhelm and kill the party, her emotional armor having been violently breached by this moment.
  • Chapter 11 puts the spotlight on Christo instead, and shows just how far he's come since he joined the party.
    • The chapter begins with fallout from the previous one, where Majorita lunges at Red Magnus only for Usalia to take the poisoned knife instead. At the onset, Usalia is left laying in bed with less than an hour to go, and no herbal remedy for the poison anywhere in the pocket Netherworld or on Toto Bunny. As time goes on, Christo decides to lay out his hand and orders the group to step aside... whereupon he unleashes angelic magic to cure the poison on the spot. For someone who started out seeing demons as nothing but pawns and meat shields, this is a significant sign that his viewpoint is falling apart.
    • Throughout the chapter, his superior buzzes in to inform him about the launch of the anti-Netherworld missile, Armageddon, and how it is drawing ever closer. As the chapter nears its climax, he eventually gets the nerve to give Celestial management (one of which he suspects framed him as a spy for Void Dark), through said superior, an ultimatum: either they abort the launch, or he feeds Celestia's whereabouts to Void Dark and assures at least mutual destruction. His wish is eventually granted, but it shows far more that he is seeing his colleagues as genuine friends now.
  • The Disgaea D 2 DLC levels have Laharl(and Killia who gets dragged along) frustratedly trying to get into his castle while Flonne, Sicily, and his vassals keep trying to kick him out for unknown reasons. Beating the scenario reveals that the reason everyone was trying to keep Laharl out of his castle was so they could hold a surprise birthday party for him. Laharl begrudgingly shows some affection towards his vassals in his usual way.


  • After spending eight years as the Wandering Protagonist, Asagi might finally get her game! This is all thanks to a promotion in which Nippon Ichi said they would make the game if Asagi's Fan Club reached 10,000 followers.