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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

  • Despite having plenty of bad luck against the Lost throughout the campaign, Chapter 6 is where the party's fortunes start turning around.
    • The first blow is struck by Usalia, who manages to unpin heiress Izuna from the Lost Orcs attacking her, and erecting a barrier to block the death ball the Lost Imp throws into the fray. This selfless act gets Izuna to consider negotiations with the rebel army; the subsequent fight with the Lost convinces her to join forces for the long term.
    • You know that Running Gag where Seraphina regularly shoots people who she disagrees with, mostly Red Magnus? When disciplining Zeroken for trying to bitch out against Bloodis, a stray shot nails him in the ribs; Christo, catching on to his reaction as a weakness, spills what he learns, prompting Killia to perform a follow-up that forces the Demon General to bail in its wake. Damaging a Demon General enough to force him to withdraw is sure to put them on Void Dark's kill list.
  • Chapters 8 through 11 are awesome moments for the focus characters of those chapters. Killia lends a hand, but it's mostly all them.
    • Zeroken confesses his true nature as a former Lost medic who nursed Goldion back to health, and learned almost all the techniques from him before he was repurposed as Bloodis; this is in stark contrast to his initial presentation as Goldion's chosen heir. Throughout the chapter, Killia helps train him throughout so he can use the final technique, Avidya Holy Water, which Killia learned but never perfected. The awesome comes in two phases.
      • After the penultimate battle, Killia informs Zeroken that if he blows this attempt at the technique, they're going to have to kill Bloodis after all, but under the pressure, Zeroken puts everything he's got into it and successfully executes the technique. The elation from the resulting nirvana causes Zeroken to become a full-fledged Overlord-class demon, unlocking his Overload on the spot.
      • Then comes the ultimate battle. After beating down Bloodis, Seraphina repeats her stunt from Chapter 6 to bind him, and Killia and Zeroken both execute Avidya Holy Water immediately, with both of them pouring everything into it. This disables Bloodis and expunges a dark mist from his soul, which indicates he's been cleansed... at least, he would be if Void Dark didn't personally show up and curbstomp Killia on the spot, forcing the party to withdraw.
    • Red Magnus spends almost all of Chapter 9 going on an utter rampage at the thought of his own men selling out to the Lost, as Panchos reveals to him soon into it. The party goes out of its way to both point him towards the Devouring Kris consuming his Netherworld and to get him to snap out of his tantrum over the betrayal, upon which he realizes who he hates most of all: himself, for allowing Scorching Flame to go to shit. As he comes to the revelation, he expresses his concerns to Panchos where he stands; not only is Panchos weeping at Red Magnus' newfound Character Development, but Red Magnus himself reawakens to his old power, evolving his Overload and lifting the resulting burden. He then lays the smack down upon the remaining Lost jabronies before uprooting and crushing the Devouring Kris himself.
    • Usalia may have been stronger than she gave herself credit for after living under her curse for so long, but she's continued torturing herself over her brattiness towards her own parents while they were doing everything in their power to help her. All of that changes when she encounters Majorita and her zombified parents, the latter of whom sacrifice themselves to save Usalia from the former. The awesome comes from the fallout: knowing her parents' true feelings for her sets Usalia at ease, but the resulting power of familial love devolves Majorita's curse upon Usalia, transforming it into her Overload! Further amplifying things, given everything Majorita did to torment and/or troll the party throughout the game up to this point, utterly vaporizing the bitch with Murmur of Rage and Berserk Stream is catharsis incarnate not just for Usalia, but for the player.
    • Christo joins in on the fun in Chapter 11. When Usalia and Red Magnus attempt to preempt Majorita, she jabs them with a bloodsoaked knife and informs them that her Overload, Broken Faith Magia, is Blood Magic which lets her control flesh and not necromancy. While Usalia and Red Magnus freeze themselves where they stand with The Power of Friendship, Christo decides he's had enough and uses his angelic magic to cure both of them in full view of Majorita. Seeing him so casually negate one of her worst curses, thus robbing her of her last method of torturing them, sends her on another date with the Rage Event Horizon as she summons another horde of zombies to kill the party. Christo's Overload evolves after this fight, but it feels oh so good to see the former Manipulative Bastard cum Sadist absolutely lose her shit twice in a row.
  • Chapter 15 draws out even more awesome moments, two of which are from the characters least likely to have them.
    • The penultimate match against Majorita ends with her getting wasted, except instead of plotting revenge against the party, she breaks down in tears, her last batch of zombies vaporized by Avidya Holy Water. And yet, the awesome moment from the fallout of this match is hers: while she lingers, Void Dark happens upon her, throttles Broken Faith Magia out of her, and tells her bald-faced that said Overload was the only reason he kept her around so long. Realizing she was used for his selfish benefit, she brings herself to a stand out of sheer, unadulterated hatred and faces off against Void Dark. Sure, she loses — in her state, how could she not? — but it shows that even she has a line drawn in the sand.
    • The ultimate match pits the party against Bloodis, who not only takes Killia's Avidya Holy Water at full force, but unleashes Ultimate Demon Technique, Ultimate Skill, Macrocosm upon Killia. Killia takes the hit, but still manages to fight back and win, even using the technique himself to finish Bloodis off. And yet, while that is awesome, what's more so is the revelation from Bloodis himself: he was cured of his brainwashing back at Chapter 8 and faked his own reindoctrination solely to teach Killia and help the rebels grow in strength, with Majorita and Void Dark himself none the wiser! Let it not be said that Goldion is a pathetic, weak-willed man.
  • The last moment of the game is, arguably, the last fight of the game. While Void Dark managed to resurrect Liezerota, he also made her a nexus of uncontrollable power, which his pure malice infested after being expunged from within him via Macrocosm. After beating the revived Lieze into submission, Killia attempts Macrocosm, but it fails to do the job. Unfettered, he tries again, except this time his fellow Overlords use their Overload power to charge it up; the resulting discharge manages to purify Lieze completely, vaporizing Void's malice for good! Lieze herself gets points, too, as despite being a long-dead noncom infused with Void's malice, she still retains enough strength of will to beg Killia for death.