Characters / The Imperium Of Man Comes To Gensokyo

Inhabitants of Gensokyo

Eirin Yagokoro

Hong Meiling/The Empress of Rot

Hong Meiling turned to Nurgle following the capture of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, gaining necromantic powers. She was the disciple of Bickerstaff. She lead the Nurglite contingent on Gensokyo before her redemption and subsequent death.

Remilia Scarlet

Older sister to Flandre. After the Orks were cleared out of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia and her sister became Inquisitorial Acolytes to Arcturus. For a long time she was the subject of Lana's predations, which she didn't exactly loathe if you take my meaning. Remilia was responsible for freeing Zee of the daemon Laernariel's control permanently(via destroying it) and, in order to save her life, turned Zee into her vampiric servant.

Flandre Scarlet

Fujiwara no Mokou

Reimu Hakurei


Cirno was corrupted by Khorne and was forced into becoming the pilot of the Khornate Ice Titan. She was saved by Sakuya when she attempted to attack the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and renounced the Blood God, joining the Alliance.

Following this, Khorne's power was replaced (in a currently unknown manner) by another power, and she was transformed into the Goddess Of The Fairies, and took up the name Sedna.

Suika Ibuki

The Denizens of 40K

Inquisitor Arcturus

A beleaguered Inquisitor who came in with the initial Imperial Crusade forces, intent on cleansing it of supposed heresy. Has since come to see that the place is not, in fact, filled to the brim with Chaos-worshippers besides the invading forces, and has taken steps to save the planet and bring it under the Imperial banner.

  • Character Development: He started out as a fairly typical Inquisitor, suspecting anything and everything that moves of heresy and the like. Has since learned much about the strange, silly folk living in Gensokyo, and has subsequently started to view things in a somewhat more idealistic light. Whether his new viewpoint will make a difference in the rest of the Imperium has yet to be seen.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Eye Scream: Suffered one of these at Silon's hands.
  • Guile Hero: More or less.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Has become a Running Gag at this point.
    • Has abruptly ceased being a gag when Slaanesh tries to traumatise him with the memories.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Even for this setting, the guy has seen some pretty screwed up things, and even though he's not the most overt of cases, he's showing tendencies towards it, at least.
  • Sword and Gun: Preferred fighting style, supplemented by psyker abilities. Which essentially makes him...
  • The Mario

Chapter Master Zolomon

The leader of the Steel Judicators Space Marine Chapter, and one of the major commanders of the First Gensokyo Crusade. He is the first Imperial to make the overtures for an alliance with the Gensokyoans, and eventually persuades Inquisitor Arcturus to work with him. From then on, he does his utmost to bring the realm into the Imperium.

Apothecary Ferrum
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Though Azmodai had to carry him around on a rack for a while, He managed to still kick ass and kill xenos.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: He thinks Fucksicles are a type of ice cream, The fact that he went berserk over the loss of just one of his fingers then blaming Remilia for doing it. And Let's not even get started on his version of the history of the Emperor's Children...
  • Combat Medic: He's a Space Marine Apothecary, What would you expect?
  • Chainsaw Good: He prefers to use chain-weapons whenever there are available.
  • It's Personal : After he was forced to Mercy Kill Ragno, He and the other members of his squad will stop at nothing to kill Herr Doktor and avenge Ragno.
    • After recent events, Is a little upset over the fact that he was unable to kill Herr Doktor with his own hands.
  • Memetic Mutation:invoked Not invoked, But he does like to say them.

Warboss Egull Stompah

An Ork Warboss who invaded Gensokyo. He successfully captured the Scarlet Devil Mansion Skarlit Debble Manshun Wot Belongz To Egull Stompah. He was betrayed by his second-in-command, Herr Doktor, and killed shortly afterwards in single combat with the Knights Of Vengeance Chapter Master during an assault on the Mansion by Imperial forces.

"Herr Doktor"

Warboss Stompah's Dragon, a Ork Mad Dok with a German accent. He was the creator of the Gorkenn Morkan Shas'Aun'O/Terrorfish Kraken Shas'Aun'O/Terrorfish. He betrays the Warboss and kills most of the forces in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and died piloting the Gorkenn Morkan against a large group of Blood Ravens, Knights Of Vengeance, Inquisitor Arcturus, Tau, a Great Unclean One, and the Scarlet Sisters. And a solitary Nurgling.

Gargoth the Undying

Apothecary Drammlech

Brother-Captain Laufeysson


A Lord Of Change summoned onto the planet by the Thousand Sons.

Magnus the Red

Daemon primarch of the Thousand Sons traitor legion, Magnus was one of the few unambiguously canon characters to appear in the RP. The Crimson King's arrival was one of the elements which solidified the alliance between Gensokyo, the Imperium of Man and the Tau, uniting them in dealing with his far-greater threat. Magnus had come to Gensokyo in order to "return it to its rightful place on Terra," as he put it, by casting a spell which would hurl the planet on an unerring course to Earth through the Warp, destroying both worlds in a devastating collision that would sound the death knell of the Imperium; alas, his schemes were foiled by the alliance's efforts and the combined intervention of Mystia Lorelei and the Prismriver sisters, and his body was destroyed after being shot by Isaac Bickerstaff's Immaterium Engine. Stunned and broken by the loss of their primarch, the Thousand Sons immediately pulled all their forces from Gensokyo and withdrew from the system in a decisive retreat.

Shas'El Kai'Ro

The head of the Tau forces on Gensokyo. Died to seal the Deceiver from the universe.

  • Good Is Not Nice: For all the points listed below, he sure is quick to beat a defenseless prisoner and deny him any hope of entering their afterlife.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Uses an fatally large amount of energy, channelled through his suit, to seal the Deceiver.
  • Noble Bigot: a kind and considerate fellow who will gladly help humans even though he despises them (or at least the Space Marines)
  • Reasonable Authority Figure

Shaper Sval

A Kroot Shaper working with Kai'ro. Following Kai'Ro's death he took on the persona of Kai'Ro, which nearly resulted in his execution, and is now considered to be Kai'Ro by most Tau. Including Kai'Ro's father.

Aun'vre Tal'desh

The ethereal assigned to the Tau forces in Gensokyo.

  • Blade on a Stick: his ceremonial honour blade, which is concealed in his staff and turns out to be not quite so ceremonial...
  • Badass Normal: This ethereal, despite being old, frail and having no armour to speak of beyond his robes, proves to be quite the killing machine when he actually needs to fight. Possibly Subverted, however, as Shas'O Kais remarks that Tal'desh shouldn't be able to move that fast no matter how fit he is...
  • Badass Grandpa: Tal'desh is stated to be elderly by the standards of the Tau.The first thing Tal'desh does in combat is to cut a Necron clean in half.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Diagonal Cut: He excels at this.
  • Flash Step: Pretty spry for an old guy.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure

Isaac Bickerstaff

Bickerstaff was an Inquisitor, but fell under Nurgle's sway many years before the events of the game when he bound a Great Unclean one into his head by accident. He was a friend of Inquisitor Arcturus before he turned, and a dangerous enemy afterwards. He was responsible for Lana/Zee's capture and the treatment which led to her turning to Slaanesh. He was called by Nurgle to Gensokyo to teach Hong Meiling. He dies in a duel with Arcturus atop a Manta gunship, but not before he transfers his daemon to Arcturus.

The Tyranid Swarmlord

Leader of the Tyranid Elite, and commander of the Tyranid forces in Gensokyo.

The members of the Tyranid Elite

  • Swarmlord (Hive Tyrant) {Code Name: Swarmlord}
  • Old One Eye (Carnifex) {Code Name: Ol' One Eye}
  • Red Terror (Ravener) {Code Name: Terror}
  • Doom of Malan'tai (Zoathrope) {Code Name: Doom}
  • Parasite of Mortrex (Ripper Incubator?) {Code Name: Parasite}
  • Laius Horror (?) {Code Name: Horror}

Colonel-Commissar Isaiah Graille

The long-suffering Colonel-Commissar working under Inquisitor Arcturus. Often takes a dim view on his more outlandish plans, but is ever-loyal to him.

Inquisitor Thomas//Kyal-La

An Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and his female Tau bodyguard, both working alongside Inquisitor Arcturus. The former is a friend to him, and has helped the campaign with some of his reckless plans.

  • Badass Normal: Fights with whatever tech he has on hand, and was instrumental in the defeat of Laernariel.
  • Berserk Button: Don't threaten either of them when the other is within earshot.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Seeing as the two began as scientist and test subject, things have progressed emotionally since then by several orders of magnitude.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: The Inquisitor seemingly enjoys a good fight.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Has mellowed out a great deal since his origin story, and has become, if possible, more Radical than Arcturus.
  • Exorcism: Removed Laernariel from Zee's body through use of some Psyk-out material he had on hand.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Thomas' preferred method of combat. But with a Power Fist and powerclaw.
  • Undying Loyalty: Most obviously, Kyal-La for Thomas, but also Thomas for Arcturus as a friend. Case in point, his determination to rescue Remilia(and Zee, when he was sure she could be rescued) when he was part of her guard detail.

Lana /Zee

Arcturus' ex-wife, believed to have been tortured and killed by Bickerstaff in some currently unknown manner. She actually survived the encounter, turning to the Chaos god Slaanesh, The Prince Of Pleasure and Excess, in order to survive and escape. She has since come to Gensokyo, and her intentions, beyond seducing Remilia Scarlet, are currently unclear. As a result of her duel with Remilia Scarlet, the Keeper of Secrets which had possessed her up until this point has been slain, and Zee is now free from Slaanesh. Her actual name is Zelenin.

Mekboss Garguzz Gutpuncha & crew

A group of Orks who manage to loot (hijack and orkify) an isolated Baneblade, using and adding to its awesome firepower to compensate for their otherwise extreme weakness.

Dakkawagonbommawagonbommafenix/ UP YOURS FUCKFACE XXIV

Once a mighty Baneblade of the Imperial Guard, it was looted by Mekboss Gutpuncha and his boyz and equipped with even more guns. Nearly destroyed by an artillery barrage, it made a comeback with guns scavenged from every race equipping its surface, along with a collection of jetpacks that allowed it to reach low earth orbit. Grounded and relaunched several times, has now fused with an Angry Marine Thunderhawk to produce the Titan-sized Dakkafenix, though the Marines claim it to be called the UP YOURS FUCKFACE, 24th of that name. Due to a malfunctioning tellyporta and a Gretchin pulling the wrong lever at the wrong time, is now barreling through the Warp, sowing desolation and despair in its wake.

  • Clown Car Base
  • Cool Tank: Boy howdy. Baneblade chassis, guns everywhere, jetpacks...
  • Evolving Weapon: used to be a standard Baneblade, until Gutpuncha and his boyz commandeered it. They added far more guns onto it, and barely survived an encounter with Space Marines. When it came back, they had added guns salvaged from all the other races on Gensokyo, and was known as the Dakkawagon. Now having achieved stable low earth orbit, is referred to as the Dakkabomma. And now has reverted to Dakkawagon. And back again to Dakkabomma. And now has become the awesome Dakkafenix.
  • Kill Sat: Is now flying more or less perpendicular to the ground, allowing the turret and other weapons to fire at it. Alas, no more.
  • More Dakka: Every inch of it is covered in guns, missile launchers, and beam weapons. The turret itself sports a Basilisk barrel, flanked by twin Hammerhead railguns.
  • Recoil Boost: A common tactic. And given the mount of recoil provided, a very effective one indeed.
  • Wave Motion Gun: Called the The Craterizer. Used to gain access to the Underworld by digging an impact crater a kilometer wide.

The Angry Marines.

  • Armored Closet Gay: With so many homophobic slurs and belittling of homosexuals, it's kind of hard not to imagine them as this.
  • The Berserker
  • Catapult to Glory: Use tank guns to get into battle. As in, fire themselves from the tank.
  • * Hollywood Tourette's: Even when requesting help they insult each other.
  • Unstoppable Rage: ALWAYS ANGRY, ALL THE TIME! Apparently it stems from a horrible permanent headache, so strong that even being next to a blank doesn't cause the discomfort and nausea it does in normal people.
    • Apparently their Primarch got angry because while he was drifting in space he came upon a copy of the infamous game Battletoads. You do the math.

Lord Inquisitor Darius Bickerstaff

The father of Isaac, Darius is a hardline puritan Inquisitor who is intolerant of even the slightest diversions from the exact wordings of the Imperial Creed. He was estranged from Isaac, but Arcturus purposefully kept him in the dark over his son's defection. This backfired immensely when Isaac sent him a message saying he was in danger prior to his duel with Arcturus, leading Darius to head the Second Gensokyoan Crusade. Upon finding out that Arcturus was his son's killer, he try to declare the entire planet heretical and tried to have Arcturus killed. He is deep in denial, refusing to accept his son could turn to Chaos.

  • Big Bad: Of the Second Gensokyoan Crusade arc.
  • Fan Nickname: Old Daddy Bickerstaff™
  • Karma Houdini: Gets off scot-free at the end, leaving aboard the Ius Caecus. He even has all records of his actions quietly destroyed, meaning Arcturus can't prove what he did.
    • but now that he's been confirmed to show up in the sequel, he's more likely to get his comeuppance later down the line.
  • Knight Templar
  • Light is Not Good: Surrounded by images of gold, lights and angels. He is, however, a brutal, murderous and dangerous person if you cross him.
  • Meaningful Name: His ship, the Ius Caecus, means 'Blind Justice' in latin.
  • Obstructive Zealot
  • Papa Wolf: Upon finding out Arcturus killed his son, he throws his 'diplomat' act out the window and flipped a heavy wooden table onto him.

Marshal Grimbolg Tyrannus

A Marshal of the Black Templars chapter, sent to Gensokyo in order to bring the planet into compliance with a swifter, stronger, and far less tolerant Second Crusade. Serves under the command of Inquisitor Darius Bickerstaff, the father of Isaac Bickerstaff.


A Blank, Silon is an assassin who answers to Darius Bickerstaff alone. He regards him somewhat as a father figure, and will do whatever he asks of him.

  • The Dreaded: Causes extreme fear in everyone who knows of his reputation, and his being a Blank does the work when his foes don't know about him.


A Brother-Captain of the Gray Knights chapter of Space Marines, sent to investigate the anomalous Warp phenomena that occured due to the simultaneous invasion of Chaos, Necrons and Tyranids.

Third Among Seven, The Harvester Of Nurgle

  • Demonic Possession: He can't force anyone into doing anything while possessing you, but can talk to you and infect you with diseases. By the time he's finished with you (which might take years), you'll do whatever he asks you to, as evidenced by Bickerstaff.
  • Fan Nickname: Harvey.
  • I Have Many Names: Third Among Seven, Harvester Of Nurgle and Lord Of The Flies. Zee Lampshades this.
  • The Hyena: He laughs at everything.
  • The Man Behind the Man: He was controlling Bickerstaff the entire time.
  • Master of Illusion: Can induce complex hallucinations by fiddling with his host's brain. As Arcturus is a psyker, he can transmit them to other people. The hallucinations are incredibly complex, and Patchouli mentions at one point that she might be able to out-illusion Nue if she could somehow bind the daemon to her will.
  • Mind Rape: He is very fond of it, and subjects Arcturus and Zee to it.
  • Plague Master
  • The Voice: To whoever he's possessing.

Locations and who is where

Scarlet Devil Mansion

The Orks who once held the Mansion are mostly destroyed but the mansion is damaged beyond magical repair by the Hrud. The Imperial Guard Krieg regiment is stationed here. May become an Inquisition House.

Forest of Magic

Imperial forces have a base camp here, the Tau Empire having put down their own in another part of the forest. Daiyousei is there together with a group of refugee Youkai. The Tyranid growth had infested the part nearest to the Hakurei Shrine, Tyranid Hive Hakurei Shrine, and was purged by the Sisters of Battle.

Bamboo Forest

Bickerstaff, Hong Meiling, and the Nurglites have established their base here. The area is riddled with sinkholes and craters now, thanks to Warboss Egull Stompah bombing the area. Further exposure to both the Hrud and Nurgle has rotted a sizeable portion of it. The area was guarded by the Nurglite Corpse-Lord Necrotitan. All infected areas were cleansed and purified by the Sisters of Battle.


A lot of Imperials, as well as Eirin, Eirin's body, Kaguya, Reisen and a lot of Rabbits. Arcturus is here, as was Sval; the latter was awaiting execution after falsely being accused of killing Kai'Ro. Suika was resting up in one of the guest-rooms. Wriggle is quartered here. Effectively functions as the Imperial main base. Was attacked multiple times by the Tyranids trying something new.

Snow Covered Forest

Thanks to the Necrons and Tyranids(mostly the former), it is now a completely lifeless wasteland of ice and petrified tree remains. Former Necron meeting grounds//territory before the Tau glassed it from orbit.

Human Village

The Necrons have their forward base there. All the inhabitants have evacuated, but their homes were destroyed. At the moment, the Necrons have raised an immense tower there, currently pulsing with their green lightning. Slagged from orbit. The Thousand Sons gathered here in order to do battle with the Imperium. Currently being rebuilt by the Alliance members.

Hakurei Shrine (Tyranid Hive Prime)

The Tyranid's new main base on the planet. The Shrine was destroyed in the process. Also where the Tyranid hybrids are being created currently. The Tyranid Elite are here and there. Multiple Capillary Towers are growing in the area, with a few poking through into heaven. After Reimu defeated the Swarmlord, the area was cleansed of the Tyranid taint thanks to Yukari.

Youkai Mountain

The two Goddesses Kanako and Suwako were resting up after beating back the Necrons and Tyranids. The Imperial Guard also has stationed a garrison at the Tengu Stronghold there. A Bio-Titan was fighting dancing with a warlord near the base, before the warlord self-destructed, blowing the both of them into oblivion. There are also a bunch of Tyranid's within the mountain's countless tunnels after fleeing from a lava flow from the Underground.

Geyser Reactor Center

In ruins thanks to the Deceiver. Only the core was not laid to complete waste.


Tyranids were infesting the caverns and had created a second hive in the tunnels before being forced to leave from a lava flow let lose by Utsuho and Orin. The Red Dancer Khornates were finally purged from Gensokyo here by the combined efforts of the Imperial Guard, the Ordo Xenos, the Knights of Vengeance, and the Oni, the last of these having brutally slaughtered the Bloodthirster himself. Utsuho and the Unyufex are somewhere down here as well.

Ancient City

A company of Adeptus Mechanicus tech-priests are here as well as their retinue, plus an Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial team led by Inquisitor Thomas. A lot of Oni got pretty pissed off, ready to rip any Tyranid they see to pieces. The battle was won, but now the entire City is opened to the sky. The Imperial command post there is known as Umbra Villa.

The Palace of Earth Spirits

Koishi, Satori, Rin, and some Imperial and Tau forces are there at the moment. The Palace is now very badly damaged and afflicted, in places, with Nurgle's Rot, although the Tyranids and Nurglites failed to take it.

Hakugyokurou{Necro Villa}

Yuyuko, Youmu and Youki were entertaining a group of Imperials, who are looking over the Crater where the Saigyou Ayakashi used to be. There is a small hole in reality there. The mansion and everything for a mile around it have been purged from orbit following Magnus' The Red's takeover of the area and his subsequent defeat. There is now a crater of cooling broken glass there now. Yukari closed the border between it and the rest of Gensokyo following the war.


Devastated by the Empress of Rot, with a few hundred Celestials and oarfish dying, but will eventually recover. There were a few Capillary Towers poking through in a far corner that isn't used much, with Tyranid reinforcements guarding the area, including the Swarmlord. After the war, the area was subsequently purged of Tyranid influence.

The Moon{Gensokyo Secundus}

Lifeless and cooling. The Lunarians were overrun by the Tyranids there, a sizeable amount of the populace escaping before both Lunar princesses purged the satellite at the cost of their lives. That didn't rob the moon of its biomass though, and the Imperium was forced to initiate exterminatus to wipe out the burgeoning Tyranids there. Will become the property of the Tau Empire. The Tyranids returned, and are tried to tear apart the moon to use as meteors, as well as destabilize it's orbit while causing the planet to tear itself apart from the sudden change of gravitational forces, but they are having trouble due to it being defended. The Tau are currently rebuilding it to make it a habitable city-covered utopia (at least in theory).


Still drinking. Probably on sabbatical. May be composing music, having retired from everything else.

The Imperium Of Man Came To Gensokyo Character Bank:

This is a list of some of the characters slated to appear at some point in the game's sequel. Please add any characters intended to appear who are not on the list.


  • Arcturus
  • Zee
  • Flandre Scarlet
  • Remilia Scarlet
  • Tenshi
  • Reimu Hakurei (Now an immortal sage whose body has the spirit of her chaos-possesed daughter Meimu inside her, only able to release her if brought into contact with the two magatama used to seal Meimu away.)
  • Alice Margatroid
  • Marisa Kirisame (now a Youkai with an extended lifespan.)
  • Reina Hakurei: Reiko and Benjamin's mother. Died after giving birth to Reiko thanks to Meimu's curse.
  • Lukas Suncrusher: Reiko and Benjamin's father, Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, and Powerful psyker. Disappeared shortly before Reina's death and Reiko's birth. Evidence suggests The Dark Eldar Kabal of the Blackened Skeleton are somehow involved.
  • Parsee
  • Fujiwara no Mokou
  • Tewi Inaba
  • Reiko Hakurei: Reimu's Great Granddaughter and current Hakurei Shrine Maiden. Red Oni to Mary's Blue Oni.
  • Mary Kirisame-Margatroid: Alice and Marisa's daughter. Fights with eight magic dolls based on Warhammer Fantasy's Eight lores of Magic. The Blue Oni to Reiko's Red Oni.
  • Benjamin Suncrusher: Reiko's older brother and Culexus Assassin. A blank who was born Lukas and Reina before Meimu's civil war. He seeks revenge on his father for supposedly abandoning Reina shortly before her death, and blames Reiko for causing her death (unaware it was Meimu's curse that killed her.) He serves Inquisitor Julian Cross as his acolyte.
  • Patchouli Knowledge.
  • Rumia
  • The Dragon's Teeth Chapter: All relevant information here.
  • The Emperor's Bulls: All relevant information here
  • The Emperor's Dragons Chapter: Relevant information is on the same page as the Teeth.
  • Guardsman: The as-yet-unnamed guardsman in Arcturus' retinue. He is the son of the governor of a paradise planet. He acts as the pilot of Arcturus' Inquisitorial ship.
  • Stormtrooper Corollanius: No other information available, beyond that he will work for Arcturus.
  • Leona: A Tank Youkai formed from one of the tanks used in the Gensokyoan War.
  • Lord Inquisitor Avial Hevold: A Lord Inquisitor, suffering from a chaotic vareity of Locked-In Syndrome. He communicates through a servo-skull and acts as the group's Mission Control.
  • Commissar B.L.A.M. McKillington Jr.: A man with an incredibly Non-Indicative Name, Jr. is a very kind and selfless man, to the point where he has never performed a summary execuion. Despite this, he is despised by his Catachan regiment, who live in constant fear of being killed by him, and as such frequently attempt to kill him, which he is oblivious to.
  • The Melanes Orbital And Aerial Strike Corp (MOASC): A Melanesian-inspired Guard regiment, specializing in orbital and aerial landings. All relevant information here.
  • The Pretty Marines
  • Commissar-General Isaiah Graille
  • Private Peter Parker (Spider-Abhuman)
  • Staff Sergeant J. Jonah Jameson
  • Federya Bureau of Investigation Agent Vulpus Moder
  • Federya Bureau of Investigation Agent Diana Capo
  • Federya Bureau of Investigation Director Winston Scalper
  • Deathwatch Team Archaeon: a team of Deathwatch Space Marines who Reiko and Mary are assigned to work with.
  • Julian Cross: A puritanical Inquisitor sent to Gensokyo to investigate claims of chaos cult activity. While certainly a puritan, he definitely does not reach Darius Bickerstaff levels. In fact, he's a rather polite and sympathetic individual. He often struggles with himself over whether the atrocities he commits as an Inquisitor are truly what is best for the Imperium and really what the Emperor wants. He serves as Benjamin's mentor after Benjamin becomes a Culexus assassin. Was once a friend of Lukas, but they had a falling out over their philosophies on their line of work. Desparately wants Lukas to be found so that he can apologize.
  • Helen Angeleus: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Lady. An older friend of Lukas and Commanding officer in charge of Team Archaeon. Usually in an emotional state that looks as if she just woke up from a deep sleep. Somewhere between Radical and Puritan, the amount of orthodoxy used in her missions depends on her mood. And being rather fickle, she changes her mind more often than she changes her own clothes. After Lukas went missing, she volunteered to be the one to search for him, as she has had the most experience with dealing with the Kabal of the Blackened Skeleton out of any Xeno Inquisitor in the sector. Was once rumored to have slept with Lukas, a rumor that she strongly denies.

Silon's/Darius' retinue:

  • Lord Inquisitor Darius Bickerstaff
  • Inquisitor/Assassin Silon
  • Brother Gaius Morax: A young, devout and charismatic Ecclesiarchal Acolyte, Morax is nevertheless (or perhaps unsurprisingly) a bigot who despises abhumans (nd Gensokyoans).
  • Techpriest 77: An eccentric Mechanicus Adept who now exists in a purely digital form, his consciousness uploaded onto servitors, robots, and even Silon's Aquila Lander.


  • Harvester
  • The Khornette
  • Tyranthraxus
  • Lunarian Noble: An unnamed Lunarian Noble who is partly behind the Lunarian rebel's terrorist actions.
  • The Sons Of Malice Chaos Space Marine Chapter
  • Meimu Hakurei: Reimu's daughter and Reiko's grandmother. Converted to the Chaos God Malal/Malice after a chaos raid on Gensokyo killed her son and husband and the Imperium arriveed too late to help. Attempted to lead a rebellion against the Imperium with the help of supporting insurrectionists and various Daemons loyal to Malal. Was eventually sealed away into Reimu's body. The only way to unseal her would be to use the pair of Magatama used to seal her, which were taken by Meimu's daughter Reinanote  and her husband Inquisitor Lukas Suncrusher.
  • The Chaorkz: Orkz who have fallen to Chaos.
  • Ciaro Malvarez: The psyker responsible for Hevold's present state, he is the cultmaster of the sinister Cult Of The Silent King.
  • Crucien and Captain Slaughta
  • The Ultimate Warboss: An Ork Warboss who became super-intelligent after stealing the Hakkero.
  • Big Mek Bakkbrayka: A rather unorky completely cybernetic Big Mek who works for the Ultimate Warboss.
  • Slaaneshi Cultist: A nameless Slaaneshi cultist in stolen Sororitas armour. Designed to be a massive Expy of Lady Gaga-type figures.
  • Kroot Cannibal: The former security chief of the Tau encampment on the Moon, the Cannibal took to devouring any terrorists he uncovered. He has developed a taste for the flesh of the Gensokyoans, and he and his kindred have gained magical powers as a result. He is on a quest to find and eat the liver of a Hourai Elixir drinker, thereby becoming immortal.
  • Alpha-Class Poltergeist: The spirit of a dead Alpha-Class Psyker who causes havoc when the Inquisitorial Black Ships come to collect his daughter to sacrifice to the Astronomican.
  • Governor Lucien Mortis: A former Inquisitor turned planetary governor of the Gowl system, all contact with Lucien and his worlds was lost during the onset of a warpstorm ten years ago. Now, the storm has abated, yet the worlds of the Gowl system remain oddly silent...
  • Imperial Noble: Deposed and eventually called upon Tzeentch to help him reclaim his rightful place. Of course, this came back to haunt him.
  • Ahriman Of The Thousand Sons
  • HICCUPS, THE BEHEMOTH OF CHAOS: A carnifex that Bickerstaff zombiefied, Hiccups escaped after his master's death, and has become a warlord of Chaos Undivided.
  • Mekboss Gutpuncha
  • The Dakkabomma


  • Gensokyo (Imperial Designation: Gensokyo Primaris): Gensokyo has been exposed to the Imperium for 150 years. Some of the human characters have died off in the meantime, and there are more Imperials on the planet. Slowly, it has begun to recover from the war.
  • Federya: A minor hive-world locked in winter, it has become a major scientific outpost for the Imperium to research their latest findings on the Ultima Segmentum frontier. Possesses a highly customised Warlord Titan which has fought off multiple incursions.
  • The Moon (Imperial designation: Gensokyo Secundus/Tau designation: J'Karra): The Moon is run by the Tau. While many of the Lunarian Nobles are happy with this, some of the Lunar Rabbits have grown hateful of the aliens, aswell as Gensokyo and the Imperium for abandoning them during the war. Various rebel and terrorist factions have appeared, backed by unknown groups.
  • Morbius: "Morbius. Planet of nothing." was the last transmission received from the xenobiological institute on this sleepy mining world before all went silent.
  • Proserpina: A small Hive World, Proserpina draws the attention of the Inquisition due to the shadowy Cult Of The Silent King that is rumoured to have appeared on the planet. Probably the location of the heroes' first adventure.
  • Vitalstatix: The main planet in the Gowl system, Vitalstatix is the seat of Governor Mortis' power. His command centre is here, as are the vast factories re-tasked to build infernal war machines to serve him.
  • The Heart Of Steel IX: An Adeptus Mechanicus vessel, it's engines failed and it was left stranded in space, completely unresponsive. When contact was finally made, it transmitted a eerie and cryptic message before destroying the vessel that was investigating. It is now transmitting an endlessly-repeating message: "This is the voice of...".

The Imperium Of Man Came To Gensokyo Mission List:

This is a list of some of the missions to be carried out at some point in the game's sequel.

The Heart of Steel Rescue Mission

Vitalstatix Rebellion
  • After receiving word that something of great import to the Mechanicum had been found on the hive world of Vitalstatix, the entire system was engulfed in a Warp Storm for ten years. Now, the Warp Storms have abated, but all attempts to contact Vitalstatix have met with silence; the Inquisition fears the worst, but they cannot afford to pass up the chance to retrieve such a valuable piece of technology. The party must investigate the world of Vitalstatix and retrieve this artifact, if at all possible.
Danmaku Mass-Production
  • Imperial and Mechanicus agents seek to learn the secrets of danmaku, that it might be used on a massive scale and turning the tide against the enemies of the Imperium, and Wont Take No For An Answer. Hilarity Ensues.

Purge of the Cult of the Silent King

Negotiations with the Necrons?!

Something involving a Strum expy...

Yukari x Emperor

Resolving Chaos
  • ???

Daemon in the Darkness
  • There is a planet being terrorized by something. Rumors point to a Daemon of Chaos, but descriptions don't point to any of the major Ruinous Powers. All descriptions are different, but they all mention that it is a black and white colouring, with a deformed face, and it only comes out in darkness. As something of that description hasn't been seen since Meimu's heretical attack on Gensokyo, and knowing of how powerful those kinds of Daemons are, the The Inquisition is on their way to the planet (and possibly subject it to Exterminatus). The only reason the group is headed to the planet is because they were closer, and possibly as a early beacon to see is something has truly gone wrong.
  • They will be meeting up with a small regiment of Imperial Guard (Whether or not there are Oni in it or not is up for debate) lead by Commissar Modosukai, who are heading for the last knowen location of Ponoko, the only one who has so far survived in the area's that the daemon attacked, and for some reason is in every area that the daemon has appeared/is going to appear. Even though it has been proven that she has unwavering faith in the Emperor, there are those who aren't so sure...

Invasion of the Sons of Malice and Meimu's return:
  • The Sons of Malice Chaos Space Marine chapter announce their intention to invade Gensokyo and take the Reimu's comatose body to unseal Meimu after taking one of the Magatama from Lukas during a previous battle. The main hereoes attempt to keep their fleet from reaching Gensokyo, but little did they realize that the Sons of Malice sent a smaller fleet from the opposite direction to retrieve Reimu's body while the main fleet served as a distraction. Meimu is freed and battles Reiko while Mary fights a currently unnamed Daemon Prince of Malal.

Meet the Team!... Archaeon.
  • Mary & Reiko are sent to assist the Deathwatch Kill-team on a mission to infiltrate an Eldar ship, gather some possible intel on an invasion plan, and possibly assassinate the farseer in charge. They get sent because no other reinforcements would get there fast enough. For rather obvious reasons, the Deathwatch Marines question their skills, but the Wonder Witches soon prove themselves capable.

Seven Samurai
  • Team Archaeon's craft stops on some planet to resupply and refuel and such. The gang spends their time relaxing when a man from a nearby village desperately seeking help. An Ork WAAAAAAAGH! is on the way to pillage his village in the latest in a decades-long series of raids. The team's dreadnought Simon Lazaran is kept out for repairs, so it's up to the Wonder Witches and five of their Astartes comrades to put an end to the annual display of Barbarism.

  • After being hit by a meteor/getting stuck in a warp storm, the crew's ship crash lands on an abandoned planet where the human population have been nearly driven to extinction by a either malicious race of Ratmen or a horde of Beastmen. Fortunately, there is a ship that they can escape in. Unfortunately, only Orres has the ability to get it up and running, so the remaining 300 human warriors and Team Archaeon have to buy time for him to get the ship running, which when fighting a seemingly unending tide of rats, one would think is nearly impossible. But fortunately the only way the Ratmen can reach them is a path that takes them between the edge of a cliff and a wall made from another cliff. From there, the gang and the human warriors will defend the path to the ship until Orress finishes repairs. But the question is will they last that long?
  • A mission featuring an Ork WAAAAAAGH!!! on an Imperial Mining world.
  • A mission based on D-day.
  • A mission that takes Team Arcturus to a planet full of Nurglite zombies, some of which Oddly familiar. They're leader is a powerful Daemon Prince known as "The Patriarch."

Endgame: Reunion between Father and Daughter, and the end of the Kabal of the Blackened Skeleton
  • The final mission for Team Archaeon, where they're sent on a mission to take down the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Blackened skeleton. The first time around they lose, and they only manage to escape to safety because Reiko holds the Kabalites back and gets taken prisoner. In the prison, she meets her dad, Inquisitor Lukas Suncrusher, who explains the reason he went missing is because he found the map to a powerful Superweapon the Dark Eldar intend to use. Team Archaeon meanwhile decides to go for another round with the Kabal and rescue Reiko & Lukas, and this time with help from Inquisitor Cross. As Cross's troops take on the cannon fodder, the team reunites with Reiko, and together the take down the Kabal's Archon. Their victory celebration is cut short however when Benjamin arrives to confront his father....

A partial list of who controls who.