Characters / Sidekick

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    Sidekicks, Supers, and other 'Good Guys' 

Eric Needles
The main character, who was adopted by Maxum Man and has to constantly cover for his Super's mysterious disappearance while trying to become a better sidekick.

Tropes associated with Eric:

Trevor Troublemeyer
Eric's friend, who isn't even the brightest in the Sidekick academy.

Tropes associated with Trevor:

Vana Glama
Eric's (one-sided) love interest.

Tropes associated with Vana:

Kitty Ko
Vana's friend, who has a secret crush on Eric that she's terrible at hiding (yet constantly succeeds).

Tropes associated with Kitty:

Maxum Brain

Maxum Man's computer, and the guardian of Eric while Maxim Man is gone.

Tropes associated with Maxum Brain:

Maxum Man

The Super that adopted Eric and suddenly disappeared.

Tropes associated with Maxum Man:

Golly Gee Kid

Maxum Man's former sidekick, who is now the school janitor.

Professor Pamplemoose

The cruel-hearted headmaster of the Sidekick Academy, a teacher at said Academy, and arch nemesis of Eric.

Tropes associated with Professor Pamplemoose:

Alan Amazing

The most popular and handsome student at the Sidekick Academy.

    Major and Not-So-Major Villains 

Mr. Troublemeyer/Master XOX

Trevor's dad turned super villain.

Tropes associated with the two:

Drillum Shakesbread

A unicorn-like creature who made Eric look like a fool in a school play.

Tropes associated with Drillum Shakesbread:


Mandy Struction

The youngest member of "The Destructions", a family of villains (later anti-heroes). She has feelings for Eric, but her parents forbid her from pursuing relationships with Good Guys.

Sensei Jimmy:

A Sidefu master that made Eric look like a fool in a Sidefu tournament.

Tropes associated with Sensei Jimmy: