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    Sidekicks, Supers, and other 'Good Guys' 

Eric Needles
The main character, who was adopted by Maxum Man and has to constantly cover for his Super's mysterious disappearance while trying to become a better sidekick.

Tropes associated with Eric:

  • Abusive Parents: According to one of the Funpak shorts, his late father repeatedly spat on him.
  • Acquired Situational Narcissism: After getting an action figure made of him in "Hello Dolly", Eric ends up letting his newfound popularity go to his head. It starts with him merely posing for photo shoots, and before the toys start attacking, Eric's soon wearing a crown, championship belt and has a polar bear holding him by the shoulders.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: When the original Funpak shorts were picked up for a full series, Eric was made cuter by virtue of the new visual style making him look less creepy. Compare this to his picture here.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He may be an doormat who's ultimately helpless to stop himself from suffering life's cruelties, but the rare times he's been evil portray him as a diabolical mastermind who happens to be capable of easily defeating anyone who gets in his way, only being prevented from doing so by his sheer bad luck.
  • Butt-Monkey: Some sort of terrible fate seems to befall him in every episode.
  • Catch-Phrase: Whenever Kitty does something creepy that happens to be related to him, he says "What?", and she responds with the same.
  • The Chew Toy: The universe seems to have it out for him, as he suffers some sort of horrible abuse or injury in almost every episode. He doesn't even get away on "Graduation Daze", as his accidentally destroying the diplomas leads to the school year resetting, and thus, the abuse starting again.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He may be a Chew Toy of the highest order, but he's shown to be surprisingly resourceful and smart when the situation calls for it, like in "The Henchman Challenge" where he manages to get Master XOX's minions to destroy each other with their own tanks, and in "Halloweenie" where he uses his new clown powers to defeat the costume shop wizard.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: His parents were killed in an amusement park accident.
  • Dating Catwoman: With Mandy Struction, Member of the Splitsboro Crime Syndicate, The Mass Destructions.
  • Depending on the Writer:
    • His relationship with Vana. Though he's usually a Dogged Nice Guy who chooses to ignore her her faults, some episodes like "The Bogey Man" and "The Short List" depict the two as bitter rivals, with Eric doing all he can to get one up on her.
    • How he responds to Kitty's advances tends to vary on whether he's oblivious or knows but doesn't return the sentiment.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: To Vana, at least when they aren't competing against each other.
  • The Eeyore: He can get pretty depressed whenever he talks about his life in the orphanage.

Trevor Troublemeyer
Eric's friend, who isn't the brightest in the Sidekick academy.

Tropes associated with Trevor:

Vana Glama
Eric's (one-sided) love interest.

Tropes associated with Vana:

Kitty Ko
Vana's friend, who has a secret crush on Eric that she's terrible at hiding (yet constantly succeeds).

Tropes associated with Kitty:

Maxum Brain

Maxum Man's computer, and the guardian of Eric while Maxim Man is gone.

Tropes associated with Maxum Brain:

  • Abusive Parents: He's perfectly capable of being verbally abusive to Eric, such as telling him he was always meant to be a clown (Eric was dressed as one) in "Halloweenie" or revealing he had always wanted Vana to be Maxum Man's sidekick instead in "The Short List". He's also tried to kill Eric with his sawblade hands on more than one occasion.
  • Big Good
  • Bollywood Nerd: Maxum Brain has an Indian Accent.
  • The Mentor
  • The Smart Guy: On occasions where he's joined up with the main team, he often provides rational guidence as a result of being both a robot and the only adult.
  • Surrounded by Idiots

Maxum Man

The Super that adopted Eric and suddenly disappeared.

Tropes associated with Maxum Man:

Golly Gee Kid

Maxum Man's former sidekick, who is now the school janitor.

Professor Pamplemoose

The cruel-hearted headmaster of the Sidekick Academy, a teacher at said Academy, and arch nemesis of Trevor's father.

Tropes associated with Professor Pamplemoose:

Alan Amazing

The most popular and handsome student at the Sidekick Academy.

    Major and Not-So-Major Villains 

Mr. Troublemeyer/Master XOX

Trevor's dad turned super villain.

Tropes associated with the two:

Drillum Shakesbread

A unicorn-like creature who made Eric look like a fool in a school play.

Tropes associated with Drillum Shakesbread:


Mandy Struction

The youngest member of "The Destructions", a family of villains (later anti-heroes). She has feelings for Eric, but her parents forbid her from pursuing relationships with Good Guys.

Sensei Jimmy:

A Sidefu master that made Eric look like a fool in a Sidefu tournament.

Tropes associated with Sensei Jimmy: