Funny / Sidekick

  • In Little Orphan Eric, when the gang decides to save Eric.
    Trevor: Let's go blow up an orphanage!
  • The episode with the superbabies where Trevor makes them his own army and wants Eric to co-rule with him or else. One baby uses his hammer toy on him and Eric scolds, forcing him to apologize. Then he steals the toy and bops every baby like a softball out of the way.
    • The above is from "Fart of Darkness". another is in the same ep; Kitty and Vana volunteer at the super kidnergarden and Eric and Trevor disguise themselves.
    Kitty: Awww, aren't you two chubby, haha. Maybe we should skip your afternoon cookies?
    Trevor (as they're walking away): You do, and I'll throw the biggest tantrum you've EVER SEEN!
  • Alan's Villainous Breakdown at the end of "News at 11:00 AM", proceded by Spanish ranting.
  • Trevor getting ripped in half by a pair of falcons, then both halves greeting each other. Then for the next two scenes he's visibly stitched together.
  • From the very first episode, Vana confronts Eric over never seeing Maxum Man, with Kitty saying she's seen him, as he was the best man at her & Eric's wedding. Vana's response is "Dreams don't count Kitty."