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Characters: Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
The Hurricanegers

Yousuke Shiina / Sky Ninja, Hurricane Red | Actor: Shun Shioya

Nanami Nono / Aqua Ninja, Hurricane Blue | Actress: Nao Nagasawa

Kouta Bitou / Land Ninja, Hurricane Yellow | Actor: Kohei Yamamoto

The Gouraigers

Ikkou Kasumi / Horn Ninja, Kabuto Raiger | Actor: Yujiro Shirakawa

Isshu Kasumi / Fang Ninja, Kuwaga Raiger | Actor: Nobuo Kyo

Other Allies

Ethereal Ninja, Shurikenger | Voice actor: Taiki Matsuno

Mugensai Hinata | Actor: Ken Nishida

Oboro Hinata, Mugensai's daughter. | Actress: Shouko Takada

Lady Gozen | Actress: Hitomi Miwa

The Jakanja Clan

Sandaaru | Voice actor: Shuichi Ikeda

Manmaruba | Voice actor: Takahiro Imamura

Chuzubo | Voice actor: Daisuke Gōri

Wendinu | Actress: Mio Fukuzumi

Sargain | Voice actor: Yoshinori Okamoto

Furabijo | Actress: Azusa Yamamoto

Satarakura | Voice actor: Bin Shimada

Tau Zant | Voice actor: Kiyoyuki Yanada

Bat Zhe Rhumba | Voice actor: Hironori Miyata

  • Big Bad: Of the Ten Years After special.
  • I Lied: To Yosuke about letting Tenkai go.
  • The Paragon Always Rebels: He was formerly an Earth ninja; one of the best, even. He then joined Jakanja.
  • Post Final Boss: To Hurricaneger as a whole. Jakanja is gone, but there's still this guy.
  • Sequel Hook: It is said at the very end that he returns every ten years...
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