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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Live-Action TV
Live action TV has had a number of moments where the casting has engendered excitement. Here are a few:

Shows with their own pages:

Other examples:

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: JEFFREY COMBS AS WEYOUN.
  • They're doing another adaptation of Sherlock Holmes? Another one? And it's going to be set in modern-day instead of period? Didn't they already try doing that back in the '40s? Wait... it's being created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss? MARTIN FREEMAN is Watson?? And BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH is Holmes? Holy shit!!
    • They're bringing in Mary Morstan and she's being played by Martin Freeman's partner Amanda Abbington?? Are there enough ways to say hell yes to this???
  • Jane Espenson (of Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, and Caprica fame) is on the writing staff for Torchwood: Miracle Day! As are Doris Egan, whom one may know from Dark Angel and House, and John Shiban, whom one may know from Supernatural and The X-Files.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent had two. After it was decided to bring in a second pair of detectives (due to D'Onofrio becoming clinically exhausted), it was announced that the second pair would have Chris Noth, reprising his role as Mike Logan from the original series. And recent trailers have revealed that the next detective on the show, the one replacing Logan, would be played by Jeff Goldblum.
    • And then, after D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe left the show in the 8th Season, Goldblum had an entire season to himself. However, middling ratings created a threat of cancellation, so he ended up jumping the ship and didn't renew his contract. So now what? Will they just stop the series? Wait...VINCENT D'ONOFRIO IS COMING BACK??? WITH KATHRYN ERBE??????? WOO-HOO!!! (and a nice inversion of Final Season Casting, to boot)
  • The new Knight Rider show has a fair share of haters, especially fans of the old series. But it seems like the producers were paying attention to the Transformers fandom and they have revealed an episode where a villain from the old series returns, KITT's Evil Counterpart KARR. To top it off, they also brought back the original voice actor for KARR, who is... yes, Peter Cullen. The show is still hated, but no one can argue that bit of casting.
    • Given that the new KARR looks more like Optimus Prime than the old KARR, one wonders if this isn't just a happy coincidence.
  • Family Feud, in the first John O'Hurley season, fashioned the set into an updated version of the classic Richard Dawson/Ray Combs set.
  • What's this? Million Dollar Password? Oh, they're just twisting the classic to fit in with today's big money shows. It's actually more like Pyramid and...Oh, Betty White is going to be on an episode? When's it on???? NO, NOT BETTY WHITE!
  • They're making The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a TV show based on the Terminator franchise, WITHOUT Arnold Schwarzenegger? - Hold on - they're replacing him with RIVER TAM!!!
  • Man, the third season of LOST has really sucked, what with Hydra Island and Bai Ling and Nikki and Paulo. BUT WAIT HOLY CRAP THE FLASHBACK WAS REALLY A FLASH-FORWARD!
  • The New York television station WPIX 11 is known for doing this a lot. Even as they became a partial O&O of The WB and later an affiliate of The CW (obviously having to use their programming as well as others that appeal to modern audiences; i.e. Jerry Springer, Friends reruns, etc.), they would often present nods to their past, especially for those who grew up with the station in the '70s and '80s. Among them have been: Honeymooners marathons on New Year's Day; a retrospective on The Magic Garden; the Halloween 2008 return of Chiller Theatre; and one of the most popular, the return of the Christmas Day Yule Log since 2001. For a time they used to have a prime time block of '70s sitcoms on Saturdays, and for their 60th anniversary, a marathon was dedicated to classic programs that used to be seen on WPIX.
    • Of course the most visible moment that caused celebration now would be the fact that the station has stripped itself of the "CW" logo and goes by "PIX 11" (complete with slightly updated version of the "Circle 11" logo it used in its heyday).
  • With Season 2 gone and done, and Season 3 scripts about three-quarters of the way through, Heroes was looking less and less like must-see TV. And then they rehired Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies as Writing Counselor. Yes, the guy who wrote the episode "Company Man".
    • And now we've gotten something even cooler: Heroes will return in a 13-episode series called Heroes Reborn! (No relation to the Marvel event).
  • Kamen Rider Decade worried the fans with the cherry red, plastic-looking costume for the eponymous hero. Then came the trailers showing practically every Rider from the 2000s involved in a single, gigantic battle against an unseen foe (It was the very virst scene of the series). Not to mention the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger crossover and the Kamen Rider Black RX arc (the latter complete with Tetsuo Kurata reprising the role of Kotaro Minami).
    • Five words: All Riders vs. Great Shocker. The rejoicing continues to pile up with each new bit of news, including the fact that Black and Agito will be played by their original actors (Note that the former was before the Black RX arc was announced). Those appearances ultimately amounted to nothing more than ending cameos.
    • Just recently it was announced that pop singer Gackt will be playing Riderman, whose original actor has passed on. The fact that Gackt is One of Us and has healthy respect for Kamen Rider means it counts as an ATFR.
    • Kamen Rider Double recieved a similar treatment. Many made gay jokes over the Fusion Dance aspect. But then they revealed a single detail about the suit that made the fans want in at the press meeting. A silver bifurcated scarf, just like the Showa era Riders.
    • The Heisei era riders are going to get novel sequels, with most getting the writers who worked on the shows directly involved. One particular delight is that one of Hibiki's main writers before the controversial ReTool is going to be working with the Hibiki novel.
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is now pulling what Decade did above, only with all 35 seasons of heroes. With a similar first episode. With almost every ranger ever. That's just under 200 rangers on screen at once fighting an enemy empire. That made the fandom forget that the yellow ranger would eventually find the power to transform into Big One.
    • Movie sounds good. But really old school rangers aren't going to get love because most of them are retired (aside of Kenji Ohba as Denzi Blue)...Akaranger and Big One? That's predictab — HOLY SHIT ARE THOSE GOGGLE BLACK, DYNA PINK, RED ONE and RED TURBO!?!? Cue Squees from old school fans.
      • AND not to mention a Battle Royale between an army of enlarged villains going up against every single Humongous Mecha in the series.
    • Here's a bigger one recently: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie!! Yes, you heard it folks, the original Metal Hero is back, in HD even and still with Kenji Ohba as Retsu Ichijouji! Keep your fingers crossed for perhaps a revival of the Metal Heroes franchise!
      • Because of the movie's positive reception, guess what? They are making a revival after all!
      • The better part? Sharivan and Shaider are in the movie as well!
      • What's that? New Sharivan will be played by Riki Miura AKA Gou Fukami/GekiViolet? New Shaider will be played by Hiroaki Iwanaga AKA Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth AKA Eiji Ishiguro/R5? This is just getting better and better.
    • They are even planning a Kamen Rider Vs. Super Sentai Crossover movie now!
      • And now they've confirmed a second one, this time involving the Space Sheriffs!
      • And there's now a third one, this time with focus leaning more towards the Riders. Sadly, though, the previous two movies used a lot of Fake Shemps, and this movie puts focus on every primary Rider, so it seems like once again, other than recent ones...wait, Faiz AND Kaixa? WITH THE ORIGINAL ACTORS? And hold on... Keisuke Jin, Kamen Rider X, is returning with his original actor?! And... so is Takeshi Hongo?!
    • Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger was a strange hit and, after the completion of the series many had wondered if there would be another season of the show. Come "Super Hero Festival", after the stage shows involving the Kamen Riders and Super Sentai, when Nobuo Akagi walks in, bemusing the boringness of the everyday life until the package he carried with him starts beeping, revealing his transformation device. Overcome with emotion, he tells the fans the good news:
    Nobuo: Hatte Saburo... said Akibaranger... WILL HAVE ANOTHER GO!
    [Screen turns on revealing "Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger 2nd Season Start!"]
  • With George R.R. Martin being personally involved, fans were quietly optimistic about the adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire. The first bit of casting news, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, was widely accepted as a perfect bit of dream casting. Then we get Sean Bean as Ned Stark. Yeah. It's perfectly OK to be excited now.
    • Then one of the last decisions to be announced: Ronon as Khal Drogo. Best. Casting decision. Ever.
    • Aiden Gillan from The Wire as Littlefinger has gotten a fair amount of squees.
    • Detective Boyle is King Robert? Awesome!
    • A lot of these moments happened as the show progressed:
      • Who the hell is this guy playing Syrio Forel? Syrio's bald, not an effemi...effem....OMG THIS IS SOOOOO AWESOME!!
      • Sarah Connor is Cersei Lannister? Really? Oh...WOW!
      • "I'm just worried about the child actors - you know what they can sometimes be cra...AMAZING."
    • One of the last roles to be filled: Tywin Lannister. Who do we get? Charles Dance. And he's a fan of the books.
    • Well, the first season is over, and it was AWESOME!! But the second season doesn't start till Spring 2012. NOOOOOOOOO..wait, THE MAN HIMSELF is writing the script for the Battle of the Blackwater episode? YES!!
    • Gwendoline Christie as Brienne. Though there are inevitably still some complaints that she's too good-looking for the hideously plain Action Girl, we can still be thankful that she's not some supermodel, and Martin himself approved of the casting. Now that pictures are out of Christie in costume, any and all doubts should be alleviated.
    • Natalie Dormer (from The Tudors) as Margaery Tyrell has sparked this sort of reaction, as well.
  • A remake of The Prisoner? Oh man, it's gonna be a lame Americanized hack job, etcetera...But then, Ian McKellen said..."Be seeing you". And There Was Much Rejoicing.
  • So we all thought for a while that Walking with Dinosaurs was just a documentary done in a Follow the Leader to Jurassic Park...until the GIANT DINO-DOLPHIN BURSTS OUT OF THE SEA AND EATS A LAND-WALKING DINO.
  • Gameshow Marathon is going to be hosted by Ricki Lake? RICKI F'N LAKE?!!? And C-list celebrities will be playing all the ga...oh wow, is that a recreation of the CBS Match Game set? And the NBC version of Card Sharks, going back to the ORIGINAL rules??? And the Big Board lives!
  • Michael Schumacher's coming back to Formula One? Oh fuck yeah, I'm watching again!
  • The average Discworld fan's reaction to the The Colour of Magic miniseries news. "Meh, that really wasn't one of his best books. And David Jason as Rincewind? Are they kidding? HOLY CRAP, JEREMY IRONS IS PLAYING THE PATRICIAN! TIM CURRY AS TRYMON! CHRISTOPHER LEE AS DEATH! THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!"
  • Oh, they're making a new superhero drama on NBC called The Cape. Eh, we've already got one superhero drama wait is that Keith David and is that Summer Glau and holy shit this is going to be awesome!
  • Glee was announced to be getting a second AND third season before its first season was even finished airing. Needless to say the fans were pleased.
    • The addition of Darren Criss to the cast excited a large portion of the gleeks.
    • Two fandoms rejoiced at once when it was announced that Joss Whedon was going to direct an episode. More rejoicing when it was revealed that Neil Patrick Harris was guest starring in the episode. YES PLEASE!
    • Idina Menzel guest-starring in Glee was a big one, but the rejoicing hit stratospheric levels once it was revealed that she WAS Rachel's birth mother.
    • Charice.
    • Kurt and Blaine finally, finally, FINALLY kissed! TWICE! That sound you heard was a million Klaine fangirls Squeeing. They Kissed was even a trending topic on Twitter within minutes of it airing.
    • The above was made all the more significant because fans thought they were getting let down again when Misery, which was thought to be sung to Kurt was just another Warblers number. The reaction: It's just going to be another UST-filled epi....holy shit! Blaine just said he wants to sing at Regionals with Kurt? He picked Candles as their duet? HOLY SHIT THEY KISSED!
    • The news that Darren Criss and the Warblers will be releasing an album of their own was greeted with multiple, ear-piercing squeals.
    • However there was an inversion for the first confirmed song of the prom episode. Friday.
    • No doubt quite a few will rejoice when they hear that Finn and Rachel WON'T be going through any more drama. Of course, half of them are genuine shippers and the other half is utterly sick of Finchel drama.
    • Remember one glee was renewed for two more seasons simultaneously when it first started? It happened again near the end of season four, with a fifth adn sixth season confirmed. The fandom was just as pleased as last time.
  • Well done, ''SVU. You've killed off yet another AD— hey, is that Alex Cabot? Boy, is Liv going to be pleased to see you!
  • Pretty much every announcement regarding the Live-Action Adaptation of The Walking Dead has gotten this reaction. First came the news that Frank Darabont, maker of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, two of the greatest films of The Nineties, was the executive producer, and was writing and directing the pilot. Then came the fact that Robert Kirkman was directly involved as a part of the creative team, including writing the fourth episode. And then came the trailer and the behind-the-scenes footage, which revealed that AMC is not holding back one bit on the violence.
  • Joss Whedon is making a new show! And it stars Eliza Dushku! she about to kiss a sexily scarred Amy Acker?! And she's wearing DOMINATRIX GEAR this episode? And she seems to have been School Girl Lesbians with SUMMER GLAU?!?!
  • Many people like to pretend Season 8 of Smallville didn't exist. Season 9 had mixed but better results. So people were a bit skeptical about Season 10....wait...Darkseid is the final Big Bad! The Suicide Squad! The possibility of Lex returning! Well okay I gue...huh...John Schnider AND John Glover are going to have guest roles! OH MY GOD, IS THAT THE SUPER SUIT!?. Yeah, this is gonna be awesome!
  • The news that Margaret Mountford would be returning for the interview episode in Series 6 of The Apprentice (UK) was greeted with widespread jubilation.
  • Wait, another superhero story on NBC? Yawn— Is that Keith David and Summer Glau? In the same movie? While the nerds of the internet go Nerdgasm in the corner, you can be damn sure there will be rejoicing.
    • Rejoicing, yes, but evidently this did not translate into anyone actually bothering to watch the show.
  • Fringe - Leonard Nimoy as William Bell. Anyone?
  • No more JJ or Prentiss on Criminal Minds during season six? And they're adding a new agent named Seaver who looks like JJ? Forget it, I'm done with this show...Wait JJ and Prentiss are coming back as regulars for season seven? Seaver was Put on a Bus? YES! YES! YES!
  • Fans of Whose Line Is It Anyway? were happy to hear about Drew Careys Improvaganza.
    • Wait, Whose Line? is being revived in the summer of 2013? Aww, Drew Carey's not gonna be hosting...but Colin, Ryan, and Wayne are guaranteed in every episode? Summer can't come fast enough!
      • ...wait, Laura Hall announced on Reddit that she and Linda Taylor are returning?!
  • The Australian series Underbelly didn't need to do this as it was already a smash hit, however there was a promo that introduced the characters...was that Tom Croydon?
  • BRIAN BLESSED is going to be in the new series of QI? On the Christmas episode? SIGN ME UP, PRONTO.
  • The rotation of guest announcers on Wheel of Fortune following longtime announcer Charlie O'Donnell's death. Almost everyone was pulling for Jim Thornton, since he was the only one who seemed to put any enthusiasm into his work. Finally, at the end of season 28, he was confirmed as the permanent announcer.
  • A television series of the book Good Omens...ehh...the film never happened and that was fortunate so perhaps th- Terry Jones is in charge?! YES!
  • They're making a new Cosmos...with Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  • A TV series of American Gods is being made, with Neil Gaiman writing for it.
  • Arrested Development is coming back for another season? Now I can die happy.
  • Billy Crystal's going to host the Oscars again!
  • The Closer is ending in summer 2012? OH NO! Wait...did you just say there's going to be a spinoff?? Starring Mary Mc Donnell as Sharon Raydor?? OH DEAR GOD YES PLEASE!!
  • FX is making an Anger Management TV series? Oh, god. It's gonna suck without Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. It'll be even worse because none of the original actors are reprising their roles and it's very loosely based on the movie, meaning no original plots or charac—WAIT!! CHARLIE SHEEN'S GONNA BE IN IT?!?!?!?!?! AFTER BEING FIRED BY THE CBS EXECUTIVES FROM TWO AND A HALF MEN?!?!?!?!?! EPIC WINNING.
  • For MLP:FiM fans: "I wanna give a big shout out here, out there, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic to all my bronies who may be watching."
  • From The Colbert Report: The Better Know A District series is coming back with Nancy Pelosi agreeing that, since Stephen Colbert threw his might behind the "Disclose Act", will encourage the Democratic Congresspeople to come on his show for the interviews.
  • Friends: This Ross and Rachel drama is getting kind of annoying, where's the love gone guys? Wait, is that Monica and Chandler in bed together?!? I've never thought about them before...OH MY GOD THEY'RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!
    • The writer's will probably screw with us again and break them up like Ross and Rachel. What? They're staying together? They're moving in together? They're GETTING MARRIED? True love does exist!
  • From The Cape: Summer Glau and Keith David? You mean we get River Tam/Cameron and Sergeant Foley/David Anderson/Goliath/Doctor Facilier on the same screen together? Hell yes. And Bear McCreary is doing the score!
    • Bear McCreary has more resources to work with, namely a live traditional studio orchestra to match the retro orchestral scores of superhero movies (which in themselves are retro homages to early Hollywood action movies, which in turn are inspired by late Romantic symphonies and tone poems). On Battlestar Galactica and Caprica he was fairly limited to whatever unconventional instruments he could find or play himself, which led to a much more musically unique (for US TV) soundtrack.
      • Perhaps a remnant of BSG, The Cape's theme opens up with a brief erhu (Chinese bowed instrument used frequently in the score to BSG) passage.
  • Man, it sucks that no Ultra Series has been officially released aside from the original and Tiga, and the former not to the Tsubaraya's approval and the latter is out of print... Shout Factory is releasing Ultra Seven?! Though Tsubaraya can't license it directly it's not through Chaiyo?! And it's coming out at the end of 2012?! Yay!
  • Primeval is being uncanceled in 2011 for two more seasons?! Hell yeah!
    • Jenny Lewis makes a cameo in 4.6? Awesome!
    • There's going to be a Tyrannosaurus rex and Liopleurodon in the fifth season? Hooray!
    • A spin-off series in Canada? A theatrical feature film in America?! YAY!!!
  • There's gonna be a Sequel Series to Boy Meets World and Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have signed on to return!!
    • And has been picked up for 2014!!!
  • Mac Taylor finally has a likeable,serious girlfriend on CSI NY AND he just told her he loves her onscreen? Yes!
    • The fandom rejoiced to hear Aiden was making an appearance after being fired, then a collective groan went out when she was Stuffed into the Fridge and only appeared in flashbacks.
  • Charlie is returning to Supernatural for another episode? HECK YES! Oh, and there's a new time travel episode this season! Those episodes are usually pretty good. Awesome. Wait, a character from the past is going to come to the present? Oh... okay. Wait. What? THEY'RE JOHN WINCHESTER'S PARENTS? YESYESYES!
  • The Tribe was an awesome show, it's such a shame they cancelled it after the cliffhanger that was Season 5...Wait, there'll be a sequel novel that continues the story? YES! There IS a god of bringing back quirky, obscure shows!
    • And now, five words: There will be a movie. To elaborate, it will be written by the director of the original series. The special effects in it will be done by the same company that created Lord of the Rings. And they are planning to release it in 2014. That sound you just heard was the collective squeeing of everyone who has ever asked; 'But where the hell did that boat go?' It is happening, people.
  • The firing of Dan Harmon and the ensuing hiatus had Community fans worried about Season 4. However let the fans rejoice by saying. COMMUNITY IS BACK AND IT'S JUST AS GOOD AS EVER!
    • Well...
    • Dan Harmon IS COMING BACK!
      • Unfortunately, it's seemed to come at a cost, as Donald Glover will only be appearing in 5 episodes of the fifth season.
    • Nathan Fillion is going to in Season 5!
  • Disney Channel pulling a "The '90s Are All That" on Wednesday midnights... We kid you not. Not to mention it was also right timing since it's the channel's 30th Anniversary. (Even though it's one show for a whole hour though, but who cares? It's the nostalgia that's important!)
    • And the 1st show aired that night? Even Stevens! Cue the big THANK YOU from oldschool Disney Channel viewers and fans.
  • Shame the 24 movie apparently is never going to get made... looks like we'll never get to see what happens to Jack Bauer after the series ende—- wait, what's this? A potential revival of it as a 12-episode limited series? OH YES, YES, YES!
  • The last seconds of "Something New", the How I Met Your Mother Season 8 finale. Why? Because we finally get to see the Mother's face after 8 frigging years, that's why!
    • A minute long deleted scene released in September 2014 reveals something we've all been waiting for: where that God damn pineapple came from!
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? is returning! Wayne, Colin, Ryan, Laura, and Linda are all going to be coming back!! Yes!!
    • Fans were a little miffed most of the fourth chairs didn't appear in Season 1 (except Jeff Davis), but Greg Proops showed up in season 2, they got excited.
    • Brad's returning too!
  • To celebrate the 4th of July in 2013, MTV did a marathon of music videos all day.
  • The CW announced that season 2 of Arrow will introduce Barry Allen, and through him, super-powers in the Arrow universe. But the real clincher is that it's an origin story/lead-in to The Flash's own spin off show!
    • Among the main cast is also going to be recent JLA fan-favourite Vibe, and Hartley Rathway, AKA Pied Piper! Awe man, be out already show, be out so I can watch you!
    • Trailer. Oh yes.
    • Captain Cold is confirmed, easing any doubts about Killer Frost replacing The Flash's traditional ice-based villain.
  • NCIS: Aw man, Ziva's leaving... but wait! Did she and Tony just kiss? Woo hoo!
  • After all these years, Batman is finally being released on DVD!
  • After 22 years, Win Lose Or Draw returns to Disney Channel!!
  • Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 were thrilled when RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic were created. Between the two shows, every cast member who ever played a main character during any season of the show is back in business riffing cheesy movies. Some fans still miss the robots.
  • NHK World's added on AT&T U-verse TV this around February 2014? That's really awesome!!!!
    • Oh, it's HD only then.
  • Hannibal is getting a third season! This also gives a lot of reason for Bryan Fuller fans to celebrate, since this marks the first show he's created to receive more than two seasons!
  • The ending to Once Upon a Time season three. Holy crap, is that Elsa?!.
    • Even better: the title of the season four premiere is "A Tale of Two Sisters", which means the Frozen-centered plot is gonna start right off the bat!
  • So Community has been cancelled before the #sixseasonsandamovie promise, the fandom is depressed and gloomy... Until YAHOO SCREEN FINANCES A SIXTH SEASON! WITH DAN HARMON! Now all we need is a movie...
  • Fans of 2006-2011-era Disney Channel were enthralled at the news that the Ensemble Darkhorse actress from Hannah Montana, Emily Osment, would star in a new sitcom for ABC Family, Young & Hungry, co-executive produced by Ashley Tisdale. More excitement happened when Tisdale posted a picture on Twitter while its first episodes were being filmed standing next to Phill Lewis, a/k/a Mr. Moseby note , on set, with news that he would be directing episodes, and still more good news when Tisdale made a special guest appearance on a Y&H episode.
  • Sam Raimi is working on an Evil Dead TV series? And Bruce Campbell is involved?! Groovy.

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