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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Arrow
  • The revelation that the producers consider Nightwing the holy grail of DC characters that they'd want for an appearance on the show. Whilst it's unlikely that it'll happen due to the Batman/Superman movie and Gotham, much like the The Dark Knight Trilogy keeping Bruce Wayne out of Smallville, that the producers want the character to appear was a source of rejoicing for fans.
  • Felicity, Slade and Roy becoming series regulars in Season 2.
    • Even the promotional posters with Felicity and Diggle standing front and centre beside Oliver were enough to get people excited about the season's apparent focus on Team Arrow.
  • The Flash series that will spin out of this show.
    • Better yet Three Ghosts ends with Barry getting his powers after being struck by lightning from the particle accelerator and falling into a bunch of chemicals.
    • Even better, after the series was confirmed to go to series, Stephen Amell announced he'll be appearing in the pilot.
  • The announcement that Summer Glau would be cast in season 2. Many are happy about this, although some are cautiously optimistic, given the 'Summer Glau Curse' and all.
  • Oliver taking up a Thou Shalt Not Kill policy pleased a lot of fans, especially those who didn't like his portrayal in the initial Huntress episode.
  • The implication in season 2's first episode that Ollie will start calling himself Green Arrow has a lot of people pleased.
  • Three words: Ra's al Ghul.
  • Oliver Queen is getting a mask.
  • Roy joining Team Arrow and starting on the path to becoming Arsenal or Red Arrow.
  • Amanda Waller got squees when she was announced, but when she approaches Ben Turner, offering to put him in a squad that she's forming, nerdgasms resulted at the prospect of the Suicide Squad appearing on the show.
  • The announcement of episodes titled 'Birds of Prey' and 'Suicide Squad'.
  • Harley Quinn received a cameo in "Suicide Squad", to the delight of fans everywhere.
    • Also, Deadshot's daughter being introduced got many Suicide Squad fans excited, since she does add depth to his character.
  • Malcolm's return in the penultimate episode similarly got a very warm reception. And the day after the Season 2 finale, he became a series regular for Season 3!
  • Also coming up in Season 3: Katana, a more traditional Count Vertigo, and Ray Palmer/Atom!
  • Also-Also in season 3: Sara Lance/Canary is coming back!
  • Also-Also-Also happening in Season 3? Roy Harper is becoming Arsenal!
  • Also4 in season 3: Freaking Ra's al-Ghul is making an appearance; as the Big Bad!
    • Although nothing's been confirmed yet, several fans began growing excited when Liam Neeson stated that he'd be more than willing to play Ra's again.
  • Also5 in season 3: We meet Felicity's mom. This news was met with a nice reception, including the implication it will dovetail with a dive into Felicity's currently-undertold backstory.
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