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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Doctor Who
  • The news that Christopher Eccleston, a high-profile "serious" actor, had been cast as the Doctor for the new Doctor Who series — prior to this it was worried that the new series would merely be a campy, slightly snide over-parody, and previous casting rumors hadn't helped matters. So much so that when it was announced that he was quitting after one season, many fans didn't take it at all well.
    • And then cue his successor, David Tennant, to much the same effect. Including the fans not taking his departure at all well.
    • And HIS successor, Matt Smith, won over most of the western hemisphere with his wiggly hand movements in an interview.
    • Seven Words: Malcolm Motherfucking Tucker is the Twelfth Doctor. The Daleks, Weeping Angels, The Silence, the Beast, the Midnight Entity and every bad guy from the Master to Davros to Lumic to Sutekh just simultaneously shit themselves in fear.
      • Essentially every time a new doctor is introduced in an episode. Or an old one.
    • And that stunning subversion that revealed John Hurt as the War Doctor- a Doctor that already saw his day in the spotlight but would be kept hidden for a good reason- he renounced the name "Doctor". "The Name of the Doctor"... incredible cliffhanger! There was a whole other Doctor which we had never known about. And just like that, so much potential to talk about the Time War.
  • Preceding the announcement of Smith as the new Doctor was the absolute shitstorm of win kicked up by Steven Moffat accepting the job of showrunner. There will be much awesome and subsequent hiding behind couches.
  • This trailer seems to be swinging quite a few of the unconvinced into Eleven's corner. The WEEPING MOTHERFUCKING ANGELS probably didn't hurt. Is it possible to be both a moment of fandom celebration and collective pants-wetting at the same time? Many seemed to be sold by Matt Smith saying 'Trust Me, I'm the Doctor.' And if that didn't work, "Basically... run." did.
  • And now the 2011 season has a Fandom Rejoice moment: Neil Gaiman has confirmed having written an episode for said season. AND HE'S WRITING ANOTHER ONE! With revamped Cybermen no less and they look great!
  • Mark freaking Sheppard is guest-starring. Mark. Sheppard.
  • And for you Big Finish fans, guess who's back?
  • It's confirmed - Jo Grant's going to be back in the Whoniverse.
  • There is absolutely no description for the amount of this created by the announcement that Elisabeth Sladen would be returning to Who proper as beloved Classic companion Sarah Jane Smith. And then the cries got louder when she got her own show - a show that would see the return of the above-mentioned Jo Grant and Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier.
  • A survey of fanzines from 1988 show great rejoicing when the by-then-hated producer of the series, John Nathan-Turner, was reported as having left the series; this ended up being a premature report and Nathan-Turner ended up staying in charge for the show's final year in 1989, which no doubt led to the polar opposite of fan rejoicing in some quarters.
  • There was rejoicing in fandom when it was announced Rose Tyler would return in Series 4. A lot of them changed their tune after her return.
  • Season 7: The trailer. Rupert Graves. Mark Williams A.K.A. Arthur Weasley is playing Rory's dad? Ben Browder of Farscape is showing up in Season 7 as well. Niiiiiice. Fan favorites Madam Vastra and Jenny will be returning.
  • The 2012 Christmas Special is already hyped up due to Clara, Vastra and Jenny and Strax; but a recent announcement had the fandom rejoicing. Ian McKellen is voicing the titular snowmen.
  • The Zygons were mentioned. Steven Moffat always knows how to tempt us with old monsters!
  • Each discovery of a Missing Episode sends shivers of excitement up the spines of Classic Who fans, who rush to check if it's Episode 4 of The Tenth Planet (the first ever regeneration). They are invariably disappointed, but one day we shall get it back. Yes, one day...
    • And while we wait for that day to come, in the meantime they have announced that The Tenth Planet will be the third story to have its missing episode animated for the DVD-release. Sure, it's not as good as actually getting the original episode back, but pretty awesome none the less.
  • Whenever a country outside of Britain decides to air Who within the day of the British broadcast, there's generally much celebration.
  • David Tennant is coming back for the 50th Anniversary!
  • The Ice Warriors' return in Series 7 made the fans really happy. It helps that their comeback episode features David Warner as well.
  • "The Name of the Doctor" did this and raised anticipation for the 50th anniversary with just six words:
  • The mini-episode "The Night of the Doctor". Holy shite, Paul McGann! Not only that, but certain names mentioned now indicate that Big Finish Doctor Who is now officially canon!
  • Wait, in "The Day of the Doctor" we get to see ACTUAL FOOTAGE of the Last Great Time War? OH MY GOD! WE FINALLY GET TO SEE ALL OF IT!
  • Tom Baker is in "The Day of the Doctor"!
  • "No, sir. All thirteen!"
    • And just in case, here are the reactions from some of the fandom. A dawning realization followed by intense screaming/geeking out and staring with absolute joy at the sheer awesomeness that is that scene.
  • Books have been part of Doctor Who since the show started, and if you couldn't watch the series a lot or couldn't watch it at all, you could just read the novels in your bookshop and still experience the Doctor's adventures. Unfortunately, before the 50th Anniversary, New Who bookworms interested in the Classic Doctors could not get their hands on Classic Who novels, as they were out of print. Then this was announced.
    • It didn't stop there-next year, this arrived. Even more rejoicing ensued.
    • And then a book about the War Doctor was released. As in a proper chronicle of the vaguely spoken about Time War. Finally, someone took a stab in the dark and a piece of the war has been bridged!
  • A minor one, but on the 2nd October 2014, the BBC released a mini-trailer promoting the fact that the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff will be reopened later in the month, it having be closed to change footage from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi. But it wasnt just any old mini-trailer... the fans were presented with this... [1]
    • For those who can't watch the trailer for whatever reason, the under-30 second long trailer simply shows the Seal of Rassilon within a black void, as a voice narrates that they are speaking from the 'final days of Gallifrey' as they ask for the Doctor's help, before pre-filmed footage is shown of the Twelfth Doctor in the original, Nine and Ten's and the Eleventh Doctor's console rooms! But the spoiler exists because of who the voice belongs to; it isn't just any old Time Lord asking for the Doctor's help... it's Romana!

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