Creator / Catherine Tate

"All the funny stuff's down to Catherine Tate. I'm just her bitch."

Catherine Tate, born in 1968 as Catherine Ford, is a British comedienne. Having played guest roles in The Bill ( who hasn't in the UK?), her big break came with The Catherine Tate Show. Her most notable character from that was schoolgirl Lauren, with her Catch-Phrase "Am I bovvered?"

Her next well-known role was playing Donna Noble in a well-received Doctor Who Christmas Special in 2006. She was brought back in 2008 as a full-time companion of the Doctor, and ended up becoming a fan-favorite character thanks to her truly excellent performance and her character's much-needed Character Development.

She had a similar experience with the American version of The Office, first making a guest appearance in the final episode of season 7 then returning in season 8 as a major character.

After playing bit parts for the Royal Shakespeare Company in her younger years, she returned as a leading lady in 2011, playing Much Ado About Nothing's Beatrice opposite longtime friend and former Doctor Who co-star David Tennant. She's also joined the cast of DuckTales as iconic villainess Magica De Spell, once again playing opposite of Tennant.

Tropes associated with this actress include: