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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Warrior Cats
Permission to fangasm is granted.

While the vicious broken base of Warrior Cats usually tears the new releases of the series apart, that doesn't mean that the announcements haven't been met with great rejoicing. Indeed, there are plenty of announcements made about the series that tug at the hearts of the fanbase.

Due to this being an And the Fandom Rejoiced page, nuke-like cleanups do not apply here.
  • The Warrior Cats fandom rejoiced once when it was announced that Night Whispers would at long last have the perspective of a cat from another Clan (not counting Moonrise in which the cat wasn't with the forest Clans at the time). Then they rejoiced again when it was a ShadowClan cat. Then a third time when it was Flametail. They also rejoiced at the reveal of Mapleshade, the series' first female villain, which was long overdue, as over 20 main series books plus several Expanded Universe books were out at the time.
  • The existence of Browse Insides. Before them, insight into the next books were limited to a few preview chapters the fanbase may or may not have received. However, Browse Insides let you read the entire first quarter of the book. For free. Up to a few weeks before it comes out. You can imagine how well received they are.
  • The Omen Of The Stars audiobooks were already fairly popular, but then a member of the fanbase managed to figure out who the reader was. It was Veronica Taylor, first voice of Ash Ketchum. Yes, Harper Collins was that good.
  • The Graystripe manga got poor reception among the fanbase due to most cats looking similar and the fact that it cost more than a Super Edition to obtain the whole story. Then the next manga was announced to be a stand-alone story that revealed the origins of Scourge, one of the most popular villains in the series.
  • The announcement that the third Super Edition would focus on the "Early Clan Days" was pretty popular. Unfortunately, the book ended up cancelled.
    • Yes, but that was because the authors decided to write a whole SERIES around said 'early clan days.' Needless to say, that announcement generated quite a lot of joy, too.
  • The actual third Super Edition being SkyClan's Destiny. SkyClan was extremely popular in Firestar's Quest, so a sequel to that Super Edition was a fanbase-pleasing announcement.
  • SkyClan and the Stranger
    • A manga continuing SkyClan's story. Seeing as SkyClan was still fairly popular, and SkyClan's Destiny left several loose ends, the series was a great announcement.
    • The eponymous stranger turned out to be none other than everyone's favourite Magnificent Bastard Sol. Sol meets SkyClan. There was no way it could go wrong.
    • Also, not only was Sol in the story, but the manga took place before Eclipse. Yes, a manga on the origins of Sol.
  • Night Whispers
    • Back before Fading Echoes was even released, Kate Cary let the fact slip that there was going to be a point of view from a cat who wasn't in ThunderClan. To add to this already rejoice-worthy announcement, it was later revealed to be Flametail, ShadowClan's Ensemble Darkhorse medicine cat apprentice.
    • Night Whispers was met with approval when it was revealed that the book would feature the first ever true female villain in the series, Mapleshade. Not only that, but it would also feature the return of Thistleclaw, the villain of Bluestar's Prophecy, making it a true celebration of all that is evil.
  • Sign of the Moon
    • It was mentioned that there would be "unexpected kits" in Sign of the Moon. The shippers went wild with this.
    • Hollyleaf fans got one with this book. The Forgotten Warrior was confirmed to finally reveal what happened to Hollyleaf, leaving a long wait before they could see her again. Then the Browse Inside showed Jayfeather and Lionblaze investigating Hollyleaf's death and unearthing secrets about her. As well, pre-release spoilers revealed that Ivypool meets a cat who is strongly implied to be Hollyleaf.
  • The Forgotten Warrior
    • The title's announcement. Seeing as it could refer to both Hollyleaf and Cinderheart, fans went wild as they waited for the plot events that many books had been leading up to.
    • After leaving fans hanging with the title, Vicky finally stated, "Yes, this book will reveal what happened to Hollyleaf." Yes.
    • After years of cryptic hints and dodging the question, Vicky was asked by a fan on the Official Forum if Hollyleaf was still alive. Her reply? "Yes."
    • The Forgotten Warrior also had the announcement that Sol was coming back, after being missing from the main plot for four books. Hollyleaf and Sol? As Jayfeather stated in Sign of the Moon, "The Power of Three has arrived."
    • From the preview chapters, the lines, "I have returned. Let vengeance begin." The fans were ready.
  • The Last Hope
    • The book was announced to feature the battle between StarClan and the Dark Forest, and it was said that it would take a great deal of the story. Fans who were hungry for the battle were ready.
    • The cover and title received this, pumping up the fans for the final battle.
    • Several of the questions answered on Vicky's Facebook:
      • When it was asked who would die, she replied, "So. Many. Cats." This set off plenty of excited fans.
      • After she said that there would be several significant deaths, setting the stage for Anyone Can Die on a stage the series had never seen before.
      • After nearly a year of crazy fan guesses, Vicky finally narrowed down who the fourth was to a list of ten names on a fan discussion. Not only that, but the list continued the five most popular fourth cat choices (Firestar, Hollyleaf, Ivypool, Cinderheart, and Breezepelt). Vicky banishing the stupid theories and giving such a major hint to the fourth was met with approval.
    • Brightheart having more kits, due to the popularity of cute kittens.
    • The enhanced edition. An e-book filled with bonus information that costs only one dollar more than the regular edition? And it even has exclusive videos of Vicky? Do want!
    • The book being extra long, combating complaints that the other Omen of the Stars books were too short.
    • The reveal that the SandXFireXSpotted love triangle would finally get a conclusion, was seen as long overdue and greatly appreciated.
    • The preview chapters that came with Hollyleaf's Story revealed the return of Brambleberry, the fan-favourite medicine cat from Crookedstar's Promise. Her fans were ecstatic.
    • From the book proper: nearly all of the ThunderClan cats from the first arc got a cameo. Hey there, Whitestorm, Lionheart, and Runningwind.
  • Dawn of the Clans
    • "I was really excited for the Early Clan Days super edition, but it looks like that won't happen now. I suppose I'll just read the fourth and final arc. Wait, the Erins are doing a fifth series? And it's about the Early Clan Days instead of carrying on with the story of Firestar's kin? Take my money right now!"
    • The fifth series was revealed to have "no special powers", relieving all the fans who didn't like that aspect of Power of Three and Omen of the Stars.
    • After the series was announced, the fans called it "Dawn of the Clans". Then the actual title was revealed as Dawn of the Clans, thrilling the fanbase.
    • Vicky revealed that the series would have the other Clans playing a role on par with ThunderClan, which made fans of the other Clans thrilled for the series.
    • The title of the first book being The Sun Trail. Whatever it means, it sounds awesome!
    • The series was already looking great, and then the cover of The Sun Trail was revealed. The gorgeous art most likely caused a lot of fans to need to change their pants.
    • Book three is called The First Battle. As in, the fight from Secrets of the Clans. Oh hell yes.
    • And the protagonist of The Sun Trail? Yeah, he's apparently Graywing the Wise from Battles of the Clans. And it has Lion's Roar and Half Moon showing up.
    • The Sun Trail's Twist Ending of Thunder. Many bricks were shat and there was much rejoicing.
  • Code of the Clans featuring the names of fans on Warriors Wish. Vicky's involvement with the fandom knows no bounds.
  • The online game will evoke this, whenever it's done.
  • No Erin Hunter chat was announced for Summer 2011, leaving fans of Vicky's bombshell announcements saddened. Then it turned out that Vicky was going to be visiting the Official Forums on July 27th, and she would be answering questions. The response was great.
  • Warriors: The Ultimate Guide. Like Cats of the Clans, but with 40+ new character profiles, all the old ones, and short stories as well. And the first announced short story? Bramblestar's Nine Lives Ceremony, which was cut from The Last Hope. Did I mention that it's made to celebrate the Warriors 10th Anniversary, and it comes with a poster?
  • Vicky recently announced on her Facebook page that another Super Edition was in production. Its title? Bramblestar's Storm. You know those people who wouldn't stop whining that they wanted closure after the Wham Episode that was The Last Hope? Yeah, we won't have to worry about them anymore. Also, we'll get to see Squirrelflight finally being awesome again, so there's that.
  • The covers of the first two Dawn of the Clans books are fairly lackluster. But what's this? The cover of The First Battle? Could that be Tall Shadow on the cover? And is the art not awesome. Ohstarclanyesyesyesyes... Courtesy link
  • After years of being a minor character, Firestar's father Jake is a major character in Tallstar's Revenge. And will be explicitly referred to as Firestar's father. Hell. Freaking. Yes.
    • From the excerpts and Browse Inside: Holy crap, is that Mothflight? Quince is in this? And Nutmeg finally gets an official description of her appearance? Oh hell yes.
  • The fourth novella is called Tigerclaw's Fury, and will center on his days exiled from ThunderClan, when he was bringing ShadowClan back from the brink of death. Insight into the mindset of the books' greatest villain during his most epic achievement in life? Yes, please!
  • Warriors Official Forum related:
    • Dawn of the Clans forum? Harper Collins does care after all!
    • Erin. Hunter. Book. Club. Readers get to have their questions answered by the editors of the series, and sometimes even the authors themselves!
  • Kate's working on the 2015 Super Edition! Oh yeah!
  • Dawn of the Clans 4 has been announced as The Blazing Star! Yeah! And could it involve Mothflight?
  • The first Erin Hunter Book Club Q&A with Erica is essentially one long "Hell yeah!"
    • Thunder Rising will still feature Gray Wing as a P.O.V. character! Fans of Gray Wing, rejoice!
    • Later Dawn of the Clans books will be showcasing Gray Wing's nature as The Strategist in badass new action sequences. Hell yes.
    • You know how Kate Cary said that River was showing up in The First Battle? Well, apparently he's actually showing up in Thunder Rising, and the bonus scene is about him! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
    • Mothflight might be getting a Super Edition.
    • Clear Sky confirmed as a point of view character in future Dawn of the Clans books.
    • The Ultimate Guide will have an update on a fan favourite character Ravenpaw. After so many years of his absence, we will finally learn what happened to him!
  • There's a Warriors commercial playing on TV. The Warrior Cats tag on Tumblr exploded.
  • Dawn of the Clans 5 has been announced to be A Forest Divided! Also, covers for Bramblestar's Storm and The Blazing Star have been revealed, and they are adorable.
  • A new field guide appears? Tales of the Clans is coming in 2014!
  • River was enough to hype people up for Thunder Rising, but diligent fans abusing the search feature in official leaks have revealed some other characters joining the cast. Look out for Lightningtail, Mothflight, Pebbleheart, and Owleyes/Owlstar, because they're about to make their main series debut!
  • The 2015 Super Edition has been confirmed. It's Mothflight's Vision. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dovewing's Silence and the 2014 novella paperback will be released on the same day! Less waiting!
  • Clear Sky is confirmed to get a point of view in The First Battle! Awesome!
  • The next e-book is confirmed to be titled Mapleshade's Vengeance. The fanbase exploded.

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