Creator: Masi Oka

Japanese-born American actor, comic, and special effects artist (and pianist. And kendo practitioner. And director. And probably something else we've forgotten). Now also makes video games.

Has played several noteworthy characters, including:

Tropes associated with Masi Oka

  • Adorkable: Has a tendency to play characters who are this. With his admission that Hiro's personality is a lot like his own with just a little extra excitability and naivete, it seems this is at least partly due to being adorkable himself.
  • Asian and Nerdy: Hiro and Max are both major nerds, as is Masi himself.
  • The Cast Showoff: Hiro uses swords, Franklyn sings in Japanese, and Max plays the piano. Why? Because Masi already has the skill.
  • Catch Phrase: Hiro's "YATTA!" has become a bit of a rallying cry in the fandom. His Japanese fans are known to run up, shout "Yatta!", bow, and then scurry off.
  • Character Tics: According to him, it's a way of adding humor; any time you can make a character's actions identifiable, you have something to play with. Thus we have Hiro not only constantly pushing his glasses up by the bridge, but also throwing his arms in the air (usually while shouting "Yatta!" but sometimes while shouting other things), and squinching up his face as tight as he can while using his powers. Often got Lampshaded or otherwise gently poked fun at.
  • Dawson Casting: He doesn't look his age, so his characters are usually about a decade younger than him. Hiro was 24 when Oka was 32, and while Max hasn't been given a specific age, it's implied he was born in the 80s, compared to Oka's birth year of 1974. Sonny is 28 in the present-day of the film compared to Oka's actual age of 37, but he also plays teenage-Sonny in flashbacks and a current photo is used for his high school graduation picture.
  • Identical-Looking Asians: Subverts the trope, because the fact that fans recognize him from behind surprises even him, as he knows the trope exists.
  • Improv: Is a member of Second City and has spent a great deal of time trying to bring improv to Japan with them; he's also done some work with other improv groups.
  • Interchangeable Asian Cultures: He once played a Chinese man in Without a Trace. His characters are often prone to deal with this issue as well.
  • One of Us: Hiro's pop culture references are as much Oka's doing as the writers', and Max dresses up as a Keanu Reeves character in every Halloween Episode.
  • The Smart Guy: He has an IQ above 180. Max is likewise introduced as a savant, and Hiro is a level three programmer.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Hiro liked waffles (woohoo!), and Max likes pancakes. He says his next character will like scones. Also doubles as a Genius Sweet Tooth.