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  • Arc Fatigue: The 2016 Raw brand chapter of her feud with Charlotte. The feud started in late June before finally ending in December. It was a feud many fans had long grown exhausted of and waited for it to simply end and for both women to move on from each other. The feud had been continued by means of rematch clause after rematch clause because the two kept on trading the WWE Raw Women's Championship between each other like it's a hot potato with Sasha winning on Raw episodes and pay-per-views being treated like some odd unbreakable form of home field advantage for Charlotte. As of the 'end of the line' at Roadblock, the two traded the title six times. This means that Sasha was a three-time champion and Charlotte a four-time champ, just over a year after both debuted on the main roster, before the belt itself was even a year old.
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  • Awesome Music: Her "Sky's the Limit" theme, and her old theme, "Fastest Girl Alive".
  • Base-Breaking Character: While still widely liked by the wrestling community, a lot have criticized her main roster run as being highly underwhelming, with most complaints going to her promo skills (as a face) and her ring-work, the latter which has been reckless enough that she had to actually give up the belt for a couple weeks so she could rest up and heal up a few injuries. Fans are also split on whether her Heel–Face Turn is a good idea — as The Boss character is essentially a heel and gets watered down as a face. Others argue that it would be impossible to book Sasha as a heel, which WWE tried to do at first but fans just cheered her anyway. Despite detractors, she is still beloved by a large amount of fans for what she's done for women's wrestling in WWE. It's also unclear how much of this is to do with Arc Fatigue in her feud with Charlotte.
  • Broken Base:
    • Sasha's promo in which she seemingly led the crowd into thinking her injuries had worsened and she would have to retire only to attack an interrupting Dana Brooke and reveal she was just fine and was coming back for her belt. Some people think the promo was fine, and are happy that Sasha is back already in the WWE but others (including some actual WWE workers) felt it was tasteless, especially when just a few months ago WWE had a legitimate promo by Daniel Bryan being forced to quit wrestling due to prior injuries. For a heel (like with Mark Henry) this may have been fine, but Sasha is a face, making her look cruel for fooling her fans into thinking she was retiring. There's also the fact that much of the promo was a revolution lecture akin to the oft-reviled mistakes of the previous year which even fellow Horsewoman Becky Lynch acknowledges, and Sasha even praised heel authority figure and massive Hate Sink Stephanie McMahon as the one who "made the women's revolution a reality" when many feel Stephanie's personal introduction of the NXT women set the stage for said mistakes and thus held them back.
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    • Another camp isn't exactly happy that Sasha herself has become the sole spokeswoman or mouthpiece for this change. It was the collective work of the Horsewomen (her, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch) that got women's wrestling recognition in the first place. Diva Dirt writers also took exception to Sasha's line — "no more bra and panties, no more two-minute matches, no more stupid butterfly title" — pointing out that Sasha herself had never wrestled in such matches or held the Divas' Championship. Others are fine with it, since WWE has historically had the champion or top face speak on behalf of the division.
  • Character Rerailment:
    • A lot of detractors emerged for Sasha in 2016 during her feud with Charlotte — thanks to questionable booking, Sasha's character getting watered down, numerous promos referencing Eddie Guerrero and a downright bizarre segment where she pretended to retire to pull a sneak-attack on Dana Brooke. In the summer of 2017 when she feuded with Alexa Bliss, she was back to winning most of her matches, subverting Good Is Dumb and managing to come across as edgy without being bitchy.
    • After a disappointing 2018 in which her face character had largely become irrelevant and uninteresting, to say that Sasha definitively returning to her heel character the following summer was a welcome change would be an understatement.
  • Designated Hero:
    • Sasha's face turn in 2016 begins with her attacking Becky Lynch following her loss against Charlotte, before attacking the Flair. Before this, Sasha was an Alpha Bitch who is Not So Different to Charlotte who treated everyone around her like shit and was allied with fellow heels, Naomi and Tamina. In addition, she retained her Alpha Bitch tendencies and is not above using Eddie Guerrero's tactics against even Face opponents.
    • As mentioned above, Sasha announced a fake retirement after an injury before revealing that she is faking it to ambush Dana Brooke. While this normally works for a heel like Mark Henry did in 2012, remember, Sasha's a face.
    • Her feud with Bayley throughout 2018. It was Sasha who threw the first stone by betraying Bayley during the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. During the latter event, she even smiles smugly when she does it. Yet it was Bayley who was often portrayed as the villain of the feud, having abandoning Sasha during tag team matches, commentators calling her out for her for her childish grudge and Bayley who after being mocked by Sasha for the last time, throws her temper against her.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To Kevin Owens. The two have, at least in WWE, longstanding histories with a lovable underdog babyface character (with Bayley in this case playing the role of Sasha's Sami Zayn) that, for better or worse, often dictate most of their storylines and booking. Also, each had an initial run of success not long after debuting only to be oddly pushed down the card and locked out of the title scene.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Because of how Badass Adorable she is, her quality of work and moments of pure emotion, and the breath of fresh air she represents for female wrestling in WWE, it is SUPER EASY to forget that this chick plays one of the nastiest, most arrogant, most malicious heel competitors in the entire business.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: A huge favorite among NXT Divas on Diva Dirt. She also seems to be popular with the NXT live audience; see Rooting for the Empire. Despite not being in the title picture upon her main roster call-up, she had gained a enormous fanbase to the point where she was arguably one of the most popular people in all of the company, male or female. "WE WANT SASHA" comments became so incredibly common during any Diva's match not featuring her that Sasha herself pinned a tweet on her Twitter page that read: "Be so good they can't ignore you." This pop alone shows how well-liked she is.
  • Ethnic Scrappy: A leaked video from a promo class saw Sasha playing a snobby character that talked in a ghetto accent — which would have raised a lot of eyebrows given WWE's long story with racial characters. She turned heel and played the character without the accent.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: "SASHA'S RATCHET!" note 
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The 'ratchet' chants came from Diva fans mocking Sasha for how cheap her gear and hair extensions looked. These comments have become incredibly uncomfortable once Sasha revealed how poor her family was growing up and how she was frequently bullied over it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • She claims she was homeschooled — as in went to school online. So it's rather interesting that a homeschooled girl ends up getting corrupted by an evil blonde and turning into NXT's biggest Alpha Bitch. Sound familiar?
    • Maybe this or Harsher in Hindsight depending on your perspective. Her excitement about being the face of the Women's Evolution, how there would be no more Bra and Panties matches and the women would all be serious wrestlers now, etc., culminated in the historic first Women's Hell in a Cell match between her and Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women's Championship…in which the face-in-peril/stretcher spot booking Sasha received was widely panned as starkly inferior enough to some of the same spots in previous men's Cell matches that it did more to play on her "injury prone" reputation and make her look bad than to add drama to the main event, the numerous failed attempts at table breaks marred the flow of the match as well as its finish, and Sasha was increasingly wedgied (no pun intended) into an accidental Ms. Fanservice as her tights got pulled up as the proceedings went on whenever Charlotte needed to pull on her tights for a throw.
  • Les Yay:
    • With Bayley who since their feud on NXT has become something of a Morality Pet for Sasha. In contrast to the grudging respect Sasha has for Becky, Bayley is the one who can easily bring out Sasha's softer side. Sasha sincerely hugs Bayley in tears after her Women's Championship win, and the two hug enthusiastically when Bayley appears at Battleground to help her out. Once Sasha admitted after beefing with Bayley for at least half of summer 2018 that she still loved her the whole time, many fans took it as a sign of the arc taking a lesbian turn.
    • Even Becky and Sasha had this during their Team Bae days, from celebrating Christmas and their own version of the Slammy's together to suggesting they get couples counseling after Sasha won the NXT Women's Championship because Becky had been avoiding her phone-calls.
  • Mis-blamed: Sasha had to go on record to say that despite her disdain of the 'Diva Era', her dislike was entirely of the booking and degrading things the women were forced to do — and not the women themselves.
  • Narm:
    • The period of time when every Sasha promo seemed to mention Eddie Guerrero to the point people had dubbed it Eddiesploitation 2.0.
    • There have been jokes made about how the bottom half of her wrestling outfit looks like a diaper.
  • Never Live It Down: In 2017, a mistimed kick from her worsened Paige's neck injury and forced her to retire. Sasha is not fully responsible, but outrage ensued on social media about it and Banks, the deliverer of that kick, has basically become a pariah. For what it's worth, Sasha was probably more upset about it than anyone else.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Despite being a blatant heel, Sasha had about half the NXT crowd in her corner due to their admiration for her in-ring talent. There were just as many people (if not more) who wanted Sasha to win the NXT Women's Championship as there were who wanted Charlotte (who was playing the role of the face in the feud) to retain.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Her reigns as Raw Women's Champion. Having held it four times, each one of them never lasted longer than 27 days. Many have criticized the Raw creative team for being lazy and not knowing what to do with Banks. Even Sasha herself has outright stated her frustration of the short reigns (also explicitly saying that she'd rather be on the Smackdown brand).
    • EVERYTHING about her 2018 storyline with Bayley. Having been drawn out since the spring of 2017, many have given up hope of it ever being of any interest due to it never escalating into a feud. As of December 2018, it seems like the dissension between the two has been eradicated entirely.
  • Unfortunate Implications: It was noted how, despite Sasha's obvious popularity, her trio, Team B.A.D. was placed in the Hufflepuff House stable in the 'Divas Revolution' storyline... which just so happened to be composed of a mixed-race woman (Sasha), a black woman (Naomi), and a Samoan woman (Tamina), while 5 out of the 6 women that composed the other two trios (Team PCB and Team Bella) were white. Likewise while she has broken out of the Minority Show Ghetto in terms of fan reactions, it took her suspiciously long to get her push — and far longer than her relatively unknown contemporaries (Charlotte and Becky Lynch were still developing their characters when they got their title pushes). Exasperated with her three short title reigns on the main roster, effectively killing her momentum and credibility — in favour of a white competitor. And the next person pushed was Bayley who — while she's Latina — looks much whiter than Sasha.
  • What an Idiot!: Surprisingly caught a case of this at WrestleMania 32. She walked into the Women's Championship match being serenaded to the ring by her cousin Snoop Dogg and wearing gear inspired by that of her hero Eddie Guerrero, and one of her opponents, old friend Charlotte, has been notorious of late for having her father Ric Flair at ringside constantly engaging timely interference to help her retain her Divas title. Yet does Sasha do anything to neutralize Ric Flair, or even ask Snoop to keep an eye on him and get the jump on him if need be? No; Snoop immediately retreats to the back after the musical performance never to be seen again, and the closest we get to Sasha doing anything about Flair at all is to hold him in place to get taken out by a Becky Lynch over-the-top cross body which he soon recovered from. Naturally, the finish involved Charlotte making Becky tap to a Figure Eight to remain champion with the new title — as Ric held Sasha's legs to keep her from entering the ring to break it up. Sasha clearly learned from this by the time of her title shot on the first Raw of the "new era" brand extension. Dana Brooke had replaced Ric as Charlotte's interference buddy, and being a woman, Dana was free to do direct damage against Charlotte's enemies in ways that Ric couldn't. When Dana tried to do such damage to Sasha, Sasha pulled an Eddie Guerrero by tossing her the Women's Championship belt and falling to the floor, at which point the referee turned around and ejected Brooke. With the match now purely one-on-one, Sasha was able to extract the championship gold away from Charlotte via Bank Statement.

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