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Heartwarming / Sasha Banks

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The Boss and Hug Connection.
  • In her post-match interview after winning the NXT Women's Championship, she remains in character at first. Then Renee asks her "so what are you really feeling down here?" (points to her heart). Sasha bursts into tears and admits that she's wanted it since she was 10 years old. Have a watch.
  • The segment where their Iron Man match is announced. She says that she's been told that her match with Bayley was not only the match of the night, but the best women's match of all time. Her voice cracks as she says this and it's clear she's barely trying not to burst into tears at the emotion of the situation.
  • And how about the aftermath of her and Bayley's Iron Man match? The entire NXT roster comes out onto the stage to applaud. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Sara Del Rey present her with flowers as the crowd chants "thank you Sasha". She falls to the floor because she's so overcome with emotion. And many fans immediately admitted that the moment made them well up with Manly Tears.
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  • Additionally during the Iron Man match, Sasha had gotten Cheap Heat by yelling at Izzy, a young Bayley fan at ringside. Izzy had been reduced to tears by the intensity of the match. Apparently after the show ended, Sasha went up to Izzy and gave her the flowers Triple H had presented her with.
  • Sasha finally winning the WWE Women's Championship from Charlotte after a seventeen minute match on July 25, 2016, with the crowd fully behind her. Even Charlotte, the top heel of the women's division, broke kayfabe upon seeing Sasha lift the title.
    • After her match, Sasha gets in touch with Bayley (who she had teamed up with the night before at Battleground against Charlotte and Dana Brooke) to celebrate their victory.
  • After her match at Wrestlemania 37 a fan got footage of Sasha selling her injuries after losing her title to Bianca Belair watching the new champion celebrate with a huge grin on her face.

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