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  • Accidental Innuendo: One of the samples in "THIS IS HDM" is "This is how we BANG!"
  • Awesome Music: It's a Rhythm Game. Awesome music is mandatory. If you've played a lot of older Dance Dance Revolution games, many of these artists will be very familiar to you:
    • DEEP PURPLE, which is based on the system BGM for crossbeats REV. Naoki's still got it.
    • Touch Of Gold by Togo Project, one of the first songs you can play in CROSS×BEATS. A good mellow song for beginners.
    • EMERALD♡KISS (link) and HONEY♡SUNRISE (link), continuing jun's lineup of Lucky Charms Title happy hardcore songs. Do not be fooled by how cute and Sweet Dreams Fuel these songs are, much like jun's contributions to DDR, they have some of the hardest charts in the game!
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    • THE SUN by Tatsh, featuring his signature rapid-fire synths, a great reward for players who climb to 1,500 Rank Points in crossbeats REV. SUNRISE.
    • L'espirit by Cosine, a fast-paced boss song with a Master chart that will require you to move your hands very quickly. The cost to buy it is very steep at 10,000 RCnote , but it is so worth it.
    • Otherside by Taishi, an easy trance tune that's both unnerving and mesmerizing.
    • THIS IS HDM by Relect, a catchy hard dance track with some incredibly fun charts.
      This is hard dance, baby!
  • Fandom Rivalry: Fans of Dance Dance Revolution don't look kindly upon this game, and long for the days when NAOKI was at Konami and doing DDR-related things. This seems to be a one-sided rivalry, as CxB fans don't seem to mind DDR much.
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: crossbeats REV. had a poor launch in Japan, partly due to being overshadowed by the CHUNITHM. In the United States, it had a more successful pseudo-release, which was acknowledged by Naoki.
  • It's Easy, So It Sucks!: The original crossbeats REV. has only five Challenge Mode courses, with many players complaining that Class V, the hardest course, is still too easy and not representative of the game's hardest challenges. Recitified in crossbeats REV. SUNRISE, which adds Classes VI and VII.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • crossbeats Resort Anthem.Explanation 
    • Don't get 200 combo on "LINK LINK FEVER!!!"Explanation 
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  • Most Annoying Sound: Your partner's "MISSION CLEAR!" in crossbeats REV. and old-interface SUNRISE. Normally it would be a Most Wonderful Sound, but given that new players will trigger a lot of "first time doing xyz task" missions and playing a song you haven't played before will trigger a mission clear every time, it becomes "MISSION CLEAR! MISSION CLEAR! MISSION CLEAR! MISSION CLEAR!" in practice. Fortunately for those who dislike hearing it, the Monster Hunter Frontier Z event introduced two Felynes as partners who are completely silent, but if you didn't earn at least 18 event stamps to get at least one of them you missed your chance.

    In contrast, CROSS×BEATS only shows a single Mission Clear window after any song that shows all of the missions you just completed, and without KANATA screaming in your ears about it. The SUNRISE update also consolidates all of your cleared missions for the stage into one screen, and you only have to hear "MISSION CLEAR!" once.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • In the original crossbeats REV., Challenge mode uses the Survival gauge and clearing any songs will mark them as Survival clears (unless you've already gotten Ultimate clears on them) and apply the relevant RP bonuses. In crossbeats REV. SUNRISE, Challenge mode uses a special Challenge gauge that's between Survival and Ultimate...but songs cleared in Challenge mode do not get any clear status applied to them, despite clearing them on a gauge that's harder than Survival.
    • Jackhammers are problematic for players as they look like one note at first, only for the perpendicular lines that accompany the notes to remain on-screen while subsequent arrows travel towards the note, often resulting in needless missed notes for players who haven't memorized these patterns yet. Newer charts often fix this by having subsequent notes' lines in a jackhammer pattern be slightly offset in angle from the previous note.
    • REV. uses a capacitive touchscreen (which only responds to skin and a specific few other types of material, much like smartphone screens) rather than an infrared one like many other touchscreen arcade games do, which unfortunately means if you decide to put gloves on (to avoid the problem of friction damaging your fingers on Flick-intensive charts), if they don't have capacitive material they will not work for the game.
    • The speed adjustment setting is not the actual multiplier for arrow and note appearance speeds. The values do correspond to multipliers, but the actual multipliers are not described in-game or in official supplemental material. This makes setting your speed a small matter of trial and error; sure, you can tap the displayed speed setting in mid-song to change it, but you'll likely miss notes as you do so.
  • Special Effect Failure: Failing a song on a Survival or Ultimate Life Meter causes the game to very abruptly cut to the Game Over screen, with no real transition from the gameplay interface.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: It's Tone Sphere or Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan with X's and old-school BEMANI musicians, at least in terms of basics; the charting style is about as un-OTO/EBA/osu! as you can get, however.
  • Surprise Difficulty: As in Bemani games, don't let the cute and happy nature of jun's songs fool you; the two songs of hers that are on the default songlist also have some of the hardest charts on said songlist!
  • That One Attack: The refrain to "Miiro" on Master has some polyphonic patterns that you wouldn't expect to see in a level 58 chart. Thankfully, they don't last very long.
  • That One Boss: In SUNRISE's Challenge Mode, "kinboshi" on Master is the last song of the Class IV course and is regarded as enough of a threat that some players consider Class V to be easier. Apparently, Naoki and pals took lessons from "THE SAFARI".
  • That One Level:
    • "Satellite System ft. Diana Chiaki" in crossbeats REV. is infamous for its extremely awkward rhythms, and its Master chart served as the final stage of the Class V course in Challenge Mode until crossbeats REV. SUNRISE got new Challenge Mode courses. Most players generally give up trying to learn the song naturally and just study videos of players clearing it instead.
    • The Master chart of "EMERALD♡KISS" is rated an 85, making it the hardest song on the default songlist. It doesn't look too bad at first, and then it starts throwing out polyphonic patterns that will surely drain out the meters of many players who haven't mastered them yet.
    • "DAZZLING♡SEASON"'s charts often reuse guidelines to trip up players with repeat notes, forcing one to learn the charts by heart.
    • Almost any song with dramatic changes in tempo, due to scroll speed being dependent on BPM * speed multiplier. "Amateras" and "Power" have slowdowns partway through, while "QLWA" and "Pursuit ~ Last Promotion Version (crossbeats REV. Arrange)" speed up near the end. Granted, you can change scroll speed in mid-song, but you have to consciously tap the speed indicator and adjust the slider in the middle of the chart.
    • "MEGALOMAN[i]A -2nd IMPACT-", the first Extra Stage song in REV. SUNRISE 2017. Its Master chart is the first and only chart in the series to be rated level 99, and it shows, with its many tempo changes and tight Flick streams. Oh, and you have to play it on Ultimate gauge. You know, the gauge that subtracts on anything lower than a Flawless and can easily kill you in mid-combo? Good luck! It's quite telling that even Class VII players with over 2,200 RP can earn a 97% clear rate on the song and STILL finish with their life in the Critical Annoyance zone!
    • An odd case lies in "LINK LINK FEVER!!!" due to the Fanservice image of Linka that shows up at 200 combo, potentially distracting many players.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • The unlock requirement for "Blue Destiny Blue ETERNAL" in crossbeats REV. A select few players in Japan received the song, and for other players to unlock it, they have to match with someone who has the song, play the song, and clear it. It's worse if you're playing at a Round 1 USA location, as there's the matter of an entire ocean separating you from Japan. Some players on both sides of the Pacific have managed to coordinate getting the song to the US (by way of having a Japanese player lend their account to someone in the US using a fresh BanaPass or SEGA Aime card), but even then, it's still a hassle to spread the song to other Round 1 locations when the number of Round 1's in the US per unit of area is far lower than the density of arcades in Japan. Oh, and if your local arcade only has one REV. cabinet, you can't unlock the song at all.
    • Unlocking Unlimited charts in crossbeats REV. For licensed songs with Unlimited charts rated level 69 or less, the unlock condition is to get an S on the Master chart, and for Unlimited charts for licensed songs rated 70 to 79, an S+ on the Master chart. Challenging conditions, but at least there's room for mistakes. For charts rated 80 and above, as well as all non-licensed songs with Unlimited charts, however, you need a Full Combo on the Master chart, which means a single lapse in focus can completely botch an unlock attempt. Somewhat alleviated in crossbeats REV. SUNRISE, where you can use Premium Play to give yourself up to four instant-retries per credit.
    • "THE SUN" is regarded as one of the best songs in crossbeats REV. SUNRISE, however it is also one of the hardest to unlock, as it requires earning 1500 RP, a feat that can only be performed by getting Ultimate clears with very high clear rates, which are best obtained with Ultimate Full Combos, on songs around the level 60-90 range. And it is very possible to Ultimate-fail a song even without missing a note, simply because you got too many Cools or even Supers.
  • Underused Game Mechanic: crossbeats REV., unlike the original CROSS×BEATS, lets you raise your scroll speed setting above 5.0, up to 8.0. Even though C×B continued to be updated until June 2018, it never raised the scroll speed cap like REV. did.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Most of the generic background videos make some degree of sense, but of note is the generic video for "cute" songs that consists of a Ferris wheel...thing...with an eye in the center and donuts for gondolas.

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