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Western Animation / Springtime for Pluto

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If you remember this short, she's probably the main reason.
Springtime for Pluto is a 1944 Disney cartoon starring Pluto the Pup.

The Spirit of Springtime brings spring with him as he frolics about, waking Pluto to the joys of the season of life. Pluto wanders through the forest admiring songbirds and mimicking jumping lambs before landing into some brush and scaring a family of quails. As one of the quail chicks flees from him, Pluto mimics it as well by running after it in a caricaturizing fashion. The quail stops as it hears deep singing coming from an underground burrow, which reveals itself to be a caterpillar singing in a high-pitched falsetto. The quail attempts to eat the caterpillar, but the aid that Pluto offers the quail ultimately does more harm than good as it ends up causing the quail to get stuck in the burrow. The caterpillar kicks the quail out of the burrow and offscreen then digs another tunnel out behind Pluto where he proceeds to climb up Pluto's tail and start singing in a deep voice again. When the caterpillar reaches the tip of Pluto's tail, he lassos a silk strand to the end of the tail, jumps off, and rapidly spins himself into a cocoon. Pluto shakes the cocoon out of curiosity before it starts moving as the caterpillar emerges, but now as a humanoid, female butterfly. Pluto is enthralled by her beauty as she proceeds to entertain him with some sexy dancing, which inspires him to mimic her. In her dancing, she had used a water droplet as a ball, so Pluto finds instead a beehive. The bees get angry and attack Pluto, forcing him into a patch of poison ivy. As he scratches himself, he lands in a patch of goldenrods and starts sneezing. Then it starts to rain, and then to hail, followed by a lightning storm, causing the terrified Pluto to run back to his now dilapidated doghouse. When the Spirit of Spring comes by again, Pluto, in a vengeful rage, chases him down, thus ending the short.


Has nothing to do with Springtime for Hitler.

This cartoon provides examples of:

  • Ambiguous Gender: The caterpillar who first seems to sing with a deep voice, which is later revealed to be a gag because it was underground and its voice was echoing through the tunnel, because once it emerges, its voice is very high-pitched and falsetto. However, during its Transformation Sequence, it again sings in a deep bass, though its mouth is never shown to move in sync with the words so its questionable whether the caterpillar is even singing the song at this point. However since when it finishes its metamorphosis and emerges as a very sexy latina butterfly, this could be a case of female all along or a Gender Bender, in which case it is most certainly an Attractive Bent-Gender.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: At the end of the short, the narrator either sneezes because of hay fever (just like Pluto) or because he has caught a cold from the bad weather. Or, it could from his nose being clogged, as his voice throughout the episode sounds nasal.
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  • Butterfly of Transformation: Quite literally, and to an extent, its use symbolizes the return of life after winter.
  • Cameo: The Spirit of Spring looks an awful lot like the satyrs from Fantasia
  • Gender Bender: Implied with the caterpillar, who has masculine appearance and voice pre-transformation, but looks very feminine post-transformation.
  • Humanoid Female Insect: The butterfly looks less like an insect and more like a human woman with wings and antennae.
  • Wakeup Makeup: When the butterfly emerges from her cocoon, not only does she have dark purple eyeliner and lipstick, but she is also fully clothed with a frilly magenta dress and matching strap-heels (before the transformation, the caterpillar was naked except for gloves and shoes).


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