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Both Series:

  • If you are in a position where you're regularly forced to make irreversible, world-changing decisions, don't get too hung up on the consequences. If you screw up or something goes wrong, eventually one of your reincarnations will make things right.
    • In addition to fighting wars, horny teenagers can and should be left alone with zero adult supervision as much as possible because even Child Soldiers need to get laid before they might die by either an adult or another horny teenager.

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

  • Abused male villains are perfectly capable of turning good. Abused female villains are irredeemable monsters.
  • Remember, kids, murder is wrong, but Mind Rape is a-okay!(True though but only when doing it to harmless people)
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  • Murder is wrong, unless it's a random mook off-screen. In which case, fling them off tall walls to your heart's content.
  • If you’re a pacifist, but it seems the only way to stop an evil person is to kill them, there’s no need to resolve this ethical conundrum. Divine intervention will create a third option, solving the dilemma for you.
  • It is wise to choose love over power, especially when it's at the expense of many countless innocent people. You'll find some other way, and you don't even have to actively work for it.
    • Or rather love is completely worthless as it's only holding you back from to saving the world.
  • Climbing into a giant bison's mouth is perfectly safe! It's not like he'd accidentally swallow you or anything.
  • Not only is it okay to betray someone who loves you, but then later visit them in their prison cell, beg for advice then throw a hissy fit when you don't get it. They'll hug you and forgive you without a moment's thought in the end if you cry enough Manly Tears!
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  • Punch people to show your love for them. It's endearing!
  • Fraud is both fun and profitable, and anyone who says otherwise is just being an old stick-in-the-mud.
  • It's OK for 12-year-old kids and only 12-year-old kids to fight on the front lines of a world war. They're probably orphans anyway and if not, their living parents are probably assholes, so it's NBD.
  • If you give your enemy a second chance he'll only use it to stab you in the back.
  • Killing a man to take his throne is a power grab that will taint your reign, but killing a woman to do the same is A-OK.
  • Throwing away the sacrifices of thousand, if not tens of thousands, of your countrymen's lives is perfectly acceptable if it's your son that dies this time.
  • Retiring after a lifetime of imperialist generalship to serve tea to the enemy nobility of the peasantry you tried your best to kill or enslave is in no way tacky.
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  • Repeatedly press your little sister's Berserk Button especially when it's sexist. It may very well free The Messiah and save the world.
  • Poaching is wrong. One of those animals may be God's pet and God will kill you and everyone you love if his babysitter/girlfriend doesn't calm him down in time.
  • A play depicting a grown man killing a group of children is hilarious especially if one of those kids has already been killed by another grown man.
  • Keeping up with prodigious rival is impossible unless her mental stability is undermined.
  • Escape from the Spirit World: Don't even bother trying to make up for your past mistakes by settling down and turning over a new leaf. They'll come back to haunt you and you'll lose your loved one. That'll teach you to enjoy life during a time of peace!
  • The Promise: When in a position of leadership, the best person to ask for advice is the person you forcibly removed from said position.
    • If you don't agree with the advice of your mentor, permanently cut him off from your life.
  • The Search: Don't be to hard on your mother for abandoning you and your sister (who developed severe mental issues as a result of said abandonment) with your abusive father so she can be with her real loved ones.

The Legend of Korra:

  • It's perfectly logical to raise the Messianic Archetype away from society so that she has no clue how the modern world works.
  • It's perfectly okay to persecute an entire race of people because of what one dickish member did to you as a child... or if someone Kentucky Fries your mother/wife.
  • All human institutions, be they governmental, corporate, or NGOs, are either malicious, inept, or both. Counter-cultural forces are no better.
  • Spirits are always better than people, even as they basically hunt humanity to the verge of extinction and force them to live on giant turtles. Unless it's the spirit of the bastardised western notion of Yin, in that case he's bad.
  • It's more than perfectly okay to ignore your children if they aren't the Benders you were hoping they'd be and not take them on vacations and other trips that have nothing to do with teaching your Airbending child your culture. In no way will this cause resentment to the other children.
  • It's more than perfectly okay to exile yourself from the world and all human contact, especially from your own family, because your youngest daughter broke the law.
  • You spent the last three years working for a crazy dictator? No worries, your friends and family will all forgive you and give you a second chance if you defect, apologize and offer to assist in bringing your former boss down.
  • Confronted with a person with clear emotional/psychological trauma? Thrash them around and tell them they're not really important to the world, act bitter when they don't get it and accuse them of using the trauma as a crutch to not get better. That'll restore some confidence in them. In addition to this, having them mentally relive the traumatic experience in the first place is a great healing tool.
  • The two people you were involved with in a messy love triangle will fall in love with each other. Alternatively, you are so bad at dating that people who had a hard time dating you will have an easier time dating each other, regardless of any animosity they may have had in the past.
  • Its completely wrong to seize power in order to restore order and unite a heavily fractured country that is descending into anarchy. You are much better off staying holed up in your small secluded city.
  • The best person who can help you with your severe mental trauma is the person who caused it.
  • If you're a businessman who hired someone to torch a Cultural Center to ignite a war, built a doomsday device that puts holes in mountains, and constantly mistreat your most loyal employee, you can still be one of the more beloved people so long as you act like Cave Johnson. Hell, the people you tried to screw over will even come to your wedding!
    • Also it's okay to be totally oblivious to said loyal employee's affection towards you while you constantly give orders to her. But if you propose to her, you can get back in her good graces.
  • Blood is thicker than water. If you turned your back on your family to wage war, they will immediately forgive you. Your fiance however will be punished.
    • Also if your spouse is a dork, don't name your first-born after them, especially if they're identical and especially if you have other kids with more meaningful names, thus more interesting personalities and powers to match. Said first kid will hate you for basically being a clone, hook up with his adoptive sister and fanatically make the world pay for it!
  • Blackmail your boyfriend into helping you with a suicide mission to save your imprisoned family by saying that if he does this, you'll be together again. Just keep your end of the bargain and no-one will say a word of reproach.
  • Anyone working towards social equality or otherwise trying to right some problem in society is in reality an evil bastard that must be beaten done by the protagonist. Or more simply, change is bad!
    • Also, the best sign that a seemingly well-intentioned person is corrupt is if the son of a top dog dislikes them.
  • You're responsible for creating an infamous Secret Police? No biggie, only you hold yourself responsible, posthumously. You turned an entire peninsula into an island to avoid a warlord? The now-islanders will worship you for generations and the only one village will hold a grudge and even then easily forgives you after they put your reincarnation on trial. However, what the same world that literally put you on a pedestal and named numerous places and honors after you won't forgive is its Goddess having girlfriends to the point of giving your next female incarnation serious Gayngst over it.
  • Don't look both ways before crossing the street or even better, come out of a blind spot when you jaywalk! You might just meet you future girlfriend, meal ticket to the lap of luxury and if all else fails, a future girlfriend for your other future girlfriend!
  • It's ok to be a tyrant responsible for possibly one of the largest kill counts by a humans in history with a laundry list of war crimes if you're the same gender and look similar to The Messiah (as everyone will repeatedly point this out) as said Messiah will not only save your clumsy ass from your own lethally stupid mistakes when said Messiah's had/would kill for less, but will also have a nice Come-To-Me talk with you in a garden. The world (read: narrative) will consider you so cool and sympathetic just for having the Mommy and Daddy Issues numerous people have had throughout history even when you've been willing to murder your own fiancé to kill your enemy, which even the genocidal terrorist you and said Messiah have fought wouldn't do! People may frown around you, but only your adoptive near-mother-in-law/adoptive mother will really hold a grudge, but so what? She was sitting at home with her head in the sand until you finally came back home with all the friends you made that think you're cool and she just needs to get over it.

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