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The Rainbow Dash episode will be called SWAG.MOV
  • Tying in to that, the Pinkie Pie episode will be called PARTY.MOV
  • Or even SMILE.MOV

Rainbow Dash and Apple Bloom will return as zombies.
Note well at the end credits of the episode where they die that there's a Rainbow Dash episode coming soon. How else is Rainbow Dash going to return for that? The large shot of the graveyard showing all of the dead characters in Jappleack's Tumblr serves as Foreshadowing that this may indeed happen. It's also possible that Zecora, who has yet to make any appearance whatsoever, would bring this about.

Also notice that on the youtube page, the silouette of Rainbow Dash seems to have a worm coming out of it, and a damaged skull.

  • Word of God has revealed that the next installment, MAGIC.MOV will involve Twilight Sparkle trying to raise the dead, making it likely that this WMG will be confirmed.
    • Except it doesn't work. For now, averted.
    • There was a preview shown at Equestria L.A., and after being poked with a stick a bunch by Spike, a dead Rainbow Dash wakes up and they both scream.
    • Confirmed as of SWAG.MOV.
Rainbow Dash would be a Dead Pony Puppet in SWAG. Mov

If nobody succeeds to raising her from the dead first, this'll probably happen. Just like in Weekend at Bernie's.

  • Averted. She's alive.
Rainbow Dash's episode will be a Whole Episode Flashback.
Showing How We Got Here in the first place. Jossed.
Discord will be Hoist by His Own Petard.
At the rate things are going, everyone's going to stop being a threat to him by the last episode by virtue of being dead — but that's no fun for him! So in a case of Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!, he'll try to victimize everyone further by bringing them back to life — cue this biting him hard in the tail.

Discord will have completely destroyed all of Ponyville by the end of the series
As an alternative to the above, by the end of the series when everyone is going home after a normal day in Ponyville, everyone is dumbstruck to find the entire city crushed.

Discord was brought to Equestria from the Apple Dimension when Applejack ate all the apples.
This would nicely tie the first episode into what seems to be the continuing plotline.
Luna will return from the moon and save everything.
I honestly don't see this happening, but I also wouldn't be too surprised if it did. I mean, Celestia is dead, Rainbow may or may not be returning as a zombie, Fluttershy is in an insane asylum, and Jappleack is in the canon universe. That leaves us with 3 ponies to use the elements, and I'm either going with this or a crossover with the real series, or as said below, Friendship is Witchcraft to end the Discord conflict. Alternatively, Nightmare Moon will help to destroy Ponyville with Discord, the Demon, and the RD-5000.

Rainbow Dash's ghost will possess Spike in her episode
Which also ties into the idea of Spike being the new Rainbow Dash.

Although the possession is not confirmed, Rainbow Dash is indeed a Ghost according to Paco's Twitter.


"The ghost of Rainbow Dash viseeted me last night! She took a beeg ghostly dump on my bed. Does anyone know how to clean up ectoplasmic poop?"

SHED.MOV takes place at the same time as DRESS.MOV.
Why not? Twi was looking for the Elements of Harmony and was busy being stuck in Rarity's mail slot at the time. Spike, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie had all been left to their own devices and DRESS.MOV was the point where Fluttershy started saying "Stay out of my shed" and Discord started attacking the city. At the very least, it seems likely that SHED.MOV takes place during Rarity's "generous beating".

Cerebus Syndrome will hit at the next video.
Considering the one of the recent(As of this typing on March 3, 2012) Jappleack Tumblr. It only makes sense if the remaining videos became darker and serious, with little to no (darker) humor.
  • The next video will apparently involve Twilight trying to raise the dead, so this may be the case.
    • Jossed, the next video was just as zany.
The PONY.MOV world will be wiped out by a Zombie Apocalypse
And ironically Jappleack will be the only one spared.
  • Given how Jappleack ended up in the real show's universe, you might be on to something.

Jappleack did not go into the canon universe

She went to the universe of Friendship is Witchcraft and was brought by one of Pinkie's portals or Lord Smooze.

The whole PONY.MOV universe is canon Discord's Revenge Fic

Given how everyone's flaws are gigantified and Discord turned so far to be a completely Invincible Villain, it's possible, right?

  • Plus it is really chaotic and makes no sense.
  • The final episode should reveal this with one of the mane six asking who is responsible for their dystopic lives and then cut to Discord writing the fanfic a la the ending to Duck Amuck. "Ain't I a stinker?"

Each of the Mane Six (and Spike) represents a cardinal sin
  • So far, Applejack would be Gluttonynote , Rarity would be Slothnote , Fluttershy would be Wrathnote  and Twilight Sparkle would be Pridenote .
    • Rarity would be more of Greed due to her demanding more dresses to be made for profit.
    • Rainbow Dash would be Lustnote .
    • Pinkie Pie would be... we'll have to see.
    • Jappleack is Gluttony, Rarity is Greed, Fluttershy is Wrath, Spike is Sloth, Twilight is Pride, and Rainbow Dash is Lust. Going by this, I guess Pinkie Pie would be Envy.
      • That's bound to be a WMG by itself. "How will Pinkie express envy?".
      • She's apparently obsessed with getting attention. This could potentially lead to Envy. And mixed with the below...I guess this has been confirmed.
    • Confirmed to somewhat of an extent. On Ask-Jappleack a Creation Myth is told by Applejack to Applebloom. In it, the six Titans of Harmony—Honesty, Kindness, Loyalty, Generosity, Laughter, and Magic—raise and lower the moon for the ponies of Equestria. However, the Titan of Magic suspects that there's a traitor in the mists. She is correct, in that the traitor is Appleox, the Titan of Honesty. Appleox disposes of the other Titans by eating them after being consumed with Gluttony.

The attempt to defeat Discord will fail
  • Considering how Applejack's in the Friendship is magic Equestria, Rarity has been possibly beaten to death, Rainbow Dash is dead (For now), And Fluttershy's in a asylum. That leaves on two ponys to use the elements of harmony. and Celestia is dead
    • If Paco's twitter is any clue, Rarity is still alive and running her dress shop.
      • Of course, it's unlikely that she'll do anything to help.
      • According to Spike in PARTY.MOV, she's being held captive by Mexicans.

The Elements of Harmony are hard to find in Equestria because they're not there anymore.

The final silhouette is not Rainbow Dash, but Derpy re-stitched.
  • Considering that the attempt to resurrect Rainbow Dash failed and there is only one other dead pony with that kind of hairstyle...
    • Jossed.

The PONY.MOV universe is the MLP equivalent to Bizarro World.
  • All the same names for the ponies, completely out of character; dysfunctional and lax, the total inverse of the series this spawned from! This universe's equivalent to Discord isn't a kooky monster using reality-warping magic for kicks, just a mindless force of destruction.
    • Going by Ask Jappleack, you might be on to something.

Discord is not the result of a mistake in Jappleack's Alternate History, but instead travels across dimensions.
  • Recently in the blog, the exact reason Discord is attacking Jappleack's Ponyville was called into question. Discord possesses the ability to shift across dimensions, and thus was able to access the alternate reality that the PONY.MOV series takes place in. Eventually, he will gain enough power to return to canon Ponyville, and then will become a major plot point in the Ask Jappleack Tumblr.

Discord and the monster Twilight accidentally created will be destroyed by the Holy Titans of Harmony Canon!Applejack worships.
  • Either that or they ARE the Titans out to destroy the corrupt .MOV universe.
    • Jossed in that only one of the Titans still exists, and that they sent Discord and the other monster.

Jappleack did not go to the real Equestria.
Despite the lack of mature content and the similar art style there are a few things that point to that world not being the true Equestria.
  • Applejack's religion: The closest thing the show has to religion is everypony's reverence towards the Princesses. There is nothing like these "Holy Titans of Harmony" in the show. Nor is there any religion vs debate as demonstrated by Twilight.
  • Twilight's holographic PDA is a bit too advanced to fit into the usual Equestrian schitzotech.
  • During the Ask Applejack segments Applejack seemed a little too kid friendly for somepony who had just employed a shovel to knock another unconscious.
  • Not knowing what death is doesn't make sense as there has been an on screen funeral so obviously ponies still die, if not by chainsaw and giant monster feet.
  • Clearly she landed in the bowdlerized mirror to the real Equestria!Prime.

The Planes, all of them, sprang forth from the collective consciousness of the internet
They're all imitations of the 'verse that Lauren Faust created, the one believed to be Equestria!Prime is just the most common perception of the original (that of those who don't actually watch the show), which has been blocked off from the internet spawned planes.

Place your bets on who is going to die next!.
  • Princess Luna. She'll try to pick up where her sister left off and fight Discord, then get killed by either him, the demon, RDASH-5000 or all three.
  • Pinkie Pie. It'll be a Twist Ending to PARTY.MOV.
    • The second part is jossed. She's still alive at the end of the video. She could still die in SWAG.MOV, though.

Pretty much everyone will end up dead by the end of the series
Maybe with a few exceptions.

The Jappleack blog is a tale about the number of My Little Pony fans dropping
It makes sense. Despite still being amazingly popular, the number of fans undoutably has dropped (but only slightly) after the end of the first series. Thus, the whole "number of planes dropping" thing is Hotdiggedydemon pointing out how some people are losing interest in the show and moving onto other things.

Jappleack will devour Appelox
It seems to act as if Jappleack is a threat to it, and Japple can only approach Appelox after devouring mass quantities of apples. Appelox's modus operandi seems to be consumption, so it follows that the method of his defeat is to be consumed himself.

If Jappleack succeeds in eating Appelox, she will die.
Very early on in the blog, it is revealed that an apple contains cyanide in its seeds - a very small amount in fact so it doesn't pose a threat. Enter Appelox, a being made out of giant apples, which, if the amount of cyanide is size proportional, contain enough cyanide per apple to be lethal. Jappleack would eat literally thousands of times more than that lethal amount.

The apples in Jappleack's world are all Appelox's eggs full of mind-altering larvae
That would explain why they have a different composition than other apples and even explains why Appelox looks like a tapeworm! The apples that are consumed screw up the minds of the other ponies, which makes them all immoral and awful ponies.

The voice heard at the beginning of PARTY.MOV is Mickey The Dick

SWAG.MOV will be about the RDASH-5000
In CRUSH KILL DESTROY SWAG s/he sounds and acts a lot like Rainbow Dash. Maybe s/he will stop destroying Ponyville and settle into his/her role as Rainbow Dash herself? That being said, the Elements will probably still fail, since Jappleack's still gone, Rarity's still being held captive by Mexicans, Fluttershy's still in the cuckoo hut and Pinkie's probably undergoing some serious therapy.

Other Characters will get their own episodes
  • Derpy = MUFFIN.MOV
  • Carrot Top = FRIDGE.MOV
  • Lyra = RAPE.MOV or HANDS.MOV
  • Bon Bon = VOICES.MOV
  • Celestia = MOON.MOV
  • Applebloom = ABUSE.MOV
  • Sweetie Belle = FABRIC.MOV
  • Scootaloo = CHICKEN.MOV
  • Luna = FUN.MOV
  • Trixie = VOODOO.MOV
  • Soarin = PIE.MOV
  • Big Macintosh = EEYUP.MOV
  • Colgate = BRUSH.MOV
  • Berry Punch = BOOZE.MOV
  • Gilda = GRIFFON.MOV
  • Braeburn = COWBOY.MOV
  • Flim and Flam = CON.MOV, CIDER.MOV, SQUEEZE.MOV or (taking it to the extreme) TWINCEST.MOV
  • Queen Chrysalis and the changelings = CHANGELING.MOV, ARIA.MOV or SUCCUBUS.MOV
  • Princess Cadence = LOVE.MOV or ARIA.MOV
  • Shining Armor = BBBFF.MOV
  • Princess Cadence and Shining Armor = WEDDING.MOV
  • Silver Spoon = SPOON.MOV or BULLY.MOV
  • Diamond Tiara = TIARA.MOV or BULLY.MOV
  • Snips and Snails = PUPPYDOGTAILS.MOV
  • Featherweight = SCOOP.MOV
  • Dr Whooves = CANDY.MOV (Tom Baker!Whooves) SHOES.MOV (McGann!Whooves), FANTASTIC.MOV (Eccleston!Whooves), ALLON-SY.MOV (Tennant!Whooves), FEZ.MOV or STETSON.MOV (Smith!Whooves)

Japplejack will lead the group to finally beat Discord
After defeating Appelox, she'll return with her Character Development obtained in Canon!Equestria and help finally defeat Discord and company. Bonus points if she triggers an Oh, Crap! by telling him she beat his father Appelox.
  • Well, she succeeded in defeating Appelox.

Apple Bloom IS Appelox
She never died according to PARTY.MOV, and her supposed death has been brought up many, many times in Ask Jappleack.

SWAG.MOV will follow the tone of the latter half of the Japplejack blog
Mainly due to Japplejack's Character Development. The Character Development will be lampshaded in universe, of course.

The Sword of the Holy Titans spell will be used to kill one of the monsters attacking Ponyville
The spell was mentioned, but never used. Japplejack will find the spell in her Twilight's library and have Twilight use it, and will be able to wield the sword itself by virtue of having eaten part of Appelox, gaining power from that like he gained power from eating his siblings.

The nature of her world forces every attempt to actually help things end in them failing hilariously. Now that she's actually seen what can be done for her world, she'll try to make an honest effort to fix everything. However, once she realizes that the very order of her world prevents any of her actions from having any positive effect, she will go enter the Despair Event Horizon once she realizes that even after she's come so far, the whole world still treats her like a giant joke. The tone of PONY.MOV will remain the same, but to those of us who have seen what Jappleack has been through, it will be an awful Downer Ending.

And then Fluttershy's nightmare face will appear on the screen, only to linger for a while, and return to her usual face, as she apologizes and admits that she just isn't feeling it anymore.

  • Well, yes and no. There's no Downer Ending, but Japplejack returns after Discord has been defeated and thus doesn't do anything.

The series will end on a Kill 'Em All.
Come On, It happened with Spookyville U.S.A. (Well, Sort of), The Greatest Idea Ever!, The Northern Incident. The only notable exceptions to those were Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz!, and Jerry. It will most likely end with them burning in hell like in Spookyville USA and The first Jerry.
  • Jossed completely. In fact, the entire mane cast is alive.

The Harmonic Titans are the reason things ended happily
They enabled the Cosmic Retcon and Dashzilla, as well as the apparently happier tone of the post reset universe as a reward to Japplejack for defeating Appelox and freeing them.

The three-eyed Rainbow Dash is the Harmony Titan of Loyalty, whose power is accessed by Rainbow Dash after it and the other titans were released from Applelox, and guided to her by the time reset caused by Dash's Sonic Rain-Big Bang
  • In addition to being another 2001 Reference

The reason Rainbow Dash becomes as big as Wolflor because somewhere along the rewinding part of SWAG.MOV, she somehow absorbed him which explains the oddly slow part of the rewinding sequence, when Wolflor is initially summoned.
  • Or it could be because Wolflor was so slow to begin with.

Twilight's attempt at reviving Rainbow Dash worked in some way
Being chainsawed in half isn't the kind of thing that just puts you into a coma. Presumably, one of the revival attempts worked (Probably the electricity), but it either took a while to take effect, or no one noticed that she was alive because she went into a coma as soon as she came back to life.

Appelox grows like the Snake from the eponymous old game - the more he consumes, the longer he becomes.
During Applejack's story, Appelox is pictured as a single giant apple, but when we see him in reality, he consists of thousands. That's because he started out as one apple, but as he ate, his body gained segments. The five first apples of his body contain his brothers the Titans, and all the rest... hundreds of hapless dimentions.

Twilight didn't blame Applejack or Rainbow Dash for not helping her find the elements of harmony.
She understood that them being in a coma/dead was something beyond their control.

Pinkie Pie slept with The Lich

Fluttershy's shed was her "happy place"
She didn't want anyone to go into it because it was her private place to relax when she's had a bad day (i.e., whenever Dash and Pinkie decided to bully her). Before the whole "Carrie" incident, the worst she could do when someone wandered into it was yell at them or make them leave, but after the incident, she finally snapped and started killing anyone who went inside. After Rainbow Dash changed everything, Fluttershy started using it as a happy place again, but seeing as Rainbow Dash seems to have become nicer in this timeline, she no long needs to cut people up there anymore...until Discord's head accidentally destroys half of it...

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