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The Potter Puppet Pals skits are all written by Professor Snape in his spare time.
In Potter Puppet Pals, Snape is a troubled Woobie everyone picks on while Harry is an immature, attention-seeking jerk. Whose point of view does this sound like?
  • Also, Neville is a potato.
    • Actually, I believe he's a gourd.
    • He's a Butternut Squash
    • Oh Merlin I am not the only one who thinks this!

Ron and Ginny from "Ginny" aren't actually Ron and Ginny.
They're Fred and George wearing wigs, trying to mess with Harry.

Potter Puppet Pals is a puppet show performed in Hogwarts around the time of Harry's parenting years.
By that time, the events and major figures during the Second Wizarding War have become ripe for
Affectionate Parody. However, the portrayal of Dumbledore as a senile man who randomly strips naked has caused massive controversy and puppet burnings.

  • Furthermore, it was written by a jilted lover of Neville's. Which is the only way to explain how Neville, rejecter of bribes and killer of pets, is portrayed as a root vegetable.
    • Luna Lovegood? That would explain so much else....
      • Nah, Luna's too nice to do something so mean spirited; maybe it was George? Sounds like something he and Frednote  would do. Especially in regards to how Ron is treated in the series.

The wife of "Harry Potter" was killed with a hammer.
The memory of watching his wife be brutally murdered with a hammer keeps leaking through his subconscious, which is why he dreams both Snape and Hermione trying to kill him with a hammer.

There will be a Luna puppet.
And she will be characterized as an insane Conspiracy Theorist.

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