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The reason Phelous can survive
It is because Phelous' parents went to evil cult meetings for free beers.Until Rowsdower showed up. At least that's what Chad Rocco told me.

Phelous is Kenny
It's pretty obvious.
  • One problem: Kenny is blond, Phelous isn't.
    • Hair dye?
    • Jossed, but wouldn't it be funny if he were?

"New Phelous" is an April Fools Gag.
The episode was uploaded the day before April 1st, and is too much of a shark-jumping, unfaithful moment to be taken seriously.

Phelous will become a Black Lantern at one point.
Possibly in a crossover, or if the site decides to have a Green Lantern themed anniversary. Being that Death Is Cheap, especially for him, it would be fitting.
  • If there is a Green Lantern themed anniversary then they will think that Phelous is going to kill them... But he's so apathetic that he doesn't feel like killing them, and instead just lays around the place.

The deaths of Phelous represent that he dies a little inside with every review.
He hasn't died as much recently because he's become too desensitized to care.
  • Jossed, he was starting to see his true death and he panicked, trying to not die in his reviews so he wouldn't have to accept his real death. The part about the dying a bit with each review seems pretty spot-on.

Which is why Death Is Cheap. Since he holds the White Entity in him, he can't be permanetly killed. Much like how Nekron attacked Nekron, yet he healed himself. Why is Phelous able to contain it? The Entity is lazy, and doesn't feel like leaving.

Phelous D1 isn't dead.
He's actually in hiding, building up his resources to take his revenge on Phelous. Killdozer and the evil lamp were the first of his minions, and certainly not the last...

Phelous is being haunted by his previous lives.
On occasion, when Phelous has a mirror or window in the background, his own face can be seen staring at him from the glass. Normally, Phelous doesn't seem to notice, but there have been a couple of videos where it happens right at the end and Phelous suddenly spins around in the direction of the face right as the video ends, as if startled or suddenly sensing something watching him. Each time Phelous has died and then come back, an echo of his previous life and the unfulfilled potential that has been cast away has survived. Over time, so many echoes have been left that they have coalesced into one that is haunting Phelous, maybe angry that he "abandoned" them, or maybe just trying to get him to notice what's happening.

The Phelous that appears in the mirrors will be explained in a Mirrors review.
Mirrors is a horror film about evil entities that live in mirrors. What better movie to review to explain those odd appearances of the second Phelous in the mirror. Jossed big time by the end of his Jacob's Ladder review.

The Phelous we see at the end of the Jeepers Creepers 3 review is the mirror Phelous
At the end of this review, Phelous suddenly appears in front of a red curtain and says in faux-reverse, "See you in 23 years." Of course it's a reference to Twin Peaks, but Phelous said this in reverse. What is the visual representation of something being in reverse? Something being mirrored.

The Phelous we see in the Silent Night review is Phelous D 1 in disguise
He's disappointed that the weather is screwing up. Why? Look closely. The lightning is tinted purple.

Phleous entered the plot hole at an early age.
Hence why he's the show's
Meta Guy who not only has No Fourth Wall, but it becomes impossible to tell if he's even a character or just a really dedicated Real Life Phelous. This is because Phelous entered the Plot Hole years ago, and the experience has stuck.

Some fans were surprised, even disappointed, to see Old Man acting uncharacteristically smart and snarky in "Old Man Reads Creepy Pasta." However, consider how obnoxious Old Man always was and suddenly it makes sense. He pretends to be a moron so he can get away with treating his sons like slaves and his daughters like bargaining chips; breaking into people's houses and eating their food with "it looks like I was expected"; and throwing out anything he doesn't like or doesn't feel like dealing with with the "completely useless!" excuse.

Which is not to say Old Man is secretly a genius by any means. But simply that it's his obnoxiousness that is his true defining trait, not his stupidity.

  • Oh, 100%. In "The Christmas Tree" he immediately comes up with a way to scam the mayor for large amounts of money. His defining trait is his utter lack of a conscience. No wonder he teams up with Wabuu

The Cricket has been on Phelous's hearth since the very first review a decade ago.
Just consider Phelous's luck with both movies and mortality, and then whaddayaknow, one day, he finds Cricket Cocket on his hearth. Coincidence? Not likely.

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