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Western Animation / Princess Castle

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This is an animated film by Golden Films.

Claire is a girl who has a big imagination, but that imagination is getting her into trouble. Her mom puts her in charge of her younger sister, Caitlin, but she starts daydreaming and loses sight of her sister. She finds Caitlin in a secret passage, where she finds a curious book and a weird pendant. Suddenly, she and her sister are transported to a weird land, which is governed by an evil queen called Carlotta.

When Carlotta's guards find the sisters, a boy named Antony comes to the rescue and leads the girls to his hideout, where he tells them about about Emma, his mother and Carlotta's twin sister. During the explanation, Caitlin is kidnapped by Carlotta, because she can get unlimited power from her.

Tropes (in construction):

  • Mr. Exposition: Antony. He explains the Backstory to Claire (and the audience).
  • Mr. Imagination: Deconstructed with Claire. Her daydreaming causes her to be late when her mother needs her to take care of Caitlin, and means she's distracted enough to lose Caitlin in a passage.
  • Never Smile at a Crocodile: There are crocodiles that protect the castle. They become a threat to Antony and Claire, who use dough to make them unable to attack them. Averted with two crocodiles later... or are they the same?
  • Taken for Granite: Emma's cat until Caitlin puts the diamond in the hole. It's also the eventual fate of Carlotta and her guards.