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Tear Jerker / Phelous

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  • The entirety of his Sonic Christmas Blast review, he basically breaks down in the middle of the review several times to cry. The reason for this? He (ghost)busted Santa Claus in his last review. To add to injury, after Sonic is declared the new Santa, he celebrates the fact he's off the hook, and he accidentally steps on the trap, and busts Sonic Claus. At the very end, he declares that Christmas is over, and there is nothing he can do about it.
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  • The ending of his and Lupa's review of Julie and Jack is surprisingly effective, even though it was just a silly take that to that films pointlessly sad ending. The fact that it just leaves off on Phelous crying on the floor when you're expecting Lupa to jump out and say "Gotcha!" is strangely depressing.
  • The ending of the Octopus 2 review. Phelous crying on his tricycle.
  • The ending to the Jacob's Ladder review. Nothing more will be said.
  • The re-upload of his Pulse review. He starts it off with a loving tribute to Justin "JewWario" Carmichael, stating that while his cameo may be uncomfortable to watch after Justin's death, he wanted to keep it in because he felt Justin was what made making the review fun and wanted to keep his memory alive. Not to mention the comment at the end of the credits.
    I miss you, Justin.
    • In response to the news of Carmichael being revealed as a sexual predator some time after his suicide, Phelan has removed the old review of Pulse (2006) and had re-edited it so that everything containing him is nonexistent. His reason for doing so is because he doesn't want his viewers to be exposed to "a harmful figure who lied about who he was."
  • For some, his departure from Channel Awesome can be this.