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Fridge Logic


Fridge Brilliance

  • During the Let's Play of Resident Evil, Lupa is explaining how Carrie can't aspire to explode heads(It Makes Sense in Context) because she is dead. Phelous, who had previously chastised her jokingly for being "no better than her mother", then said "So you think death is the final answer?" At first, it just sounds like him making another joke, but remember how often Phelous dies in his reviews, resurrects, and develops further as a character. Or maybe I just need to get some sleep. -Ometta 6
  • The review of Jacob's Ladder showed that indeed death -or at least accepting it- was the answer for Phelous to truly transcend his existence.


Fridge Horror

  • In his Cricket on the Hearth review, while complaining about how similar two characters look, Phelous offhandedly mentions that he thought they were supposed to be the same person the first time watching the movie. Wait a minute Phelous, you subjected yourself to this movie more than once?!
  • In-universe at the end of Secret of the Hunchback, when he realizes there's also a Dingo version.
  • In his (first and most famous) review of "Beauty and the Beast," the line the second brother says before he "winks out of existence." "Who was that? Who am I for that matter?" It seems like just another funny one-liner demonstrating how stupid Beauty's brothers are. But if a person winks out of all existance, that might mean they vanish from the entire timeline, and thus everyone else's memories. "Who was that?" marks when the second brother lost all memories of the first brother, only seconds after his vanishing. "Who am I for that matter?" was the beginning of the end of his own existence, as he began to fade from everyone's memories, including his own. All within seconds.
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  • The ending of Beauty and the Beast (Bevanfield) has the villains, Monsieur Renard and Monsieur Rodant, punished for their crimes by forcing them to become chefs during the titular characters wedding party. However, Phelous points out that not only does their punishment sound light but also stupid since the two have no qualms about killing people (Monsieur Rodant, disguised as a highwayman, nearly killed Beauty's father earlier in the film) and points out that they could even poison their food. The review ends with the two having evil smiles and this ending message:
    M. Renard and Rodant poisoned them all...THE END
  • The slutty duck narrator from "Dinosaur Adventure," and other Dingo movies: he/she is a duck. Ducks are known for raping their mates. Suddenly "duck fuck's" apparent obsession with sex just got a lot creepier.

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