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  • Any time Phelous shows that he can do better effects than the movie he's reviewing.
    • When he parodies the gratuitous chroma key in Pulse 2.
    • Because so little happens in The Time Machine (I Found at a Yardsale) and the green-screening is so bad, nearly half of the review is devoted to Phelous imitating its use of Google Image screenshots for backgrounds. It's impressive how much better he is at it (thanks to things like "lighting" and "proper understanding of how to edit a film").
      • To make fun of the fact that the film used a standard font from Adobe Premier, Phelous uses the exact same font throughout the review
  • Two words: Phelous Who
    • Better! It seems to be the title now.
      • And now he's made the intro even better, matching the opening to the new series.
  • Related to both above, Phelous reenacts the entire plot of Triangle in his review for it, and manages to be both creepier and make more sense than the movie itself.
  • The performance of the Darkwing Duck theme in the end of Cry_wolf. Especially awesome for those who grew up with Darkwing Duck.
  • His review on A Serbian Film, in which Phelous, who had previously watched The Human Centipede without flinching, actually included a warning for the disturbing scenes he could actually show, before proceeding to violently eviscerate the film for its grotesque imagery and supposed message behind it. His utter rage is absolutely justified.
    Phelous: I know I'm really falling into the angry reviewer thing on this video; well, that's exactly how I feel about this movie!
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  • The ending skit of his Five Across the Eyes review should count as he perfectly parodies the movie by sitting in his car, whining and crying, and flailing the camera about for a good minute and 34 seconds.
    Phelous: So, you want a skit for this piece of shit? Really? Really? Well, (grabs the camera) this is all ''Five Across the Eyes'' gets!
  • The ending to the Boogeyman - Stephen King review. After his mirror reflection attempted to kill Phelous by downing pills, claiming "this is what [the audience] wants", Phelous decides to ruin it for us by regenerating. Granted he regenerates into a cat but, still...
  • The ending of the Resident Evil: Afterlife review when he shoots the case and the DVD with an actual gun! Granted it was filled with airsockets, but still.
  • Killdozer vs. Lifecrane. The fight in the movie isn't much to talk about, but the voice over almost makes you start rooting for Lifecrane...up until the humans abandon it.
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  • His thorough Deconstruction of the pretentious "message" in Funny Games.
    Phelous: Sure, a lot of people like violence in media like in films or in video games, but unless you're a complete asshole and can't tell the difference between real violence and fake violence, we don't need some film that think it's so clever wagging its finger at us."
  • His response to the director of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers calling Donald Pleasence's final performance 'boring':
    Phelous: Sooooo much fuck you, buddy.
  • Phelan, Alison and Brad all deserve equal props for their Foodfight! review. The first five or so minutes of Part 1 consists of them talking about the troubled production of the film in greater detail than any reviewer before them, including a list of what sponsors dropped from the film and clips from the film's original trailer. They also manage to point out some quirks of the film that may not be immediately obvious (such as the voice actor for the Count Chocula expy improving his lines, the fact that the 'floating' soda bottle Dex is riding on was actually attached by a string in the original cut, and the color schemes for certain characters being switched around). This whole review is a giant case of them showing their work.
  • His calling out of the entitled Dogged Nice Guy protagonist of Cabin Fever 2.
    John: Fuck you! How you can not like me, somebody's who's known you your entire life, who would treat you like a fucking queen...
    Phelous: Clearly.
  • In a similar way to Halloween 6's response, there's his response to Q5 changes to make Janine less "Slutty".
    Phelous: *while flipping the bird* Sooooo much fuck you, Q Fuck!
  • In his review of Lockjaw, Phelous redirects a line from a Designated Hero who called out the antagonist for murdering her friends in revenge for them accidentally running over his wife (even though they ran over her and just passed it off as an animal without a second thought)
    Phelous: And you suck, you miserable bitch! You ran over his wife and don't even give a shit! Fuck you!
  • Phelous' brutal calling out of Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, from the Idiot Plot to the pointless scenes to the Karma Houdini moment. He goes as far as to predict that the sequels will involve the Hillbillies going to an army base and killing the soldiers, going to the moon and blowing up the planet, and finally going into space and killing the aliens despite the aliens having the superior firepower.
  • He gives Prom Night III: The Last Kiss a pretty good tearing apart. In particular, he calls out how unlikable the cast is (Alex is a Designated Hero who helps cover up murder, cheats on his girlfriend, and is all but stated to have fucked his sister in the past, Sarah is a Love Martyr, and Mary Lou, who was introduced in her first appearance as a petty villain who was only concerned about winning Prom Queen again and doesn't care too much for commitment, has had her character derailed into a Stalker with a Crush Yandere for Alex). He even says the Downer Ending loses its impact because the cast is so unlikable that it feels cathartic. This is pretty poignant considering that while he admits it's campy and full of plotholes he actually enjoyed Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II at least on some level.
  • A moment not from the man himself: in one episode of Bootleg Zones, he notes that "Cerebral" is probably the best Krang figure ever made... and it's not even an official release!
  • Phelous' review of Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa is probably the most informative one there is on the internet, giving much in-depth background on the studios, people involved in its production, and how the Lost Media Wiki got a hold of it.
  • His defense of Venus de Milo in his Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation reviews. While he acknowledges that she isn't the best written female character in the franchise, he also points out she actually isn't the worst character in the show and is actually sympathetic in some ways.


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