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  • APPLE.MOV in its entirety. Especially Applejack's apple trip.
    • However, the Ask Jappleack blog turns that scene into a bit of Fridge Horror
  • The Mane Six's expressions when Applejack is eating all the apples. Especially how Rarity's eyes do some kind of somersault thing.
    • Even funnier in "DRESS.MOV", in which Twilight's entire face does the same thing.
  • "Yo Applejack! You alright?" *gurgling noises* "Yeah you're gonna be fine."


  • "RARITY! Get your FATASS out here and help me find the elements!!"
  • Rarity owning a sweatshop full of Mexican workers that make dresses for her and being such a Bad Boss that it goes in Refuge in Audacity almost immediately.
    Mexican girl: Mrs Rarity, I'm so thirsty...
    Rarity: [grabs glass, snorts, and fills it with spit] Drink that, dear.
    • She also says that Mexicans aren't real people, and when the above girl asks for her pay, she says she can't understand her through her accent.
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  • After a boy named Paco complains to Rarity about his fingers hurting, Rarity responds by magically breaking his fingers, after which Paco says, "Oh no, looks like hard times ahead for Pacooooo!" It's such a cheesy-sounding line that it seems like it should be accompanied by a laugh track.
  • This:
    Twilight: Fluttershy! Have you seen the Elements of Harmony? I can't find them anywhere!
    Fluttershy: Hey hey hey, I sure haven't, purple guy! Stay out of my shed, okay!
  • This:
    Twilight: That....doesn't exactly seem ethical, Rarity. [duckface]
  • "No! Not my face! Not my generous face!"
    • The big, meaty live-action hand grabbing her beforehand.
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  • "Except their not allowed to leeeeeave!"



  • Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag. Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag.
  • The demon Twilight accidentally summons walking over to Discord and the two high-fiving before continuing their rampage.
    • Said demon is wearing a Wolfmother shirt.
  • Twilight and Spike's faces momentarily becoming Simpson-ized.
  • Every time Spike cracks a So Unfunny, It's Funny joke. At one point he twirls around to reveal that he's got nothing below the waist for that particular animation model!
  • This gem:
    Twilight: I'm going to try a black magic resurrection spell.
    Spike: How about you resurrect my penis... With sex.
  • "You can say anybody instead of anypony. Frankly, I don't see what the point of that is."
  • "Are we gonna rape it?"
  • "Oh, I'm full of ideas, Spike. I'm a genius!" *poops*
  • "Hey! Hows abouta wanna have a pizza pie? That's my catchphrase!"
  • (smacks Rainbow Dash's corpse with the shovel) "Didn't get me a birthday present last year. Fuckin' biiiiiiiiiitch!"



  • For the Trotcon panel toon, Rainbow and Pinkie Pie playing a game with Spike talking to reading over a set of rules telling them to keep the panel PG. He groans over the fact that it says "everypony".
  • Spike questions why Rainbow isn't dead. Rainbow points out that the panel toon is not canon.
  • He agrees to keep the panel PG, and he promises nothing scary will happen. Cue R-Dash 5000 breaking in.
  • The Canterlot Garden Panel Cartoon starts out focusing on Fluttershy. Spike and Pinkie Pie come in and start talking smack about bronies. Fluttershy has to scare them off with a chainsaw.
  • Rainbow Dash is still playing the game from the Trotcon panel, and she manages to get the high score. How does the game congragulate her?
    Sweetiebot: Wow! You really are a pathetic loser virgin. You need to get a life, Rainbow Dash. That's right. I know who you are.
    Rainbow: Ah well. At least nothing scary happened this ti-
    Jump Scare


  • Meesus Rarity's leetle sister helped me work today, but then Meesus Rarity told her to stop or else she would end up with a taco cutie mark.
  • The great dragon migration may be fun to watch, but eet ees not fun cleaneeng up the great dragon defecation they leave behind!
  • Where is Sancho? Last I heard from him he was going to Meesus Fluttershy's shed on an errand for Meesus Rarity. That was six weeks ago!
  • I used to wonder what friendsheep could be. I steel wonder!
  • An empire of Crystal Ponies sounds like Meesus Rarity’s wet dream.
    • …And then, Meesus Rarity keednapped several Crystal Ponies and had Fluttershy grind them up in her shed to make sparkly jewelery. The End.



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