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     Pre-Title reveal 
That green-energy guy is Yamoshi.
Let's get the obvious theory out of the way. He is Yamoshi, and the green energy he releases is because of him being the original Super Saiyan, as Vegeta said when seeing Kale's transformation that her transformation was "the Super Saiyan's true form."
  • Jossed. It's Broly!

The new guy is related to Yamoshi, but isn't him
Who knows, maybe one of his comrades that managed to return to life.
  • Jossed. Is Broly.

The New Guy motivation.
He wants to kill Goku because he is responsible for bringing Frieza back.

Goku will be revealed to be a decendant of Yamoshi.
Another one of my theories that I don't want to be true. Basically, Yamoshi was a pure hearted Saiyan that tragically died while fighting off against the evil of his race. But what if he and one of his comrades had a baby together? And that little girl, in turn, was a distant ancestor of Gine, Goku's mother?

Basically, is a way of turning Goku into a Messianic Archetype by Blood Knight standards, as this makes Gine the equivalent of the Virgin Mary and Yamoshi as the equivalent of King David.

As I said, one of the theories I don't want to be true.

Yamoshi will be inspired by Madara Uchiha.
Due to at least three comparisons regarding Naruto, (Hit's time powers being similar to Tobi's; Zamasu's Light of Justice being similar to the Susanoo, and Jiren's backstory being very similar to Sasuke's), is easy to suggest this new guy will either inspired or influenced by Madara Uchiha.
  • Jossed, is Broly and is inspired by his old countertpart. Or Tarzan.

Cabba, Caulifla and Kale will have a role in the movie.
Maybe as a cameo, as Vegeta went to Sadala, or just to say how similar Kale's energy is to the new guy.

Goku will travel back in time, and he will be the one who teaches Yamoshi how to archieve the Super Saiyan God transformation.
I'm cynical here, let's hope is not true.

Frieza will suffer The Worf Effect by awakening the new guy.
Frieza will find the new guy somewhere in space, awakes him by accident, and a short fight happens where Golden Frieza is trashed. Then the new guy will go to Earth because, and Frieza then appears to save the heroes' butts and deliver more information about him

The movie will start with a narration of the Original Super Saiyan story narrated by Frieza or Vegeta.
Because Vegeta already knows about the legends and the history of the Saiyans, he is the resident Mr. Exposition. However, Frieza, now that he is alive, will deliver a bit of commentary on how he came to know of the Saiyan legends.

The Villain will fall in love with Bulma and Chi-Chi.
Because as Vegeta said to Goku, Saiyans love strong-willed women.When Bulma tries to be bitchy and piss him off, the guy won’t hit her. He’ll probably try to kiss her, which is WORSE than smacking her!
  • Or possibly he will fall in love with Chirai, Frieza's female goon.
  • Semi-confirmed. Director Nagamine implied that Chirai and Broly, along with Lemo as the third wheel, would have a growing relationship with each other (with disastrous results).

Vegeta will be afraid of the Villain.
Probably like how he reacted to meeting Broly. He’ll space out and drop on his knees. He probably won’t save Bulma if the guy smacks her like Beerus did.
  • How appropiate you mentioned Broly...

The villain will be closer to an Anti-Villain like Beerus, and not really evil.
I kinda feel like whoever the original Super Saiyan is can't really be all that evil in the grand scheme of things. Dragon Ball historically has a rather loose definition of pure, to say the least, so it's not implausible he's an evil bastard, but I think it's unlikely.

The villain will be a Sun Wukong expy.
And by extension an Evil Counterpart to Goku, like half the villains he fights. Specifically he'll be based off the more amoral aspects of Sun Wukong, compared to Goku being a more positive expy. Reflected the above he may be more "a different code" than outright evil.
  • Kind of Jossed. The original Broly was inspired by Sun Wukong, but this one appears to not be the case.

The Saiyan villain won't be Yamoshi, but his killer
  • Jossed.

Green Dude is an amnesiac Saiyan who joins Frieza's army
Notice the armor: is the same
Alright, this is my wildest theory. Toriyama and Toei tend to recicle elements in their works, so I'll guess Shallot from Legends is possibly a Proto-Green Dude (An ancient Saiyan who got amnesia), and seeing from what little of the teaser he can be seen, this guy is wearing the armor of the Frieza forces, not Sadala's armor, meaning he is from Universe 7.

Here is the idea. This guy was encountered by Frieza during his travels through the universe, and noticing his powerful, yet familiar aura (Possibly from the Tournament of Power), he decides that instead of killing him, he offers him to join his army (Similar to what he offered to both Goku and Vegeta in Namek and his revival).

Because the guy has no memories or wasn't present during Frieza's genocide, he joins his ranks and starts to become Frieza's pet. The guy possibly has a good relationship with Chirai, perhaphs romantic, giving the dude a Morality Pet (As in, they are both bad guys, but they care about each other)

  • The reason why I believe Chirai will be a romantic interest for the new dude is mostly for how the female characters have been treated in the past. With the exception of Tournament of Power fighters, all of them become romantic interests.
  • Green Dude is wearing the same black and green armor as newcomer Lemo, who is a member of the Frieza forces.
  • Confirmed on him joining Frieza, jossed on him being amnesiac. He is Broly.

     Post-Title Reveal 
Broly is Yamoshi's reincarnation
He is so strong because he has literally the soul of the original Super Saiyan inside him, which is consistent with his 'Legendary Super Saiyan' status.
  • Jossed.

It will be revealed that Broly is Cumber's descendant, while Goku is Yamoshi's and Vegeta is Shallot's
Cumber could be the ancient evil saiyan that killed Yamoshi (and Shallot could have been an associate of either of the two). Since Toriyama confirmed that destiny will play a role in the film's story, that could be the reason Goku and Vegeta are facing Broly.
  • I highly doubt Toriyama cares about Cumber, who is an antagonist from a videogame. I can see Shallot appearing as a little cameo, but even then, not a big chance.
  • Jossed, nothing about this ever comes.

Paragus will also be a Canon Immigrant
Since he is the father of Broly. The film will introduce the Dragon Ball Super version of Paragus, however he will only appear in the backstory like Goku's Dad.
  • This is all but confirmed, since Katsuhisa Houki, the voice actor of Paragus, is confirmed to have a role in the film.
  • It is now confirmed, Paragus appeared in the trailer, ordering Broly to attack Goku and Vegeta. It is also jossed that he will only appear in the backstory, he has seen to be still alive in the present.

Bardock will make a cameo in a flashback and Goku and Vegeta will fuse to defeat Broly
This is based on the three movies that are being remastered and released to theaters before Movie 20 releases: the original Broly movie, Bardock: Father of Goku, and Fusion Reborn. We obviously just got confirmation of Broly as the main villain, and the movie will feature saiyan history and their relationship with Frieza, which is a perfect way to link it to Bardock. Unless they bring in Janemba in some way, shape, or form, Gogeta is the only other thing they can bring from Fusion Reborn, even if Vegito has the 'canon fusion' spot already.
  • Confirmed with Bardock: It will be an adaptation of Dragon Ball Minus, meaning he has more than a cameo, being a secondary character.
  • Confirmed with Gogeta.

Kale will fight Broly at some point
Because why not?
  • Maybe in Dragon Ball Heroes or Xenoverse, but Kale and neither Gohan are likely to appear.
  • If it comes to her to defeat Broly, then Kale would be Goku's Godzilla Threshold if he can't defeat Broly by himself or not at all.
  • As I said, jossed. Not in this movie.

King Vegeta, Tarble, Raditz, Nappa, Bardock, Gine, Tora, Selypa, Shegush, Borgos and Turles will appear in a flashback.
King Vegeta will be the one who order Broly's imprisonment. The other characters will appear in the background of flashbacks as cameos.
  • Confirmed with King Vegeta, Bardock and Gine, with this being an adaptation of Minus.
  • It appears an animator included Borgos as a cameo in a scene.
  • Confirmed with Raditz and Nappa, Bardock Gine and King Vegeta. Jossed with everyone else.

Broly will only be the first Canon Immigrant.
Other Dragon Ball Z movie characters and Dragon Ball GT characters will become Canon Immigrants.
  • Definitely within the realm of possibility, seeing as how in the canon timeline, Cooler and such were never dealt with. That being said, if Cooler gets added, we need to see Frieza help the Saiyans fight him.
  • Confirmed, Paragus is the second Canon Immigrant.

Broly will maintain his rage toward Goku, but out of characterization as a Combat Sadomasochist and Blood Knight instead of petty revenge
Dragon Ball hasn't had a proper, Pure-blooded, soul-bearing Saiyan antagonist since… well, Broly himself. And, as we’ve long established, a pure-blooded Saiyan loves nothing in the universe more than a good fight. Rebooted Broly could show this on a level we’ve never seen before. Even Vegeta came to Earth for the Dragon Balls first and was more bitter about the showdown with Goku than anything, Turles only came to plant the Tree of Might and OG Broly had a mental fixation. But Reboot Broly could come to Earth for no reason than to fight a Super Saiyan God. Unlike Beerus, he has no secondary agenda or duty to fulfill and, if Goku can’t best him, he’ll just take out his rage on any of Goku’s loved ones he can to feed his fighting spirit. In essence, he will be the Saiyan bloodlust that watched as Freeza and Cell reached their final forms incarnate.

There will still be a Mythology Gag to Broly's old characterization
Even if it's just a throwaway line noting that he hates crying babies.
  • Or him yelling Kakarot.
  • Some visuals are reused from the old Broly movies, so that's a confirmed.

The next Dragon Ball series will adapt this movie as its first story arc
And like Beerus in Super, Broly will become a recurring character for the rest of the series. Even if he's killed off in the movie, he could still be resurrected later.

Broly will become a good guy in the end
Its not out of the question. If Vegeta, Piccolo and the Android twins could do it, there's no reason Broly can't.
  • If I might add, it's worth noting that a couple of lines during the third trailer mention how Broly isn't really a bad guy and how he isn't fighting Goku and Vegeta because he wants to. Makes one wonder...
  • He doesn't join the heroes, but he and Goku part ways on good terms.

Chirai will be an Evil Counterpart of Bulma
They do look alike.
  • Like Bulma and Vegeta, she ends up feeling sympathy for Broly so that's a confirmed.

Goku and Gohan will use the Father-Son Kamehameha
As a call back to the second Broly movie.
  • Nothing says Gohan will appear in the movie.
  • Counterpoint: Nothing says Gohan will not appear in the movie.
  • The inmense Out of Focus about Gohan in promotional material indicate he will not appear or will have a minor cameo at best. All the major players have been revealed, and Gohan is not one of them.
  • And I have said it, ***Jossed***. Gohan doesn't appear at all.

Broly will despise Goku because of Goku's obsession with getting stronger.
The trailer to the movie seems to imply that Broly still suffers from With Great Power Comes Great Insanity in this continuity. The trailer also has Whis asking Goku why he wants to become stronger, with Goku bringing up his experience at the Tournament of Power as a reason for getting stronger. Broly might envy Goku because he can train and become stronger without losing his sanity.
  • Jossed. After the whole conflict happens, they are chill.

Bulla will appear and will have grown some Hair.
The trailer to the movie shows Bulma holding Something Blue while sitting next to Whis.
  • Confirmed.

Broly is a clone of Yamoshi and possibly other Saiyans as well
Going off the prominence of what looks to be a Saiyan baby in an artificial womb in the trailer and possibly reading too much into the phrase, "A new Saiyan", it seems possible his origins are artificial. After all, if the movie is already featuring a new twist on one beloved villain, why not reuse Cell's schtick as well?
  • Jossed.

Beerus will be killed by Broly in an all out battle early in the film to raise tension
A common complaint about Dragonball Super is the lack of tension in some of its arcs. By killing off Beerus, it would also remove Whis (who can bring people back to life) from the conflict, since it is stated that when a God of Destruction dies, its Angel attendant will be "decatived" until another is assigned to replace the previous one. Since we know that Angels don't die when their Go Ds are killed (as shown in the Tournament of Power arc) this could be an opportunity it explain what it means for an Angel to be "deactivated".
  • Jossed.

Goku and Vegeta will lose (but won't die) to Broly in the end, leading to a Sequel Hook
Toriyama and Toei are obviously fully aware of the popularity of Broly, so there is no way this movie will be an one-and-done deal with this character.
  • Jossed.

If a sequel happens, Caulfila, Cabba and especially Kale will get involved to help Goku and Vegeta fight Broly again
Since it doesn't seem likely that the U6 saiyans will be in this movie coming in December 2018, a potential sequel could involve them in a major way. This sequel could be used to explain the different history and evolution of the Universe 6 saiyans, Cabba taking Vegeta to meet the king of Planet Sadala, Goku meeting Caulifla's gang, the full backstories for Caulifla, Cabba and most of all Kale, particularly why and how she is the Legendary Super Saiyan of Universe 6, and other interesting lore.

The Big Bad of the movie won't be Broly.
The Big Bad will be Paragus, with Broly under his control acting as his Dragon-in-Chief.

Paragus old design from the Z movies will appear in this movie.
Paragus will have his old appearance as his younger self, in flashbacks that are in the movie.

Ultra Instinct will reappear.
Pretty obvious if you ask me, but Ultra Instinct will certainly reappear in the movie in some form.
  • Jossed.

Broly will be a Tragic Villain, and will die because his own power consumed him.
Basically the Legendary Saiyan will die because of his overwhelming energy consumed him. This is playing with both Broly original concept and Manga Kale latest chapter where Cabba outright states she could have die.Since Toriyama wants to add him something, he possibly meant "pity".

Tarble will be mentioned or appear.
Because Toriyama is the writer, and he remembered Vegeta's brother in Battle of Gods.
  • Confirmed.

Broly will be revealed as the subject of genetic tinkering.
Giving more of an explanation to his power, it'll be revealed that Paragus has been using Frieza's technology/lost Saiyan tech to alter Broly to become more powerful. Broly is the descendant of the Legendary Super Saiyan, and Paragus has been tinkering with his genes to make him the ultimate Saiyan. Following the above theory that Broly will be a Tragic Villain, his insanity will be down to being treated as a weapon his whole life and experimented on for a destiny he never asked for. His hatred for Goku will instead be because he hates how Goku had a happy life and got strong, while he was brutally modified. It'd also be somewhat of a contrast to both Frieza and Cell, as both were the result of winning the genetic lotttery(Frieza being a mutant freak and Cell a mishmash of the most powerful soldiers), but while they're card-carrying villains Broly will have good reason to be pissed at the world and wants to hurt people because he wants to get back at the world that hurt him.
  • Jossed.

Broly Came From Universe 11 & He Killed Jiren's Family
He's stated to be at least as strong as Jiren, considering he appears after the Tournament of Power and if he's the same age as Goku, the timeline would allow him to have possibly been an adult when Jiren was a child.Also, Beerus and Whis should have tabs on beings that can rival their power. If Broly came from Universe 7, they would have recruited him for the Tournaments. A villain who came from Universe 11 wouldn't be considered to fight alongside the Pride Troopers, especially since the foe that killed Jiren's family seemingly went off the radar at some point.
  • Seems unlikely, given there doesn't seem to be a way for Paragus and Broly to have entered Universe 11 in the first place(let alone when Jiren was a child).
  • Jossed. He was born on universe 7, and remained in Planet Vampa all of his life.

Kale will face Broly either in this movie or at a later time.
You know you want it to happen.
  • Jossed.

We will see a fusion, but not between Goku and Vegeta.
Specifically, I'd think a fusion between Goku and Frieza would be a badass way to show the stakes and power of Broly. Mortal foes, forced to share a body.
  • Jossed.

Broly was designed to be Frieza's ultimate weapon. And is Gone Horribly Right.
Back in his pre-death days, Frieza has Broly "commissioned" as a genetic experiment to create the ultimate underling; ludicrously powerful, but completely subservient. However, something went wrong, and Frieza had him discarded (which might possibly be the reason for Frieza's long-standing hatred of the Saiyans.) When Goku and Vegeta find Paragus' ship, Paragus mistakes them for two of Frieza's henchmen (in Vegeta's case...fair enough) and orders Broly to attack. Sending Broly's power, Frieza shows up to put down this threat to his empire, resulting in the Goku/Vegeta/Frieza fights that the trailers highlight. This would also give context to Frieza's awed comments on Broly's power; he's hesitant to congratulate anyone's power, but delighted that his own experiment did actually turn out so strong.
  • Jossed.

Broly was adopted by Paragus as a Replacement Goldfish and they have been trapped in a planet all their life.
My take: Paragus's real son (Possibly the unnamed Saiyan nicknamed Pollo) died in a tragic accident, and it made Paragus adopt Broly as his own son. This makes him a foil to Grandpa Gohan, and Broly a paralel of Goku (As he was adopted, but unlike Goku, his youth wasn't the best for some reason)
  • Another idea I had is that the reason why nobody has heard of Broly is that, unlike the original one, Paragus and Broly have been trapped for decades in one single planet without the opportunity of getting out.
    • Jossed on the Replacement Goldfish part, confirmed in them being trapped for decades in planet Vanpa.

Gotenks will appear in the first act.
We have confirmation that Goten and Trunks are appearing in the movie, but due to how Out of Focus they are, their role will be pretty minor. What if they will be in the movie for another reason: to show the Fusion Dance as a Chekhov's Gun? They will show Gotenks in the first act of the movie with Goku and Vegeta present to remind or show the viewers about it, and it will pay off by bringing Gogeta, who is confirmed to have a new form thanks to the Xenoverse datamine?

The film will show Frieza meeting Beerus.
It was stated in Battle of Gods that Beerus was the one who told Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta. Since the second trailer shows both King Cold telling the Saiyans that they will be taking orders from Frieza as well as the Destruction of Planet Vegeta, it's likely that we'll see what happened with the Saiyan's under Frieza's command. Because of this, I would not be surprised if we get a scene with Beerus appointing the task of the planet's destruction to Frieza.
  • Jossed

Son Gohan (Sr.) will appear in a flashback.
It will show him finding Kakarot after he landed on Earth, and Gohan will give him a new name Son Goku.

Paragus will seek the Dragon Balls to revive King Vegeta.
He wants to revive King Vegeta, just so he can have his revenge against King Vegeta.

Broly’s immense power if the result of the zenkai boost taken to its logical extreme
Thanks to growing up on what promo materials indicate was the extremely hostile planet Vampa and all of the scars on Broly’s body in the concept art, it can be inferred that the saiyan may well have been on the losing end of a number of fights, despite his latent potential. And we’ve seen time and again that near death experiences can give a saiyan a truly substantial power boost. So it seems possible Broly’s power could have simply come from nearly dying over and over again and coming back stronger every time. This could easily also explain his cold, misanthropic attitude hinted at in the trailers.If the retcons to Bardock’s backstory have made Goku more like Superman, maybe it would only be appropriate to make Broly more like Doomsday.

Frieza is a teenager in the flashbacks.
While earlier Saiyan-era depictions of Frieza suggested he didn't look any different from the present, the trailers show he's more pinkish, seems to lack the white bio-armor and doesn't look like he's completed his development. While King Cold only appears briefly he does looker younger and has a more similar skin color to Frieza's second form, suggesting that while they may be Long-Lived it might not be as wide a margin from human lifespans as previously thought. Plus the trailer shows Cold appoints them to his son rather than Frieza doing so alone, implying he's yet to become the de-facto head of their organization when meeting the Saiyans. Frieza is actually going through whatever his species is considers puberty when he rules over Planet Vegeta. By the time he appears in Namek he's in the human equivalent of his mid-late twenties. This also makes his All for Nothing search for immortality all the more hubristic when he's in the prime of his life and has a long time before the reaper starts calling.

Broly will be defeated via a hurl into the sun
In addition to serving as great Mythology Gag to his death in Second Coming, the hurl into the sun method has seen a lot of love in non-canon media (Broly, Cooler and Baby were all beaten with it) but never been utilized in the series proper. A bit like Broly and (the still rumored) Gogeta. Not to mention it could make for a cool counterpoint to Frieza's destruction of Planet Vegeta: a dual image of a giant fireball hurled at a planet and a relentless monster thrown into a giant fireball.
  • Jossed. He is teleported back to his planet.

We will see the appearance of both Ultra Instinct AND Fusion.
Since both are being floated as techniques that might potentially be enough to stand up to Broly, it may be possible that both will make an appearance. With Goten and Trunks confirmed to appear, Broly will go after them, provoking Goku enough to let him unlock Ultra Instinct and fight evenly with Broly. However, as with Jiren, the toll on his body will be too great, forcing him to revert back to base and fuse with Vegeta (or possibly Frieza) to mount the final offensive.
  • You posted this in the same day this was jossed. Besides, Ultra Instint is not fueled by rage.

Broly will become the next God of Destruction for Universe 7.
In the first trailer, we see Broly and Frieza fighting in a volcanic area. In the third trailer, we see that same landscape again, but this time it appears Whis is getting ready to fight. Broly is incredibly strong in the film, so it's possible that Whis will take interest in him and start training him to succeed Beerus as Universe 7's God of Destruction once Beerus retires or dies.


     Post Release 

The shock collar that Paragus has wasn't made by him.
This isn't my theory, it came from Team Four Star, but it's a dark theory which makes some sense. The shock collar used on Broly to keep him under control is standard Saiyan equipment that they use for conquering planets. The device itself is placed on the necks of those who are to be taken as slaves. It explains away the plothole of Paragus being able to create an intricate shock collar and remote control but being unable to fix that ship anyway.

The dragon didn't miscount.
It seems like the dragon just granted one wish and left, but Cheelai technically made two wishes at once (based on the English dub) - for Broly to be saved, and for Broly to be returned to the planet he grew up on. Shenron "saved" Broly by freeing his mind from the rage that had consumed it, and then sent him home.
  • The two things are probably counted as one wish. Either way, Shenlong has already granted at least one wish in Super before, so it has less wishes it could grant.

King Cold is the reason Vegeta the Planet and Vegeta the King share the same name
Another one from Team Four Star. When King Cold first arrived on Planet Vegeta he murdered the original king/ruler and then selected one Saiyan at random to be the new king. He then stated that he didn't want to waste time remembering the name of the new king so he was just Vegeta now... same as the planet, saves time.

King Cold is how the Saiyans survived Planet Sadala's destruction.
It would explain how a primitive race like the Saiyans was able use spaceships so they could survive the planet's destruction, while also still being in debt/needing the Frieza Clan. King Cold stumbled on Planet Sadala when it was falling apart, and rescued them from their predicament. This would also make Cold over 200 years old.

Gogeta letting Frieza go was all Goku.
Near the beginning, we learned that the reason Vegeta was still training was because he knew Frieza would eventually come back to Earth. Since we've seen before that Vegeta doesn't take any chances with Frieza, the decision to let him go while they were fused was likely Goku's, and Vegeta probably gave him crap for it as soon as they unfused.

Broly's "wrath" form has been seen before.
Broly's "wrath" state (non-Super Saiyan, massive power boost, lack of control) seems to be oddly similar to the "False Super Saiyan" state waaaaaaay back in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. It's possible that these two forms are related, and may stem from a Saiyan requiring the power boost but not having the emotional breaking point needed to transform into a Super Saiyan.

Paragus lost his eye attempting to take away Broly's green wrap
We know that Broly is VERY tempermental about the wrap as it was his friend Baa's ear that his father cut off. It is very possible that little Broly took the ear, Paragus tried to destroy it, and Broly when berserker and ended up tearing out his father's eye. As a result Paragus made it into a wrap for Broly but also realized it was time for the shock collar.

It's very possible that Daman Mills will be The Other Marty for Chris Ayres speaking of Frieza for this movie.
Chris Ayres may have recorded for the movie's English dub's trailer, but he is unable to do any kind of voice acting since March 2017 due to his combat with COPD. Therefore, it seems more likely that his understudy Daman Mills will be The Other Marty for him later on.
  • Jossed. Chris Ayres will be voicing the character for the entirety of the movie.

Broly will not be voiced by either Vic Mignogna (English dub) nor Ricardo Brust (Latin American Spanish dub)
While Bin Shimada can still kick it voicing Broly, I doubt Mignogna can still keep it, and he has constatly complained about how much he hates the character due to the damage to his vocal cords.

Likewise, Broly's Latin American Spanish voice actor will not reprise the character. Maybe because he retired, as he is no longer voicing Mister Satan in Super.

  • For now, Brust confirmed in his Facebook account that he'll record the new trailer in Latin American Spanish, but it is not confirmed if he is going to be part of the cast in the movie.

  • Jossed for Vic. He will return as Broly for the Funimation dub.

Kid Raditz will be voiced by Masako Nozawa (Japan) and Laura Torres (Latin America)
Just to bring full circle to the Son family.
  • Jossed in Japanese; Shigeru Chiba reprises his role as Raditz, using a voice very similar to his kid Pilaf voice.

As a promotion for the movie, Shallot of Dragon Ball Legends will gain a Berserker transformation
Same eye

While Shallot will possibly be out of canon, I can't help but compare to him to Broly. After all, "Broly" and "Legends" were announced at the same time, and Shallot is an amnesiac ancient Saiyan. Since the movie will be about "the origin of the Saiyans", there will be some promotion from the videogames.

The clues are there:

  • Shallot has a tint of green energy. Not the same sickly one as Broly and Kale, but green none the less.
  • The two share the same yellow eye effect. At least in the intro and trailer.
  • Since both Legends and Broly were announced roughly at the same time, there are possibly some connections between both in ideas development at the time (Like Fusion Reborn having Gogeta and Vegito replacing him in the manga because the movie was in development).
  • Broly being the tutorial boss in the game. It possibly wasn't only Wolverine Publicity, but Foreshadowing.

Of course, this is speculation, and is possibly not true.

  • As you predicted, this ended up being Jossed.


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