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Anne is really Airy's sister.
She's doing the same thing Airy did, but to Emperor Oblivion.

Airy's sister will play a bigger part in the sequel and so will her true form.
Since, in the event viewer her
stinger scene is named "Reunion Promise", and the fact she says "farewell for now", this is almost guaranteed. If she is an ally, she will either be ashamed of her true form(s) or use them to help.
  • Confirmed. But not as an ally. Sadly.

The next Bravely game will have one of the fan favorite members from each of the job groups be a bonus boss...
With good ole' That Person's Name Is... returning with them. OP predicts Barras, Khint, Einheria, Praline, and De Rosso.
  • Confirmed. But some of the older asterisk bearers Khint, Qada, Victor, Victoria, De Rosso and Yulyana are unavailable.

Bravely Second will involve Time Travel as a plot element.
If The Stinger does take place in the future, like one of the above guesses suggests, then it's possible that the first part of the game will revolve around getting Tiz back to his own time. Multiple worlds are a staple of the old-school Final Fantasy games that the Bravely series seeks to emulate, after all. The game will be spent jumping between the future world and the world of the first game, solving some new problem which has arisen, and reuniting with old allies.
  • Complete with Lavos as the Big Bad.
  • Partly jossed...? The Time Travel element became a climax of the game and it's been confirmed that it was 2 and a half years since the first game which meant Tiz returning back in time wouldn't happen.
  • Confirmed, and you use the New Game+ option to do it too, mind blown!

Characters and Jobs from Praying Brage will be incorporated in Bravely Second
Though some of them may be in different contexts. This will inevitably lead into some Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros." moments

Not all the Musketeers are permanent party members.
It seems a bit suspicious that the demo only has Magnolia change costumes for class changes. Perhaps the Musketeers don't have alternate costumes because the demo is hiding the fact that some of them don't have a full set of costumes, because they leave the party partway through the game.

Perhaps we'll see Tiz, Agnes, or any of the other Bravely Default characters rejoin the party in their place.

Kaiser Oblivion is Tiz, either from an Alternate Universe, a Bad Future, or aged somehow.
They look similar enough and adds a personal motivation for kidnapping Agnes.
  • Jossed as of the official game's release and official stream. Kaiser Oblivion is actually Denys Geneologia. Yew's older brother.

Emperor Oblivion and Anne are actually good guys
Considering the last game's habit of twisting cliches, it's doubtful a guy who calls himself Emperor Oblivion will actually live up to the name. As for Anne, it makes a point of describing that unlike Airy, she can be a bit nasty at times. Given what we know about Airy, not being like her might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Tiz's stats will be more magic oriented this time
In the first game, Tiz was the Jack-of-All-Stats, and had the lowest base MP of the four protagonists, due to living his whole life as a shepard before the destruction of Norende. But now, after spending several years receiving the same treatments that made Victoria into the Anarchist, Tiz now has much greater magical potential, and atrophied physical stats.
  • Jossed. Because Yuu's official stats made him the new Agnes while Tiz's stats remained the same as the first game.
  • Tiz actually fits the role more of a tank than anything else, having the highest HP of the group and fairly average stats elsewhere. Edea is by far the best physical damage dealer, Yew an offensive magic class and Magnolia takes Agnés' place as a mostly defensive magic class.

Asterisk boss rematches will be handled through Alternate Universe versions of the bosses ending up in the main timeline, rather than the party time/dimension travelling
This method would help to sidestep the issues the first game had with the second half of the game feeling repetitive due to the time loop.

Reveals from the early game streams seem to support this, as Nikolai apparently gets killed early on, only to return later as a boss. Alternate dimension shenanigans at play again?

  • Actually, it's a time traveling shenanigans instead. But it's only once so it's not as repetitive as the first game.
  • Also Nikolai faked his death.

The Player will play an even larger role in Bravely Second
At the end of the first game, it was basically confirmed that the Player was an integral role of Bravely Default. So, in the Second it would make since for other characters, like Tiz, to at least mention them. After all, they were one of Ourborus's main reasons for destroying the alternate worlds.
  • Confirmed. However, Tiz and the others won't know about the player's involvement completely until the finale.

The "Firstborn" enemy is no Ba'al.
It lacks the naming scheme that the others do - sans Diamante, who has the reason of being unique and the "Ultimate Ba'al" - and its arena is totally different in design from the rest (something that Diamante does adhere to in comparison to its fellows). Its battle style differs from the identified Ba'als, and it even lacks a spot in the Bestiary. What is it? Much like the Ba'als themselves in the first game, it's probably a taste of the kind of major story enemy that would show up in the third game.

Yew is housing a Celestial (the player) like Tiz from the first game.
Kaiser Oblivion tried to kill Yew thoroughly, and his injuries were considered serious, yet he makes a full, miraculous recovery. Yew also breaks the fourth wall sometimes to talk to the player.
  • If that is true wouldn't that mean the Celestial would eventually leave Yew and Yew would die again like Tiz did in the ending of the first game?
  • It's never stated that Yew died when we first played. Yew's ability to actually communicate with the player may or may not have to do with Yew wielding the Bravely Sword once. That and if Yew actually died then Yew would have done the same as Tiz in the true end of Bravely Default.
  • It is stated that Yew's survival of the Kaiser's attack, and subsequent rapid recovery was nothing short of miraculous, much the same as how Tiz 'survived' the great chasm and the destruction of Norende. However, by starting chapter 5, the party travels back in time, stopping the Kaiser's assult, and preventing Yew's death. Thus, Yew avoids sharing the same fate as Tiz.

Magnolia's real name is a word that means moon.
Given the game's love of Meaningful Names and Punny Names, her real name may be a word that means moon.
  • Not regarding the moon, but in game it's commented that the scent of the magnolia flower can wake people up. Who wakes Tiz up?
  • Alternatively, it's "Kaguya".

Geist was researching the Celestial realm, and the powers of the Celestials
The two main abilities of a Celestial Being, as seen from within Luxendarc, are to rewind time at will, while retaining memories of future events and to guide their chosen Avatar to victory. The Exorcist class can also rewind time, and the Guardian's main ability is to posses others.

In the third game, the Grandship will be used to travel to the moon, and possibly elsewhere.
The Tent Event there mentions seeing machinery similar to that found in Sagitta and on the moon, and Sylvie speaks about "that ship rising again" in her ominous prediction during the End Layer, and then there's the final teaser before the "Fin" at the end.

In the third game, Till will wield the Sword of the Brave.
The till from Bravely Default's third world will be brought to the first world, and along with Tiz, Seek out the Sword of the Brave. Knowing in advance what it does, Tiz will be able truly accept the Sword's price, allowing Till to wield it. For Yew, when he saw what it did to Denys, he immediately regretted his decision, going back on his oath to the sword, causing it to disappear. Tiz, being warned in advance, would be able to console Till and encourage him to take up the Sword despite what happened.

Ringabel is a red card
He's a man of passion coming from a country known for its mountain ranges, so the connection is obvious.

What do you mean, he's not that kind of planeswalker?

Bravely Third's subtitle shenanigans.
At the end of Bravely Third, the title screen will show... no change. *beat* Expecting subtitle shenanigans? TOO BAD.

Bravely Third's Fairy Companion...
...will be a complete Foil to Airy and Anne. He will be an uncharismatic male who is completely honest and good. He might be being manipulated by that game's Big Bad instead of doing the manipulating.

Bravely Third's Fourth Wall Mind Screw...
The first game had everyone on your friend's list show up to aid you in the final battle. The second game exploited New Game+ to progress the story, and had Yu personally swear that, while you were the one deciding his path, he would fight with you to defeat Providence.The third game will require you to have save files for both previous games to reach the true Golden Ending.

Providence used to be a totally normal bird before they discovered Luxendarc.
As in, they were just a random bird (probably either a crow (really smart), or a magpie (fits thematically with Altair and Vega)that somehow discovered its existence, and subsequently became Providence. It would explain their first form's appearance, as well as the unique, Ba'al-esque background for the first phase of their boss fight; it was where they lived (and/or died). Therefore, much like the Ba'als, their first form was merely a projection of their memories.

Deneb will be the main character of Bravely Third
The party will be Deneb, Ringabel, Magnolia and one new character.

The next fairy's name will be Abel.
Going with the Bravely Third fairy companion WMG above, he'll fit the theme naming between Airy and Anne. Not to mention, assuming that he really will be the token good sibling, it would fit that he would be named after the brother who wasn't full of hatred.

Providence was once part of another entity with a similar name.

Specifically the one that attacked the UES Contact Light. That vessel was manned by the distant descendants of the Sagitta Civilization remnants, and upon its repeated defeats across multiple timelines by the protagonists, it decided that it would do something like the Kaiser Oblivion and sent its memory across time and space into the distant past, back to the Providence existing close to Luxendarc, in order to prevent the UES Contact Light from ever coming into existence.

The male lead of the third game will be a Fragile Speedster
Tiz from Default was a Jack-of-All-Stats with a slight physical lean. Yew, meanwhile, was the Squishy Wizard. The lead of Bravely Third will likely end up with high Agility and low Vitality, rounding off the Fighter, Mage, Thief trio.

Amphisbaena was made from Ba'al cells.
The Glanz empire somehow managed to draw cells from Diamante , which explains why the Baena cells regenerate so damn much, as well as why Magnolia recognized the feeling she got from fighting it.

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