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Nightmare Fuel / Bravely Second

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Amphisbaena. By itself, it's not that nasty; just a two-headed lizard with a long tongue and venomous bile, who can regenerate endlessly so long as both of its heads are intact. But when you kill it and read its lore entry in U's Journal, the true horror begins: the creature is made of "baena cells", a strange type of cell cultivated in a Gigas Lich, which were then injected into ten different Eternian researchers, only two of which survived, and they immediately tried to eat each other. But that's not the worst part: the two survivors were twins who interfered with the Empire's attempt to seize control of Tiz, and the one left to "guard" him (thank the Crystals Tiz flew the coop by then!) was meant to imprison or EAT him, and both of them retain their memories and consciousnesses yet possess no way to express the pain and horror! You know it's utterly fucked up when every single party member is outright revulsed after reading that.
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  • The Ba'al, looking like demons that have taken on the forms uncanny bastardizations of celebratory occasions, being both seasonal, such as christmas and winter break, and contextual like marriage or a birth in the family. They are events that were supposed to be great moments for Altair and Vega but were corrupted by Providence.
  • Bella. Poor, poor Yew who is afraid of ghosts and the first time he meets her, Bella scares the Hell out of him with her doll Donna. When she properly introduces herself, how she does it? With a full close up of her face.
  • If Bella creeped you out, wait till you meet Geist, the Glanz Empire's Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant. His design in so unnervingly different than most of the game's chibified characters, bordering on the Uncanny Valley as he looks so realistically human. He is covered in blood and tortures his victims endlessly by reversing their wounds and starts the whole process again. He presents himself by doing this to the contestants in Florem and, in an intelligent movement from the developers' malicious minds, his deranged face is shown in close ups when the cutscene plays out without the black textbox border coupled with Slasher Smile and Nightmare Face becoming worse with every shot. Sure, he does have a tragic backstory like many asterisk holders but the first impression will prevail.
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  • Bravely Second ends Chapter 4 with the Kaiser getting away unfought and Anne using the power of the Holy Pillar to erase the moon from existence. This casts an eerie shade of gray across the entire world, and time stands still. Worse yet, venture outside and every random encounter is replaced with a fight against a Ba'al at full strength!
  • Then there is the true Final Boss battle. Providence is the creator of the Ba'als that you fight and during this fight Providence forcefully controls your 3DS to not only make your party members fight each other but also DELETE YOUR SAVE FILE!


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