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Nightmare Fuel / Bravely Default

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Holly Whyte's description of what she'll do to Agnés: have her tortured to the point of death then use her healing magic to fix her so they can start again.
    "Though I fear my magic won't keep the girl's mind intact."
  • Florem is this big time when exploring the Mephilia and Artemia sidequests. The Petalhue hair dye and Spirit hairpin accessories are made from bits and pieces of the creatures the citizens worshipped: Florie wings for hairpins and Orochi snake fluids for the dye. The Florie wings secrete a fluid that brings out a person's desires, corrupting them in the process. The two girls who went to the forest succumbed to the wings and killed each other over it. The Orochi snake extract, called Nidaphyx, is a hallucinogen and drives people mad. Considering what happened to the girls, this would have been Florem's fate had the party not intervened. The Petalhue merchant, working for the Bloodrose Legion said that at the rate it continued, "Florem won't last a month."
    • Two girls - literally children - kill each other with their bare hands over fairy wings while you're standing right there. Since you're fighting Mephilia you don't see it. Not to mention them screeching at each other as they pull a fairy apart between them right before the fight. And Mephilia's obviously insane, chattering on about how much she loves her sister and loves watching people betray and kill each other...and then she says there's another soul inside Tiz, right before she dies. Yeah, that whole scene is terrifying, made somehow worse with the dissonance between the grim goings-on and the fact that this is happening in a bright, colourful forest area.
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    • Artemia the Ranger is pretty creepy as well, having gone completely feral and having practically no sense of free will anymore. What makes it worse is Edea once knew her. Imagine having one of your friends lose their mind and consider you "prey" to "hunt"... Actually the Blood Rose Brigade has Nightmare Fuel aplenty: Fiore DeRosa, source of the Unfortunate Implications entry below, is also a member.
    • During the Fiore DeRosa quest, you can talk to one of the girls who's been subject to his pheremones. It's incredibly horrifying from an Adult Fear point of view, since she sounds scarily similar to a rape victim.
  • Victoria. Just Victoria. Her Lack of Empathy and love of carnage and murder, as well as her contempt towards human life in general, coupled with her child-like appearance make unnerving most of the scenes in which she takes the central stage. In Florem, she kills a woman with some kind of spell destroying the mind and it's implied she did the same thing to two other contestants to win the town's beauty contest.
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  • The game's original superboss, Ba'al i; The Turtle Dove, only received from Spotpass. Its Uncanny Valley appearance brings to mind the witches from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Its battle theme is not the usual Nemesis battle music and is instead a chaotic melody accompanied by Creepy Children Singing.note 
  • The reveal of the Big Bad near the end of the game. It's Airy the Fairy.
  • Airy's roaring in the AR movie. You can hear the chilling sound from just offscreen as Agnés looks visibly terrified, pleading for your help. To make matters worse, it is heavily implied that her friends are currently being slaughtered in the other room and that she knows she doesn't have long before she's next.
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  • The illustration of Airy's Larva form in Ringabel's journal.
  • Alternis Dim's tendency towards Sanity Slippage can be a bit unnerving, especially as it happens a lot. Especially once you realize that it's Ringabel, and Edea points out he almost loses his mind in-game... after he's already lost his memories.
    • Alternis's comment during his first confrontation with Edea on the airship. He says he is not good at holding back, a hint at the the lack of self-restraint and mindset that proves his undoing in numerous worlds (though under the circumstances it's understandable and quite tragic). It's also a rather dark reflection of Ringabel's personality, who is similarly unrestrained in a much more positive - if at times insufferable - sense. Both have good intentions, they just show them...differently.
  • Near the end of the game, Airy's failure to kill the party despite gaining power and full heals from Ouroboros causes him pull a You Have Failed Me on her and devour her... and you get to hear him snack on her...
  • The villain wants to kill everyone in the "Celestial Realm." We see a flash of the Celestial Realm: it is your 3DS camera picture. The Celestial World is our Real Life. If they win, the first person it's going to kill is YOU.
  • During the final battle, Ouroboros will consume entire WORLDS to restore his strength after his regeneration is cut off. How many hundreds of thousands, if not billions does he manage to kill in this time is unknown(not to mention other versions of the characters we've met along the journey and the party themselves).
  • How about when you are starting the True Final Chapter, The End: Bravely Default. The usual chapter title screen appears, with its calm music box tune, and as it fades out—the first thing you see is Airy's Nightmare Face grinning RIGHT AT YOU before she flies around, hailing her victory.
  • The decription of what Qada's WMD precisely does is pretty horrifying, as delivered by one of its undead victims.
  • The theme for the murder mystery sidequest is chilling to the bone.
  • The nemesis bosses can be very unnerving if you think about it. These Eldritch Abominations are emerging from the Great chasm and attacking Norende, requiring the party to fight them off. Each one has a recommended level to fight them at, and you can get ones at a much higher level than the party can ever hope to face. The worse offenders are the (currently) two Ba'al bosses, which have a recommended level of 99.
    • Ba'al's two forms deserve mention as well. Goldie is a giant jewel encrusted goldfish skeleton, and Turtle Dove is a bird skeleton. In a bridal outfit.... What!? And the sequel brings us the whole roster, and they are EVEN WORSE.
  • D's Journal, if you read the whole of it before experiencing events detailed in the entries, as it makes Agnés' quest sound like an evil prophet bringing destruction to the world which is not entirely inaccurate and ends in an ominous dark splatter. Take a closer look: that is Airy's "larval" form.
  • The title screen changing before the end of Chapter 6. When you select your save file, part of the game's subtitle, "WHERE THE FAIRY FLIES", turns blood red and fades away, leaving only some of it left... The spoiler in plain sight the entire game.


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