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Tear Jerker / Bravely Second

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Bittersweet Ending of the demo. Her mission complete, Magnolia returns home, telling Yew that neither one of them have any memories of their time together. After she vanishes and the memory erased, Yew finds himself standing alone and holding a flowernote , asking himself:
    Yew: I can't help but feel as if something sad just happened. Why do I feel so hollow? It's as if someone ripped my heart from my chest...
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  • Norzen's death by Minette's hands.
  • Beating Mephilia is bittersweet because she had just regained a good part of her sanity in the hopes of moving past her broken and bitter history, only for you to rip her new goal away.
    Mephilia: My... sage... My... sister... My... Suleiman....
    • This also implies that Sage Yulyana died off-screen during the Time Skip at worst, or she feels abandoned by them all at best. Bestiary commentary all but says he's left to go to a different planet entirely, but that still means he left behind people who cared about him like Mephilia.
  • Beating Holly Whyte is also bittersweet because, similar to Mephilia, she show cases she feels abandoned by the men in her life as well.
    Holly Whyte: Barras... My boys... Grandpa... Why have you all... gone and left me...?
    • Convincing the Old Man to sell house will cause the little girl to run away from her Grandpa in tears, and even Edea will feel bad about trampling over Holly's feelings.
  • Minette's death is bitter on everyone, more so since she is simply doing what she's told because the Kaiser treats her well. The cats mourn her death, and even Janne is upset upon arriving too late.
  • The scene where, during the festival, Magnolia is informed of the Accidental Proposal. It's a bit sad seeing her looking upset.
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  • Yew's backstory with his brother. He only wanted him to come home after his father kicked him out for not having the full-blood of their family, even if it meant paying with his life, yet the sword took away his brother's sword-arm instead and disappeared. It was All for Nothing in the end.
  • The battle with Ba'al Diamante, once you understand its significance. Diamante represents the Darkest Hour in Altair and Vega's relationship; the moment when Altair left for Luxendarc, and Vega was mistakenly left behind. The background imagery is especially heart-wrenching, depicting Vega helplessly raising her hand at Altair's ship blasting off into the sky, with her newly bought wedding ring twinkling on her finger.
  • Aimee's devotion to Angelo was absolute, but in the first loop he simply calls her useless to the end for falling in battle. Yet, when he received a message she shot from her last battle, it ends up being the only thing to stop him from committing suicide. Angelo is actually driven to tears once he reads of her love towards him.
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  • Nikolai's death. His final moments were spent giving Yew a So Proud of You speech at growing up.
  • Revenant is ultimately just a little boy who wants his daddy and fighting the party because he'll never see him again. No one is happy to have to deal with him, much less Edea (who struck the killing blow to stop Geist from killing another little boy). Hearing him crying he doesn't want to disappear is heartbreaking...
  • Janne's death. He was so sick of the world being rotten that he was willing to stake his life on destroying it and starting anew, even if he wouldn't be around to see it. Yet, he couldn't help but give Yew words of encouragement and a So Proud of You speech for winning their duel.
    • When defeating Nikolai and Janne in the second timeline, when asked about his reasons on joining the Empire... Janne's explanation has his voice breaking in the English version. It's not hard to imagine that, once Yew points out how damaging revenge is, Janne's near tears once he asks what he should do.
  • Siding with DeRosa in his Side Quest causes the Oasis to dry out, meaning you are damning the people of the desert. Jackal promptly calls out What the Hell, Hero?, and unlike other examples there's nothing offsetting the damage done.
    • Siding against DeRosa had a bitter sweet end in regards to the student whom DeRosa had helped in supporting the somnial energy for. If you speak to that student when the side quest is over, you can't help but shed a bit of tear at how heartbroken they were...
  • Ringabel leaving Edea again at the end of Yoko's quest.
  • You can inspect one of the graves when you finally get to Caldisla to find that Owen, the Innkeeper’s son from the previous game, is buried there. The active party member will comment, calling him a hero.
    • The party can also comment on Til's grave, and the player can get an especially sad remark from Tiz, who is beating himself up for forgetting his little brother even existed.

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