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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The demo had some hilarious moments, to note a few:
    • Magnolia's introduction in the demo. Summed up perfectly by Janne's reaction:
      Janne: (Okay, everyone... Don't make eye contact. Let's just walk away...)
    • Also from the demo: Agnès's entire "I Have This Friend..." claim and lament upon believing that Magnolia (also) has No Sense of Direction.
    • After Handsome Lech DeRosa assists the party against the final asterisk user in the demo, we get this exchange:
      DeRosa: Now that I've helped you, I do believe a thank you kiss is in order.
      Magnolia: Why, certainly! Yew, go right ahead!
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    • One of the playable characters is Nikolai. One of the useable jobs is Performer. The sight of the Stalwart Aurochs striking a pose with spotlights and crowd cheers is hilarious.
  • The bestiary entries of the demo also gave us a rare opportunity to see the Three Cavaliers (and Magnolia) banter.
    • The Imperial Desert Sniper's entry has them compare the mook to Aimee; Janne voices his preference for facing Aimee, who fights head-on, over the mook, who hides in the shadows.
      Magnolia: So you're saying Aimee is your kind of woman, oui?
      Yew: If that is true, Janne, you should try talking to her if we run into her again.
      Janne: Huh? Yeah... well... I guess... Wait, NO! No way!
    • Praline's entry has Janne and Yew decrying her voice as "nails on a chalkboard" and her music as "stupid pop jingles".
      Nikolai: Ahem. I happen to have a large collection of those so-called "stupid pop jingles", sung by the chalkboard screecher herself.
      Janne: Y-You do? Er, well, okay... Yew, you wanna finish up? (the entry stops there)
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    • Gets a followup in the game proper, where Yew reveals that Nikolai had Praline posters on the walls of his room in Gathelatio. How did Janne not know Nikolai was a Praline fan?
    • The entry on Myconids devolves into culinary practices. Apparently, Janne is a fan of grilled mushroom.
    • The bullet ant gets mention of a "syringe-like mouth" in the first line of its entry.
      Nikolai: I feel like I should know this, but what's a syringe?
      Magnolia: It's a scientific tool. You use it for drawing liquids out of bottles and things.
      Janne: Ah, that takes me back to my days studying pharmacy, firing aspir compound fluids at the other students in the lab.
      • Reprised almost wotd-for-word in the full game, with Tiz asking for the definition... and Altair reminiscing about the aspir compound spray-fight.
  • Cú Chullain loudly proclaiming that Bella is a master of the art of ventriloquism. Not only does she drop Donna right after, during the battle, she doesn't bother with the spooky reverb she was doing for the doll's voice.
    • Cú Chullain referring to ventriloquism as if it is a secret magical art is amusing on its own. Even more so is the fact that "Ventriloquism" actually is the penultimate skill that the Wizard class can learn.
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    • Bella trying to introduce herself as the bearer of the Wizard asterisk, only to glare at Yew and correct herself to former bearer, can be a bit funny for players who had Yew as a Wizard at the time.
  • After recovering Tiz, the party tries to get through the upper floors, but guards are seen patrolling the halls. How does the game deal with the situation, you ask?
    • And in the Japanese version, Tiz simply chanted for the guards to go away. They work!
    • What makes this additionally hilarious is that after this cut-scene is over, you get a tutorial revealing that how the encounter rates work is because of Tiz's Jedi Mind Trick.
  • The written banter on the Bestiary is the source of much slapstick and other humor:
    • Many of the entries have Altair chime in for the last note to provide extra information and dispel any misconceptions the others have purported. However, for the alraune, Tiz observes that alraune petals were chewed as a proto-energy drink of sorts, and Yew points out that they're used in ethers.
      Edea: I tried chewing the petals! They tasted horrible, but I was so energized I couldn't move, and my eyes locked open, big as saucers!
      Altair: Are you sure that wasn't the Paralyzing Pollen?
    • Edea claiming, in the Zombie Shark entry, that nobody would ever try to cook and eat it. Not even a nibble with a little butter and garlic.
    • Yew getting constantly reprimanded for being distracted by the Succubus and Mummy line of monsters, until Edea and Magnolia admit that a Melusine managed to charm them as well.
    • The party's comments for the Iron Man (II) E-type entry. There's also the fact that Yew (and by an extent, the party) calls the Iron Man robots a toad and also poking fun in their designs in almost all the Iron Man robot entries.
      Tiz: But look at its eyes and that color. I'd say it's more like a clockwork Harena desert toad.
      Magnolia: Right... a desert toad that opens up its chest and tries to blast you to bits with machine guns.
    • In the Gargantua entry, Magnolia and Edea talk about the monster as if they were baseball speakers, leaving Yew so confused he can't even bring himself to finish the second page of the entry (which usually is a serious recap of the information on the first one).
    • Norzen's entry:
      Edea: You're putting Professor Norzen in the Bestiary?
    • Bismarck's entry devolves into the party discussing whether or not he likes large cardboard boxes.
  • On seeing the tiny image of Agnès in Yew's pendant, Magnolia cheerfully observes that "You have a little girl!"
  • One of the early talks you can have with Agnès mentions an old superstition the populace followed: if the wind vestal could find her way to the Wind Temple without getting lost that day, it would be a good day to visit the Wind Temple. Agnès cheerily remarks that the custom faded out of practice some time back; instead, the people now wait to see if the pope can find her way to the temple. At this point Agnès realizes that the whole thing is based after her poor sense of direction and sighs, "Never mind."
  • Quoth Anne: "Cú Chullain, how many times must we tell you to open the door, not obliterate it."
  • When Kamizumi speaks of his boat as a mighty vessel, the party initially has high-hopes. Then it turns out to be a dingy that is constantly taking on water and on the verge of capsizing every rough wave, forcing Edea to plug the holes as they steer while Magnolia has a blast.
    Edea: "Mighty galleon", my behind!
  • Magnolia getting jealous over Rifa glomping onto Yew.
  • Try to go into Ancheim before Norzen's sandstorm, and you get a guard turning them away. Apparently, he's been having visitors claiming Tiz and Edea's names. Understandable enough, but then he mentions that he also turned away a guy who claimed to know Jackal - and had a "sundial or something" on his head. In other words, Khamer tried to get into Ancheim and the guard didn't recognize him.
  • While visiting the desert and musing on the Jackal working to police the desert, Tiz and Edea are having a serious discussion... while Yew and Magnolia are playing pretend.
    Yew: I am the guardian of the sands!
    Magnolia: And I am Princess Ariane of the Moon Desert! You shall never take my land from me!
    Yew: Say farewell, wicked princess of the Moon Desert!
    Magnolia: Aieeeee!
  • Professor Fiore DeRosa assists a scholar trying to lecture Agnès' Avengers on somnial energy.
    Research Student: It doesn't pollute the air, unlike fossil fuels. And unlike the crystals, there's no danger of it running out of control.
    DeRosa: In theory, at least.
    Research Student: Er, once refined, it emits a fixed quantity of energy. It's easy to control, and mass production is a cinch.
    DeRosa: Again, in theory. During the refining process, the energy is highly unstable. The slightest mistake could trigger an explosion capable of leveling the entire city. No explanation of somnial energy is complete without mentioning that particular point.
    Research Student: In- In theory!
  • Magnolia and Edea falling asleep during a lecture on the Wellspring Gem.
  • Anytime someone mentions Ba'al Busting.
    Magnolia: I'm Magnolia Arch, and it's time to bust some Ba'als!
  • The Umbrella of Togetherness scene. Leaving aside the fact that they're the very umbrellas that made up the "spikes" of the Ba'al they just defeated, Magnolia is initially clueless to the implications until Edea tells her, and then starts pushing harder to where Yew starts blushing.
    • And then when Tiz tries offering his umbrella, Edea retaliates... violently.
    Tiz: Aww, look! My umbrella's broken!
    Tiz: But you drop-kicked me!
    Edea: Hand, leg, what's the difference? [...] You've made your bed, now get soaked in it.
    Rifa: Hear, hear!
    Tiz: What did I do now?
  • Edea trying so very hard to put couples with unspoken feelings together and share romantic moments. She ships Yew and Magnolia so hard that shipping Tiz with Agnès is less important to her. It comes to the point she enjoys watching them all squirm and blush.
  • Pudgius Bismol immediately becomes submissive when talking to Yew and learning he had a total of six stars upon graduation.
    • To anyone who has been on either side of such a situation, that high-pitched, breathless squeal that comes out of Bismol's mouth is priceless.
  • Just about everything to do with Chompcraft.
    • The acquisition scene with the owlman. He scares the crap out of Magnolia.
    • While working, everyone has their own task: Magnolia cuts the cloth into pieces that can make effective spheres, Tiz sews the pieces together and stuffs them with wool, Edea glues two spheres together to form the Chomper's head and body, and Yew paints them to look like Chompers (and somehow adds legs).
      • After finishing her cuts, Magnolia spins around with a flourish to show off the two pieces... tossing the scissors up in the process. The scissors then impale themselves in the table in front of her.
      • Out of all of them, Edea is the only one whose animation has her sweating. Yes, the Knights-Captain of the Eternian Ducal Guard (and one of the four Warriors of Light who defeated Ouroboros) has to exert herself to glue a pair of wool-filled cloth orbs together.
    • There's also the fact that Chompcraft displays your current jobs and outfits. This can lead to such actions as Magnolia and Tiz doing fine textile work in full plate, Edea carelessly throwing a bottle full of glue with much skin exposed, and Yew painting green Chompers - or pink Chompettes, or black and purple Guzzlers! - in a white ensemble.
    Adam Savage: Look at that. White shirt, black paint.
  • Kaiser Oblivion praising Minette.
    Kaiser: Who's a good kitty now? Who's a good widdle kitty?
    Minette: Purrrrr...! Thank you, Your Meowjesty!
    • In a moment of Meta funny, the Kaiser's English voice is Cam Clarke, who also happened to be the voice of Simba in various spin-offs. Suddenly makes a lot sense for why the Kaiser would have an affinity for cats.
    • Anne finds the Kaiser's consent to let Minette call him "Your Meowjesty" absolutely hilarious.
  • What leads to Yew's first conversation with Altair? He can't sleep before the trip to Eisen... and the rest of the party starts sleep-talking.
    Edea: Yew... Don't eat that bomb fragment...
    Magnolia: It'll be fine... with a some gravy on it... He mustn't give up... without even trying...
    Yew: Are they dreaming the same dream? And more importantly, what am I doing eating bomb fragments?
  • There's a hilarious little Rewatch Bonus in Hartschild with Angelo if you're not on your first time through. Angelo offers his cakes to all of Hartschild to "send them to heaven", and quickly makes himself popular. Yew and crew step up to his shop, and Angelo has the perfect opportunity to get him out of the empire's hair... until he mentions that he's got five cakes left, one each for Yew, Edea, Magnolia, Tiz, and Yoko. When his crowd hears that, they immediately turn Not Always Right and demand that he sell the last few cakes to them.
  • There's an easy-to-miss tent event in Everlast Tower (once you have the Rubadub for sea travel) where everyone discusses their drink choices.
    • Tiz has a nice cup of coffee for what seems to be the first time since Default and enjoys it... then observes that Edea still puts way too much sugar in hers.
    Edea: It was never half the cup! ...At least not when I'm having cake on the side.
    • Like Agnès in Default, Yew prefers tea over coffee. Unlike Agnès in Default, Edea proceeds to mock him for the tastes of nobility.
    Yew: You act like I'm some kind of snob. I just like what I like, that's all.
    • Magnolia reveals that the Moon doesn't have tea or coffee. Tiz describes it as "boiling leaves or beans until the water turns brown, then you drink it" before he and Yew get on a tangent about societal norms.
    Magnolia: Je ne comprends! You lost me at "boiling leaves"...
    • Rather than try to elaborate on the explanation, they let her sample one of each; Magnolia finds a cup of (black) coffee bitter, but energizing, whereas Yew's tea is aromatic and warms her from the inside. Ultimately, her drink of choice is...
    Yew, Tiz, and Edea: W-Water?!
  • Scenes involving Sergeant Sapp and Private Piddler tend to be funny, especially when their Image Song, also heard when fighting Superd'nought Bael and Vucub Caquix, starts playing. After their second fight, Nikolai actually shakes his head in disappointment.
    • When Janne runs into them at the Ancheim Grand Mill Works and calls them incompetent, Piddler apologizes... for their current lack of copper tents.
    • What makes it better is that they sing their own theme song... until they start arguing.
    • Piddler gets a Morse code message during/immediately after the battle with Bael and apparently decodes it by ear. He gets it pretty close, but still has plenty of misinterpretation.
    Sky fold diam an te sails fro next ob ject ive at dawn. Or something like that, sir.
    Ret urn post faste or be ab and doned. I don't wanna be ab or doned, sir!
    Furtfer more do not let unit fallin to ene my f ands. ...The end.
    Ands what? Talk about a cliffhanger, sir. Oh, wait, there's also something about a cow-ert marty-al and a firing squid...
    • Speaking of Vucub Caquix, their entire involvement in the automaton is hilarious.
    Piddler: We're flying, sir! We're really flying! When did you learn how to fly this thing, sir?
    Sapp: I-I didn't, Private.
    Sapp: No, I mean, I don't know how to fly it, Private! We'd just got back from Eisenberg when they strapped us to the back of this thing and said "Liftoff!" I-I thought maybe you were driving it.
    Piddler: M-me, sir? I can't even drive an apple cart, sir. Look, ma, no hands!
    • And when Vucub Caquix gets defeated, we get confirmation that they're still alive when Nikolai calls the automaton incompetent.
    Piddler: (from above) I'll have you know, I brought plenty of copper tents this time, sir!
    Sapp: Put a sock in it, Private.
  • Once you get past the Water Temple battle, the group finds that the Holy Pillar has been opened up. Unfortunately, they have no way of pursuing the Skyhold. Then what happens? The flipping bath ship comes flying straight towards the Water Temple at high speeds! Sure, we've seen this with Grandship in the last game, but at least that actually looked like a blimp, meaning having it fly was logical. But the thought of what was once the bath house, then a ship, then an airship that flies solely with the melted walls of Sagitta is completely absurd and is good for some laughs.
  • The conflict quest in Grandship is over the absurd taxes (read: a slice of bread costs 5000 pg) that fund the nation's poor laws. Alternis (who has some experience in poverty, to put it lightly) refuses to give up the nation's poor laws; meanwhile, Khamer is much more concerned with the fact that the nation is going bankrupt. The funny part comes when Alternis questions about alternatives. With a completely straight face, Khamer mentions that Grandship could, conceivably, find a sunken galley overflowing with gold, "like last month".
    • At the end of that sidequest, whoever Edea sides with tries to take their ideas further than is reasonable (Alternis suggests inflating the poor laws even further, Khamer starts thinking about getting Grandship airborne again), only for Edea to reprimand them. Khamer listens. Alternis does not. There's something amusing about the guy who once offered to drain the coffers of Ancheim to have Edea killed being more willing to listen to her than the guy who personally fancies her.
  • At the end of Chapter 4, upon the destruction of the moon and the halting of the passage of time, a citizen of Florem has this to say:
  • During chapter 5, the party decides to goof around with the pendant shards Agnès distributed among the alliance's central command figures, up to and including brief idle calls to a few of their colleagues. It leads to this after their main objective gets fed up with their constant talks:
    Yew: So, who do we call next? How about Lotus-
    • Before that, Altair shows up to lecture the party on phone bills.
  • Edea struggling to explain wind power to Magnolia. She tries to show-off, but when it gets to be too much, she quickly tries to back off.
    Edea: Tiz! Magnolia is picking on me!
    Tiz: That's what you get for showing off.
  • Yoko names Yew her husband. Cue Magnolia being jealous and him not knowing what the heck is going on.
  • Even Aimee sees the blossoming relationship between Magnolia and Yew before the latter does.
    Aimee: Ahaha! Awww, ain't you just the cutest!? Friend or foe, there's nothin' like seein' two sweethearts in love!
    Magnolia: Oh my...
  • Holly Whyte apparently grabbed Erutus Profiteur by the lapels and shook him like a limp-fish over him harassing an old man and his granddaughter to sell him their shack.
  • Magnolia says that Profiteur has a "funny accent", implying that it's so thick that not even a native French speaker can tell what it is.
  • The Hot Springs Episode in Yunohana. It begins with the girls telling the guys not to peek, only for them to peek. Yew, in a moment of being a Covert Pervert, decides that they should show off their muscles to the girls. Tiz and Danzaburo naturally refuse. Then, when they warn them not to peek again, he suggest doing so anyway since he figures its reverse psychology. Danzaburo warns against it, because his sister is part of that group and if he insists they'll have to fight him. Yew reconsiders quickly.
    • The idea that Danzaburo wears his blades to the bath is hilarious (if not unprecedented).
  • Artemia initially mistakes Edea for a delivery girl. Her line sells it beautifully:
    Artemia: Edea have new job? Grand marshal's daughter delivery girl? Luxendarc economy very harsh...f
  • The Sherlock Holmes and Watson expies in the Yunohana Side Quest.
  • Starkfort (For Sale By Owner)
  • Barbarossa ends up becoming a Praline fan if you side with her during their Side Quest.
    • Alternatively, his rant about Praline's choreography if you side with him during their Side Quest the second time around. It's not the tune or the lyrics that bother him, it's that Praline's a bad dancer, and he insists on teaching her in order to fix that.
    • How about the fact the two sing their versions of the song if you fight them? They hijack 'That Person's Name Is..' with opera or J-Pop while trying to beat you up!
  • The argument between the two factions on the Florem School. They both sink so low it's hilarious. More so considering that both of them were part the Duchy in the last game (Sky Knights for one, Blood Rose Legion for the other), and whoever wins the argument will chase after the one who lost because they had Belligerent Sexual Tension.
    • At this point, the party knows they'll end up in a fight with the losing faction and plans accordingly. They just want to get it over with.
  • Einheria is in Florem for lessons on how to be more womanly to find a husband. The moment that she gets outed, she Jumps out of there in a panic.
    • The distressed, borderline-hysteric noise she makes when doing so is also worth a laugh.
  • Everyone in Saggita speaks French (Or English if you play the game in Japanese audio). Procyon, not realizing that residents of Fort-Lune also speak French, makes some rather less-than-pleasant comments about the visitors.
    Procyon (in French): Papa, why is his [Tiz] hair so funny?
    Lotus (in French): Don't be rude. It must be all the rage down there.
    Magnolia (also in French): It really isn't, you know.
    Procyon (in English) Waah! She speaks our language!
    Magnolia (also in English) I most certainly do...despite my strange looks.
  • Remember the Conductor's Baton from the first game? Yeah, Edea turns out to have eaten it by accident. One priceless artifact gone. She and Tiz decide not to mention it to Yew, who is a huge fan of the man it belonged to.
  • Norzen apparently put Datz into a sleeper hold and then spun him around, before pile-driving him in the end to get the Soulstone.
  • Alternis tries to propose to Edea in battle again over the Poor Laws in his Side Quest.
    Edea: This isn't the time for proposals, you ninny!
    Alternis: Ungh... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    • With the right (or wrong, perhaps) ability and some RNG luck, this can sometimes be followed by a moment of perfect comedic timing. If Alternis uses Minus Strike immediately after his Big "NO!" and hits someone with Damage Dispersion, it is entirely likely that he might wipe the entire party in the process. Guess Alternis still doesn't take rejection well...
  • In Chapter 5, when you re-do the Holly/Profiteur sidequest, Holly tries to ruin Profiteur's plan by single-handedly consuming all of the beer and sausages in Eisenberg just so that he will have no product to export and therefore have no reason to go through with his development plan. If you side with Profiteur, she is extremely drunk when she shows up to attack the party.
  • During the dinner with Denys in Chapter 5, Agnès - talking to Magnolia - stumbles while inquiring about "You and... er, Yew."
  • The final side quest is a bunch of this despite how Darker and Edgier it is:
    • You have a tent conversation with Ringabel spending time with the party. They then try calling Agnès to see him again, only to find Alternis on the line and informing that she was taking a bath at the moment. Without missing a cue, Ringabel orders his double to immediately take the pendant to her, which makes Edea turn the pendant off and give Ringabel a(n off-screen) Megaton Punch.
    • The boss battle has Ringabel constantly pulling off Big Damn Heroes moments with special after special blow, all of them with cheesy one-liners involving his preference in women. The last one is the only unique one in the game where he and Edea stand next to each other, with him declaring they're a deadly and sexy combination put together. She, of course, tells him to stuff it.
  • The Enopu Mushroom's entry in the journal.
  • While you fight Aimee and Angelo in the second loop, Kamiizumi ends up eating inspect the secret behind their enemy's confectionary skills. He claims to have discovered the secret ingredient in his last bite... yogurt.
  • Edea leaned to cook Ducal Guard cuisine from Heinkel, who learned from her father. This involves cooking using shields to grill scallops and helmets to house miso-soup. Including Yew's prized collection.
  • Starting in Chapter 5, the armoury in Chompshire holds weapons and shields used by new and returning asterisk holders, the descriptions of which are quite amusing - and all the moreso when they're the best equipment money can buy.
    • Barras' hands are available as knuckles. "Whoever thought this was a good idea shall remain a mystery."
    • Heinkel's sword is named "Shieldcutter", and his shield is named "Unbreakable". He's rather less-than-fond about the ensuing jokes.
    • Khamer apparently wants to hold his clock-hand sword in front of his clock-face helmet and announce "It is now six o'clock!"
    • There's a rod based after Donna, Bella's doll. It was apparently designed as a joke by an imperial weaponsmith. Bella was not amused, and cast Shining Mist over him for three days.
    • The face-idol that Norzen wears on his chest is available as a shield. Supposedly, people meeting the Big Guy for the first time have a tendency to mistake it for a mask and address it instead of the professor's face, leading to quite possibly the only non-sexual version of My Eyes Are Up Here.
  • An extreme meta example for people who played the prequel and reached the final chapter's first event of Second: being woken up by Karl in Caldisla had many people screaming when they thought they all had been trapped in yet another series of loops... in the prequel's past!
  • Talking to the townsfolk in Caldisla generates some hilarious dialogue as they remember Ringabel:
    Woman in Caldislia: Oh! I remember you! You’re the rather plain friend of that dashing fellow who used to come here. I do miss his visits... He was so very... dashing.
  • A more macabre example, but the player can stumble across two graveyards over the course of the game, and can find the same item in both. What is the item in question? A Phoenix Down...
  • Like its predecessor, characters using Bravely Second will cycle through quotes. Many of Tiz's new quotes were making fun of his occupation as a shepherd, with him counting sheep, dozing off as a result, and this:
    Tiz: Limit break: Omnishear!
    • And returning full force is Tiz's legendary set of Bravely Second quotes:
    Tiz: This one's for Yew!
    Tiz: THIS one's for Magnolia!
    Tiz: And THIS is for Edea!
    Tiz: And THIS ONE'S for FRIEND-BOT!!!!!!

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