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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Right off the start of the game, the first thing you do once you have control of Yew? You make your way out House Geneolgia into Gathelatio. Once you have Janne and Nikolai, you make your way to Pilgrim's Grove. The mapping of Second is a far cry from Default's, and it's a wonder to play through.
  • How does Edea Lee make her grand entrance? By swooping in heroically and saving Yew from Bella.
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  • The entire mid-game twist. That "Eureka!" Moment when you realise what you have to do, the tension as you sit through the opening sequence again and wonder if you're even doing the right thing, and then the payoff: your leveled-up, buff and tough heroes from File 1 descend from the sky and proceed to kick Kaiser Oblivion's booty.
  • Any time Ringabel plays Big Damn Heroes.
    • His Badass Boast when facing Geist:
      Ringabel: This is the way of the dark knight! Gladly I give my own life to vanquish my foe!
      Ringabel: Care to wager on which comes first? Me running out of life to give... Or you falling to my blade?
    • Yoko's Evil Gloating and Ringabel's last-minute rescue of Edea in Vampire Castle.
      Yoko has been subtly jabbing at Edea since they met, and finally, on the penultimate floor of the castle, she attacks her mentally, brutally breaking down her resolve, taunting her and claiming that the one she loves has abandoned her. Cue Ringabel swooping in to comfort her and drive the Yokai back.
      Yoko: Loneliness. That is what you feel, deep in your heart. You will never see him again...the one you cared for more than anyone else in this world. And what hurts most of all, is that he chose to leave you. This is your truth. Is it not, Edea? (Cue Love's Vagrant as Ringabel appears out of nowhere)
      Ringabel: I'm sorry. It isn't like me to keep a lady waiting.
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  • Danzaburo cutting Aimee's bullets in half.
  • Don't let the above fool you into thinking Aimee's a chump, though. She's badass. Her shots never miss. She's introduced sniping Yew in the shoulder while he was on top of the giant clock in Ancheim...while she was on Eisen Bridge, halfway across the world. Improbable Aiming Skills don't even begin to explain that. Maybe even better; she can change the direction a bullet travels in mid-air. No, not like in Wanted, where they curve bullets. Her bullets can just change angles seamlessly, breaking so many laws of physics that it goes from cool to awesome. In terms of cutscenes alone, none of her bullets ever miss unless they are blocked by soldiers who are guarding themselves. In the first loop, her last shot is by far her greatest. You can go through as many as two more sidequests (in two rather long dungeons) and are required to go through another dungeon for the main story before you confront Angelo. At least two cycles of day and night will happen between the time you fight Aimee and then fight Angelo. You fight Angelo indoors, and when you finish him off, he grabs a cake that will make him a ghost to commit suicide...only for the bullet Aimee fired just before she died at the end of her boss fight to come hurtling down and shoot the cake out of his hand. This awesome scene transitions into a touching one where Aimee proclaims how much she loved Angelo, giving him the strength to go on. But it must be stressed; that bullet had to have been flying at least two days before manuvering itself inside a building and then above Angelo so that it could strike the cake out of his hand and give him her ring. Aimee Matchlock may just be the greatest sharpshooter in fiction.
    • Perhaps the ultimate testament to how badass she is; remember how Praline held off the entire Eisen army last game simply by singing, causing her troops to become so bolstered they wouldn't die? Aimee tops that. She goes up against an entire army alone, and has been keeping them pinned down for what's implied to at least be weeks.
  • Another for Edea. Separated from the rest of the group in Florem, Edea decides to fight Geist alone. And the dialogue implies that she beats him up fair and square. He only recovers with the use of Undo, and gets a cheap shot in...only for Alternis to step in and continue the fight. He gets the crap beaten out of him by Geist... before pointing out that the more he gets hurt, the stronger his attacks are. He then Minus Strikes Geist, critically wounding him, and calls the guy out, challenging Geist to try and keep hurting him and see how far it will get him. Realizing he can't take Edea and Alternis two-on-one, Geist flees immediately. The duo are considered so heroic by the townspeople of Florem they're named Flower Maiden and Bloom Groom on the spot.
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  • The cutscene between Yew and Janne during their final duel in the first loop.
  • One for Anne, after she has sent the Kaiser and Agnes into the future instead of the past, and sent the moon to another world, she then turns to the player and reprises her lines from the beginning of the first game.
  • The best part of the start of Chapter 5 is a particularly harsh revelation that Kaiser Oblivion cottons on to:
    • First thing Denys does when he gets back to the Skyhold is to verify the extent of Janne and Nikolai's memory recollection, the extent of which tells him that if they recall their deaths in the past world(s), then the protagonists' memories are wholly intact as well, which means his entire scheme is an open book.
    • Awesomeness ensues as the party proceeds to wreak havoc upon the evil plan, locking out control over the crystals, the compass of space and time and the Skyhold's own freedom of movement, with which the commanders of the Empire are intercepted and apprehended, up to and including Denys himself.
    • Anne's monologue in Chapter 6 has her vehemently complaining about how badly her entire scheme has flown the coop and, like Ba'al i: Turtle Dove, met a messy end at the party's hands.
      • Also on that note, for those who consider the Ultra Mega Waifu Chicken a major pain in the ass in Default, you get to violently widow it in Chapter 6 as part of the story.
  • Denys cutting off Anne's brooch before she can blow up the moon again after she starts boasting.
    Denys: Denied!
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment: In the final battle against Providence, he starts to screw up the game, nearly deleting all your save files. Yew realizes what Providence was talking about in the nick of time and breaks down the fourth wall to reach out to you, saying that he'll stand by you no matter how many times he falls or how strong the enemy is. He then uses the hourglass to give you a second chance at the fight... but not before Agnes, Janne, Nikolai, and most of the rest of the new jobmasters give you words of encouragement, expressing their gratitude that you were willing to play through the entire game to see their redemption, and cheer you on to strike down the false god, culminating in Denys himself telling you to watch over his brother before sending you back. Just as you pulled them from the darkness, they now aid you in your greatest time of need, giving you the power to break free of Providence's control and the motivation to see the story to its conclusion.
    • Awesome moment for Square, too: they managed to make total fragmentation of the fourth wall heartwarming.
    • Providence's death. Seeing the asshole finally get a taste of his own despair is extremely satisfying, after all the shit he did to Vega.
  • You remember how, in Bravely Default, Tiz was given a Strange Hourglass by the mysterious adventurer? It's actually this game's upgraded SP Hourglass!
    • This Call-Back is paid off in an even more awesome way. Altair's spirit has left Tiz, meaning he's going to die. That is unless they use the SP in the Hourglass to save him. But there isn't enough in the Hourglass... yet. However, when it's taken back in time, becoming the Strange Hourglass, it can be retrieved in the present... with plenty of SP to do the miracle.
    • If you replay Bravely Default, you'll note that when Deneb gives the Strange Hourglas to Tiz, she has this to say:
      Adventurer: This is hope, you see. It's from those who care about you.

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