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Nightmare Fuel / Final Fantasy Type-0

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Seeing teenagers getting mowed down by the hundreds during a war setting. The Militesi Empire doesn't really hesitate to kill children either.
    • At one point in the intro, you see one of said teenagers squirming around while on FIRE.
  • There's something unsettling about absorbing your dying enemy as mana. Bonus points for them exploding into red mist afterwards.
    • And when you get a Game Over, your character is surrounded by a blue smoke... which almost means the enemy is going to do the same thing with you... until NPCs in the game say that only the Magic Bureau, Class Zero cadets and black market traders know how to gather Phantoma, or even know it's existence
  • The Dracobaltians. They appear during the battle of Judecca. They are these zombie-like things that attack you out of nowhere. If they catch you, the animation shows them gripping you in a hug and they seem to feed off you a bit before throwing you back down. And they seem to like hanging around in underground places.
    • Zombie-like isn't the full extent of it. While they're very much cannibalistic former humans, what makes them truly scary is that they can talk to you (or, they may just giggle maniacally at you as a taunt), and none of what they say is particularly comforting. Oh, and sometimes, they'll talk at you while hidden from sight, so you have no idea where they are.
    "Feed... Me...!"
    "It hurts... Make it stop...!!"
  • Gala. His method for opening Etro's gate involves killing EVERYBODY IN ORIENCE. He hates mortals and sees them as nothing but tools he can use.
  • Lady Caetuna shattering to pieces after turning to crystal because of too much strain from summoning Alexander. Doubles as Tear Jerker because she seems to calmly accept this.
  • the Rursan Reavers. They are giants with BFS who appear when Tempus Finis arrives and kill thousands of people without breaking much of a sweat.
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  • Tempus Finis. Red skies, bloody rain, the end of the world as we know it...
  • The fact that Orience has been stuck in the same cycle of war for thousands of years.
  • Sometimes if you knock over an enemy soldier, they start crawling away from you while yelling for you to stop. My God, What Have I Done??
  • During the Code Crimson mission Operation Vulturnus, when you beat Konoha, she will have her dragon take record of the memory of the battle that are apparently etched in her body somehow. How does she do this? Who knows, because the screen fades to black and all you hear are squelching and crunching noises. Just what did the dragon do?! Then it shows Sice and Trey looking in shock and not being able to remember what they did, who they spoke to and what just happened because of the whole crystal erasing memories of the dead thing.
    • That's not the crystal's work: she chose to steal Class Zero's memory of the battle rather than accept defeat.
      • It sounds like Konoha got her dragon to eat her, since she was already dying. Her death would automatically have the crystal erase Trey and Sice's memories.
  • The death of the King of Concordia. He is eaten alive by dracobaltians because of a curse he unwittingly triggers in himself, which draws the dracobaltians straight to him. He may have been a selfish Jerkass, but that is still a horrible way to die.
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  • Kazusa knocking you out when you visit with different characters. What is he doing to you while you're knocked out?
  • Cid's suicide.
  • This entire setting as a whole is frightening. Like a lot of stuff intended for young adults, the cast is 16 and 17. And like a lot of works made for young adults? The cast engages in battle and all sorts of Troubling Unchildlike Behavior. UNlike those works? This is not glorified. At all. Characters are forcibly having their memories erased specifically to remove their emotional attachments and keep them able to fight better. They go to school and only learn about weapons, magic, and warfare. Because people enter their teen years and are their strongest at magic, they're sent to war. The opening shows just how deadly this is - with teenagers getting gunned down left and right. And that's pretty much all they know. While many other War Is Hell works show how peoples' lives are cut short by war, this game shows how many of these children literally know nothing BUT war. There is a scene in the ending where, the war is over and the characters are hallucinating in their classroom and... they don't know what they will do after the war. Even when they suggest studying something else, they're all confused at what there is... or why anyone would visit Concordia or Milites for fun.


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