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  • All-Star Cast: The Japanese version features many prominent voice actors, to the point that the final trailer before the release date consists of introducing the Loads and Loads of Characters alongside the names of who provides the voice for them.
  • Dummied Out: The first demo for the game has a player character model for Carla in its files, implying she may have been playable or useable as a guest party member at some point in development.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Card-kun for the Ace, who wields playing cards as his weapon. Turns out the developers called him that too.
    • Before the character names were divulged, everyone was some degree of [weapon]-[honorific].
    • The developers' nickname for Queen was "Class President."
  • Fan Translation: A mostly completed version by SkyBladeCloud and team was released in June 2014. Two days later, Type-0 HD and Agito were announced for localization, and the patch has since been taken down at Square Enix's request.
  • Late Export for You: The game was notably that one Final Fantasy title that had gone without an English translation/localization for three years since its release. Still a better case than Final Fantasy III, however.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Ace, Machina, and Rem are playable characters in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, which got a localized release in September 2014. This was the first appearance of Final Fantasy Type-0 in English before its own localized release.
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  • No Export for You: The Mobile Phone Game Final Fantasy Agito, the re-release, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, and the relaunched game, Final Fantasy Awakening. Neither version made it to North America and Europe.
  • Preview Piggybacking: A number of people on gaming websites have mentioned that they're mostly interested in buying the game for the exclusive demo of Final Fantasy XV, Episode Duscae.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Kurasame's English voice actor, Robbie Daymond, has stated in an interview that he has been a longtime fan of Final Fantasy; specifically, Final Fantasy X was what inspired him to take up voice acting.
  • Vaporware:
    • The game was infamous for this for a while; it was announced in 2006 as a cellphone game (that is, something traditionally very easy to put together), and it was 2011 before we got a release date... on the PSP, on two UMD discs. For a long time, people speculated that the project had just been canceled.
      • The creators of the game admitted that development on the game didn't even really start until 2008, two years after it was announced, and even then it had to be kept to a minimum for the first year so they could focus on The 3rd Birthday.
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    • Everything about Agito has suffered this aside from Agito itself. A localization was announced alongside Type-0 HD. Nothin' doin'. A remake called Agito+ was announced for the PS Vita. Nothin' doin'.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • What was from all evidence a single Fabula Nova Crystallis game is no longer named Final Fantasy Agito XIII and might be developed into its own series.
    • There was originally going to be a scene where the Cranberry Knights (the thirteen Moogles of Akademeia) convened, but lead scenario writer Hiroki Chiba forgot to put it in.
    • The Mobile Phone Game Final Fantasy Agito was going to be localized for iOS and Android, but the localization was cancelled. A Vita port, Final Fantasy Agito+, was announced but was cancelled.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Final Fantasy Wiki.
  • Working Title: Final Fantasy Agito XIII


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