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Seth is from Luxendarc and is Tiz and Agnes' son

Seth is stated to be an amnesiac who washed up on the shores with no idea of how he got there. He is a Gender Flip of Agnes both in personality and appearance while having the stats, voice, and mannerisms of Tiz. And, in a game where everyone is clearly English, Scottish, or Irish, he is the only character to have a very distinct American accent.

It is plausible that perhaps, the Holy Pillar has been activated again, and Seth - when called to investigate the same by his parents, ended up estranged in Excillant. His conflict will be about getting his memory back and being made to choose between the world of his birth and the world where his new friends reside.


Building on the above, we will see the other children of the original heroes of BD and BDS
Assuming Seth is the son of Agnes and Tiz, it is likely that he was friends with Yew and Magnolia's and Edea and Ringabel's/Alternis' children, and even had them as part of his original party before he was whisked away to Excillant. They will probably make an appearance late in the game, and with them will come The Reveal of Seth's true origins.

Elvis is totally gonna betray the party/die in a heroic sacrifice.
He is depicted in the Black Mage's asterisk gear in official material, indicating that he is the actual owner of the Black Mage Asterisk, because of this, he will eventually betray the party, perhaps in an effort to steal the rest of the Asterisks, Adelle will have become too loyal to Seth and Gloria to go with him.
Alternatively, he'll instead die in a heroic sacrifice.
As the first game was a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy V, it will be handled similarly to Galuf's death, and we'll get a new younger character who inherits his abilities.

The Planeswardens will play a role in the story.
Bravely Second established that an organization of interdimensional guardians exist and that Ringabel has joined them, Excillant is just one of those worlds they protect.

We may even encounter Ringabel himself.

Combining the above two, Ringabel himself will replace Elvis.
That's why they're so similar. He'll inevitably flirt with Adelle, but will make it known his heart is with another.

The "II" in Bravely Default II is not a roman numeral.
Rather it's the subtitle of the game that carries a hidden meaning that will be revealed in full after a Wham Episode, just like the first two games.
  • Best guess for now? The "II" forms the letters d and b to become "holdback".

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