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Video Game / SaGa (RPG)
aka: Sa Ga

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SaGa is a RPG series created by Squaresoft. In North America, the first three games were released as part of the hell-raisingly popular Final Fantasy series under the name Final Fantasy Legend. (Similarly, the first World of Mana game was released as Final Fantasy Adventure).

It has nothing to do with the comic book Saga.

Character sheet for the franchise here.

The series consists of:


Tropes featured:

  • Hit Points: Restored after each battle and includes another type, called Life Points, which are more limited and require sleeping somewhere or healing items to regain them.
  • In Name Only: The first three games were titled The Final Fantasy Legend in North America, but are actually completely divorced from Final Fantasy in all aspects aside from sharing the same developer.
  • Mutagenic Food: Depending on the game, both monster meat and robot components can either turn your character into a monster/robot OR be a simple way for monsters and robots to get new abilities.
  • Non Standard Skill Learning: Generally the player can spark learning new skills (randomly, of course) by spamming abilities lower on the skill tree.

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