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The iconic logo, a capital B in bolded impact. Has led to font abuse.

That game where you build stuff.
Badspot, The creator of the game

As described in the quote, Blockland is first-person building game with online multiplayer, created by Eric "Badspot" Hartman using the Torque Engine. It is not so much a game in and of itself as it is a powerful tool for creating interactive worlds and mini-games, using the in-game building utilities, eventing systems, and a plethora of user-created add-ons. As of December 2013, it is available on Steam.

This game and its users provide examples of:

  • Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Physics is treated more like a suggestion then a law. Bricks tend to only follow this suggestion when coerced with violence. Being clientsided, they can even just be disabled entirely.
  • Accidental Aiming Skills: Due to the 'traveling' nature of weaponry, many times a player won't so much shoot their target as their target walks into their bullet. What makes this different from outright 'leading' is many times the victim won't even be in their aggressor's line of sight in the first place, often walking out from behind walls or out of cover to be hit by a stray round.
  • Apocalypse How: Apocalypse servers exist. There's also solar apocalypse that is a class 4.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: You can modify your avatar's scale using in-game events to be very big.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The mini-nuke add-on has been known to cause servers to crash, due to it's huge explosion fakekilling many bricks at one time.
  • Bottomless Magazines: All of the default weapons, and many of the custom ones, have no need to reload, and no ammo system. Certain mods, such as Tier+Tactical, add an appropriate ammo system.
  • Built with LEGO: All the blocks in Blockland are generic LEGO like bricks; the largest difference being that they have square pegs instead of circular pegs. The first, alpha version of Blockland had LEGO bricks.
  • Bullet Dodges You: Tier+Tactical's RPG has the uncanny ability to fly AWAY from your target. Experienced players learn to just aim at the ground.
  • Convection, Schmonvection: Lava, in any form, doesn't hurt until you actually touch it.
  • Crossover: Naturally, with a game as community-driven as this one, there are add-ons for content based on other games. One such add-on allows you to play as a Robloxian.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Scripting and modeling add-ons and eventing can be very hard, but can be very fun at times.
  • Downloadable Content: The game's a powerful building tool on it's own, but much of the content comes from the add-ons forum.
  • Dueling Games: Roblox and Blockland.
    • Some Blockland players labor under the delusion that there's a "war" going on between Roblox and Blockland, and occasionally Minecraft as well.
  • Every Car Is a Pinto: Most vehicles explode upon reaching zero health.
    • Everything Is A Pinto: Shoot anything. Do it. Chances are, it'll explode. Even if it's a player. Some mods take this even further, with them exploding into gibs.
  • Floating Continent: A popular building project. Effectively anything built or loaded on the Skylands map was this, now possible by changing the environment settings to make the floor invisible.
  • Floating Limbs: The avatars have these.
  • Follow the Leader: Most servers nowadays are based off of older servers that have shut down or otherwise closed their doors.
  • Good Guns, Bad Guns: Tier+Tactical's Classic Assault Rifle and Classic Battle Rifle are, respectively, an M-16 and an AK-47. They were designed with this trope in mind.
  • Gun Porn: The sheer amount of weaponry on the Blockland Forums would probably blow one's mind.
  • Guns Akimbo: One of the default weapons.
  • Hand Cannon: Every other weapon is wielded in one hand. Several are magnums that fire rounds larger then the player's head.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Many weapon add-ons, including one "hand gun" which makes the player point their finger and shoot bullets from it.
  • Incredible Shrinking Man: Events can shrink the player.
  • Interface Screw: Possible to different extents depending on how many event mods the server is running. One add-on adds drugs to the game which are mostly interface screws.
  • Internet Jerk: Many experienced users are ridiculously mean to newer ones.The same thing can happen in reverse, with newer users being immature and ridiculously mean.
  • Kill It with Fire: Flamethrowers are a common add-on, and there was an add-on to make bricks catch on fire and be destroyed.
  • Nintendo Hard: Challenge servers (Platforming) can be ridiculously hard at times.
  • Painfully Slow Projectile: Projectiles have a painfully slow maximum speed. Some weapons avert this with hitscan bullets.
  • Press X to Die: The default control for committing suicide is control + K.
  • Rise to the Challenge: The ever-popular "Rising Lava" gamemode.
  • Scenery Porn: The game now has dynamic shadows, and real-time time-of-day modification, making builds look even more realistic.
  • Short-Range Long-Range Weapon: "Sniper Duels" generally consist of fights at point-blank with high powered rifles.
    • Inversion: Many stereotypically shorter ranged weapons like pistols, shotguns and SMGs are usable at long ranges: in many cases they pick up where actual rifles leave off.
  • Shout-Out: Return To Blockland (an addon that allows various features such as downloading addons in game, chatting, etc.) features The Infomaniac during loading screens who can give tips.
  • Standard FPS Guns: It's become a trend as of recently among modders. The basic game comes with a standard pistol, dual pistols and a rocket launcher.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: In minigames, almost every brick except baseplates can be fakekilled with high powered weaponry like the Rocket Launcher. When "killed", the blocks gain client-side physics, and will respawn in a few seconds.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: The "Renderman", an all-black humanoid with a terrified ASCII face that supposedly appears in the dark. Indeed, some dark maps did have the ASCII terror face appear in random places at random intervals, giving rise to the legend.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: You can customize your avatar. Some servers use hat mods that give further customization.
  • Wide-Open Sandbox: The game is about building with what are basically virtual Legos.
    • This is inverted sometimes, as people who host servers can apply their own restrictions.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: One of the four default bot types is a zombie. Use as such is not uncommon.