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slvstrChung is a contributor at Wikipedia, and other sites which are NSFW. He's a word nerd, a choirdork, an a cappella fanatic and a huge fan of lightsabers. It goes downhill from there.

As a writer and consumer, slvstrChung prefers substance over style. Crowning Visuals of Awesome are all well and good, but without some sort of human conflict going on as well, it's all meaningless to him. His belief is that all you should need for a story is to put two characters in a room and then throw them a new stimulus. Obviously, having the right characters matters: if you put Mal and Zoe in a room and then throw in a hamburger, probably not much will happen. (On the other hand, if you put Wash and Zoe in a room, you might not even need to throw anything in; they'll find things to do on their own. Now, said results might mandate a Discretion Shot of some sort... but then, that's never stopped slvstrChung.)


slvstrChung is armed with bear-hands and a bread gun. He is working on a novel for publication (what self-respecting troper isn't?) and hopes his band will have more than one practice before it collapses. ...And, while he's dreaming, he'd like a pony.

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