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Well, I'm NewtypeS3. How and why I got the name is one of those tales that takes way too long to describe and, sadly, a story one realizes that just plain isn't worth telling once it's been told. Suffice it to say, the Newtype comes from Mobile Suit Gundam, a favorite franchise of mine, and the rest is simply an Old Shame combined with an old Pen Name. I mostly lurk on the websites I go to, but I've also been known in some online Gundam communities for my strangely extensive knowledge on the subject. Go figure.


Regardless, I'm here because it's a wiki that's plain enjoyable.

As for what I enjoy in fiction...

And aside from minor edits here and there, my major contributions include...



  • The Doctor Who Classic WMG page and the New Series variety (I made a few of 'em, including...)
    • There are no limits to a Time Lord's regenerations. The Time Lords of Gallifrey have merely been putting limits on them, and without them, there are no more limitations to the Doctor's regenerations.
    • Change that WMG. The Doctor now has nigh-unlimited regenerations, as he is established as being the one who killed his own people.
    • The Sixth Doctor was not 'totally tasteless' as many people claim.
    • The Fifth Doctor is a rampant sociopath trying to work for the forces of good.
    • Melanie, known as 'Mel,' was actually a companion of the Seventh Doctor first.
  • The Gurren Lagann WMG page (I got a long one...)
    • The entire series of Gurren-Lagann is one long love letter to the giant robot concept in general.
  • The Dragon Ball WMG page
    • The reason Gohan can go Super Saiyan in GT is because he passed the 'Mystic' powerup down to Pan.
    • Future Bulma didn't actually build a time machine - she built a machine made to travel through to alternate realities!
  • Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog


  • The Doctor Who characters page
    • Not the page itself, but I added Davros, Omega, the Valyard, K9, Kamelion, Harry Sullivan, the Ice Warriors, Silurians/Sea Devils and the Sontarans entirely. Not to mention almost all of the non-companion & reoccurring characters.
    • Also, on the subsequent expanded universe page, I added the concept of "alternate Doctors" to the page, as well as pretty much all of the examples.
  • Fridge Brilliance
    • This entry under TV...
      Doctor Who is just full of Fridge Brilliance in many of their stories. A great example would be the Classic Who serial Ghost Light. Watching it for the first time, I could see that there was a lot going on that almost made sense and almost clicked... until I watched it a second time. Then it finally clicked. Really, the entire serial is a commentary upon evolution in general, as well as a massive tribute to the era that brought up the theory - the Victorian Era. And if this wasn't enough, the entire story is disguised as a freaking alien invasion told with the tropes of a Victorian-era horror story... and finally, we have a story that also has the companion Ace dealing with her past and moving on with her life, as the entire theme of the story is also about change in general! It's just such a shame that this serial almost doesn't make sense without multiple viewings or seeing the documentary and commentary attached to the DVD release...NewtypeS3

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