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  • All-Star Cast: The English dub cast has the likes of Billy Kametz, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Billy Bob Thompson, Kari Wahlgren, John Eric Bentley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Matthew Mercer, Yuri Lowenthal, Melissa Fahn, Erica Lindbeck, Neil Kaplan, Crispin Freeman, and even Mike Pollock and Steve Blum.
  • Big Name Fan:
  • Celebrity Voice Actor:
    • As in most cases when animated feature films deal with non-professional voice actors, PROMARE's cast were divided into Team Voice Actors and Team Celebrity Voice Actors, and recorded their roles in these two units; with Team Voice Actors taking the lead in finishing their recordings first, then have Team Celebrities mingle themselves within Team VA's recordings.
    • Contrary to the negative impression celebrities bring to the recording room, the screen actors who were cast for this film were hand-picked and referred to Trigger by screenwriter Nakashima himself as a seal of guarantee that these actors “interpret his scripts well,” and are great performers in all of his plays. Voice actress Mayumi Shintani also appraises their performances in all of her interviews.
      Shintani: “Kazuki’s plays holds an unique alacrity with extremely quirky lines. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a voice actor or a stage actor, what really matters is the actor’s ability to handle his script; and these actors got their ‘Kazuki Nakashima License.’...Actors (regardless of discipline) need to hold special abilities that are a bit different from the so-called ‘standard voice-acting techniques’ in order to maneuver a Nakashima character.”
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  • Production Posse: Director Imaishi and Scriptwriter Nakashima established their troupe consisted of staff and cast who worked with them either since Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, or Kill la Kill. Noted by Nobuyuki Hiyama, the cast assignment for Promare is “literally ‘Team Gurren Lagannnote  vs. ‘Team Kill la Kill.’”note 
  • Promoted Fanboy: Lead actor Kenichi Matsuyama is an all-out, die-hard Nobuyuki Hiyama, and GaoGaiGar fanboy, and has professed his love of Hiyama in all of his interviews; which branched out beyond anime journalism, and has reached to mainstream cinematic and fashion media. But as mentioned above, Team Voice Actors and Team Celebrity Voice Actors recorded separately. So as much as Matsuyama wanted to meet Hiyama in person, (by far as of this writing) they never met. Though Matsuyama did sent a Love Confession video message to a show where Hiyama and Tetsu Inada were guests to promote the film.
    Matsuyama: (Video Message) “I’m you’re biggest fan, Mr. Hiyama. Ever since the year of Gao Gai Gar, I...(oh) man...LOVE YOU! When it comes to special attacks you’re the one who comes into my mind. For me to be part of a work with you is my greatest honor.”
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  • What Could Have Been: During the initial phase of scenario planning, Nakashima visualized Gueira and Meis way differently than how Character Designer Shigeto Koyama eventually puts out.

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